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Well... How can i get to the SERVER?
I just resisted, and then I installed Custom Starbound Launcher.
So I clicked the Play Button, "Join Game".
Next I inserted information that written on the Server-Login details and my account-password.
But I couldn't enter this Server...
Please Help me..
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Hello, JusefK. Have you applied for a server login here: ? If not, please do so. It may take a few days for your server account to be verified and approved by a moderator (for security reasons), however, until then you can login to the server with No Username and No Password.
M8 why my account got deleted? i was nearly dead and now this!
ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh thanks... this will take a long time, so its miami hotline happy hour :p
I'm new to the bacon server and was confused what password do I use to join server on starbound
No username, no password