yo yo it's Snow

Jan 3, 2019
Snow is a Fenerox janitor who works at Lux, specifically the Lux tavern and the Lux Library.

Snow is also a member of the INTERSTELLAR ILLUMINATI. All information available about this organization has been [REEEEEEEEE-DACTED].

Snow has a access to a startling number of magical items, benign quantum anomalies and ancient technologies.

Twice per day, Snow can utilize her magical broom's enchantments. This allows her to revert Lux's bar and Library back to it's clean and orderly state with minimal effort, the only requirement being that Snow enjoys the brief cleaning process. The nature of the enchantment is so powerful that damages to the buildings are reversed and stains are removed atom by atom, in a matter of minutes. People present during this event report feeling 'dreamy' or 'more connected with everything' during the cleaning act, though this memory seems to degrade quickly in skeptics, with them recalling only that the building 'looks cleaner than it had before' and might remark that Snow appears to be good at their job.

Like most Fenerox, Snow is not proficient with language or verbal communication, but her pleasant nature and simple gestures help her socialize at Lux and stay out of harm's way most of the time.
Snow is an avid reader and spends a lot of time absorbing information available in the Lux Libraries.


Snow is very good at Scrabble and Bubble Ghost on the original Game Boy.

Snow has the hunting skills which most Fenerox innately share.

Snow's combat ability is minimal, but can effectively become a combatant by using one of many magical items or weapons she has stored away. The range of power in these items drastically varies, making Snow a bit of a wildcard in a conflict.

Snow can cast a few spells and minor cantrips without the aid of magical items but with the need for spell components. The components are not rare and usually easy to find, when not already carried by Snow at all times. Components include matches, coins, stones, incense, wooden blocks and carvings, balls of hair wrapped in dried mud, chicken bones, etc.

Snow can read many varied languages and texts, without a translator.

Snow has trained with the secretive Sun's Dusk ninja school, and has moderate ability in the arts of the NINJA. This does not make Snow a fighter or a stealthy person, but it has honed her reflexes and body confidence. The training was incomplete, with the ninja school disbanding and vanishing into history. Snow still keeps up a regular training regime on a planet known only to Snow, which she has described as "The field, where I train. With ghosts!"

Snow is currently unable to offer any information on where or how she obtains her magical items, though she claims to have found the broom in a treasure chest somewhere.
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