Yazzoo Parks

Jan 28, 2019
Name: Yazzoo Ren Parks
Known Alias: Rena Rose
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Race: Apex
Occupation: Interpol bookkeeping
Appearance: Yazzoo tries to keep her appearance as nice as possible, she has long brown hair and blue//black eyes, pale skin and brown fur.
Attire: She wears anything, but usually the outfit below

Yazzoo works for an administration know as H.O.M.O.s (Home of the Motherly Organization) where she studies the cultures and zoology of each planet.

Talents: Information containment, high focus/memory, spirit and intuition
Weaknesses: Bad at lying, has poor self control, anger management, and problem solving,

Yazzoo was born in an average Apex city. Her parents were strict worshippers of big ape, however, her older rebellious brother very much wasn't. Her aunt and uncle were supposedly taken and killed when she was at a young age, then her brother got brutally murdered by miniknog soldiers after getting caught for vandalization against big ape when she was around 8, leaving her to be alone wither brainwashed family. A while down the road, her aunt and uncle came out of a strange ship to help her escape, but the mission was dangerous; they were taken to the labs during their escape. Yazzoo and her aunt managed to get out, but her uncle wasn't so lucky. They flew off on the ship on which Yazzoo was raised by her aunt and countless other members of the rebel group (connected to Interpol) for the next seven years, where she began studying other cultures, creatures and space itself. She later went off to continue her studies at a space station with the help of her rebel family, but soon after she received the matter manipulator when her ship as well as the station was wrecked. She lost most of her study progress and proceeded to meet Tethys and Yumiko. She was able to get a closer connection with Interpol and continue her passion, better than ever before, alongside Tethys, Yumiko, and Aiko.

Pet dog (For petting sake)
Rainbow puking gnome (For killing monsters with gay powers)
A bed (For heal juice)
Sword (for slicing)
Glow pants (for that glo)
Energy pickaxe (for speeding up destruction)
Electric guitar (for random distraction)
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