I've been around since the beginning. Activity however, is iffy. Was more active on other servers back then. Came from GC to ILB for RP in late '15/Early '16 or so. I was heavy on normal gameplay for a while too, and I've always enjoyed fusing the RP aspect with the normal game's mechanics, no matter how 'unprofessional' people view that to be. After coming to ILB, I went on to make new friends and such, but becoming part of a community that was vastly different to what I was used to was hard, and unsettling. Back then, I thought to myself 'I'll never play on ILB! Bullshit!" And here I am. Roleplay monitor, Roleplay Organizer, active player, active forums user. Funny how things played out, huh.

Discord Tag: oyster#3401
May 8


"So long, and thanks for all the fish."




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