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    Good Time Club Event Poll

    CRP inside the place will only bring more attention to the club. Everything will go according to plan.
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    Good Time Club Event Poll

    Great idea to move people away from the stale tavern! : ) However, keep in mind that if you dare make 'comedy night' an actual thing, I will personally create a character based off of Amy Schumer just to spite you.
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    "OSF - One Long Year." [Public]

    Wigs off for OSF
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    Penny Evangelista (Purpal)

    omg godmodder -___-
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    Valora Titana

    Muy caliente
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    Mysterious Transmission

    to hell with you stubborn telemarketers
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    Character's Theme Song/Music

    Cawfay: Tusk: Karen K.
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    What does your character's voice sound like?

    Cawfay is a less masculine, more androgynous version of this:
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    Basics Name: Cawfay Age: 601 Occupation: CEO of a cosmetics company, beauty influencer, apparently royalty lol Height: 5' Weight: 88 lbs Race: Serabi (Race sheet at the end of character sheet) Don't have to explain the looks since I have art, so here are the picture references! Character...
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    Post your best meme

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