Dec 2, 2018
Rogue is essentially your average DND rogue. Wears a hood and sneakin' clothes, steals stuff, is good at bein' sneaky, uses daggers, that sorta stuff.

Appearance: Glitch, non-sentient (I.E. he still states emotions before speaking). Has a metallic beard, coloured blue-ish black, with black paint.

Equipment: 2 Daggers, poison-tipped, a crossbow, with 10 arrows in the quiver and 1 loaded, leather armour, a hood and mask, aswell as some flashbangs and regular grenades. Also has a grappling hook. He also can turn his arm into a cannon if things go south.

Abilities:He can sneak pretty well, aswell as hack and open lockpicks very good. Can completely change his voice, and has a software that causes cameras looking at him to show him as a bunch of blurred pixels.Can scan stuff.

Personality:Talkative when not sneaking, happy to make friends, and eager to help people he trusts.
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