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  1. Archduke Seraph
  2. The Baron
    The Baron GoldenAlpharex
    Happy birthday, this day of all days
  3. Someone
    Nothing special.
  4. DaveTheFox
  5. Hot Choc
    Hot Choc
    Fun while it lasted
  6. Hot Choc
  7. Hot Choc
    Hot Choc David Drek
    You made ur pic?
    1. David Drek
      David Drek
      The one on this profile was made for me by an old member by the name of Moonflower.
      Oct 13, 2018 at 8:01 PM
  8. shootyshooty
    shootyshooty Morphine
    i give my life, not for honor, but for you
  9. Max Bacon
  10. Max Bacon
  11. Speed Lightning
    Speed Lightning Erzasan
    Happy birthday, Erzasan.
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  12. Quazar
    I love this server. I love this game. What do I do? play the server
  13. Max Bacon
    Max Bacon Skipper
    Angry Skipper Birthday \o/
  14. Max Bacon
    Max Bacon Erzasan
    Urza Birthday\ O/
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  15. Deatho