[ Y ]/Hood's Character Sheet

Dec 13, 2018
+Character: "Sam"
-Class "Master Acrobat/Your local Ghost"
Age. 30 Years old
Male. Human. Background: Earth Citizen/Irish/Bartending/Musicia
+Relevant Skills: Firearm Proficiency + -Acrobatic Mastery + -Melee Combat Mastery +

Combat: Sam's combat has developed ever since his tragic parting from his home world, He devoted himself to bettering his ability ever since he lost his wife. He practices everyday, in acrobatics, with every firearm at his disposal, and in hand to hand combat as his preferred approach and his speciality, he's developed his own fighting style over the years, a combination of self defence with his acrobatics infused, creating a high velocity fighting style that can stagger even the most armoured opponents, he's also proficient in the use of his newly acquired quarter staff, having previous experience in use of similar blunt weaponry in his past. Where Sam excels the most is in the heat of the moment, His reflexes have always been heightened allowing him to respond quickly to tense combat situations and keep a level head.

Covert: Sam's background in Cheating in gambling back at his Earth days got him into a few other Mischievous things, Lock picking, Sneaking around, his acrobatic skill means that infiltration on foot is somewhat of a breeze for him. Mainly, Sam's focus is within his ability to be seen and known when he wishes, with multiple Alias's that Pair both a great act (Including accents and attitude) and great disguises, a wardrobe and a little creativity and he can become and entirely different person within a day.

Intel: Gathering intel has become Sam's bread and butter since coming to Lux, after starting up FENRIR he'd began gathering intel, spending hours covertly moving around lux finding out whatever he could, using his first alias "Hood" to do so, this alias was never planned however, rather improvised after being targeted by a Hitman on his first day on lux, you'll forgive the lack of creativity i'm sure. Since then, he's acquired a whole new network of contacts, he took gathering intel to another level, finally getting used to Lux's layouts, he used the know how and his acrobatics skill to start moving around lux in a much quicker manor, leaping and flipping from building to building, this allowed him to gather intel on a major level for his allies, feeding information to his sources on the daily, while at the same time remaining undetected with a quick escape always available due to his get in get out attitude paired with all this

Materials: Sam has amassed quite the armoury since he first arrived at Lux, Guns of all kinds, snipers, rocket launchers, Miniguns, grenade launchers.... That and his Signature model PSG-1, a work of true Art, a deadly and beautifully crafted piece, along with a Space station, High powered intelligent AI, multiple Melee weapons, and a custom Set of apparel, Sam has plenty to work with

Wealth: Due to Sam's gambling background, he has a rather large sum of cash stashed in an undisclosed location, this is solely a fund for his mission, second to those he cares for

Relations: After all his time, his is now acquainted with multiple weapons dealers, mechanics, medics, mages, intel sources, friends, business partners, he has a big pool of contacts at his disposal

One mechanical wing-suit, when dormant, it sits on his back in a shield like form, after pressing the middle of it, 1 turn later it extends outward into a pair of mechanical, that allow him to glide incredibly well through the wind, the higher he is, the further he can travel
2 Electro magnetic grappling hooks, capable of magnetising to metallic objects about activation of its electrical features
2 boots fitted with shock absorption for allowing much higher falls without the risk of leg breakage
1 AI drone, designed like a destiny ghost, it loads 4 rounds regenerative healing spray, it seals up minor cuts, negates burns, and relieves pain for major injuries such as breaks and sprains, but will not heal them fully
1 Tactical Visor, Equipped with thermal and night-vision modules, functions as a PDA and Comms device

Offensive Equipment
Sam's custom PSG - 1 with Underbarrel M203 launcher, 7.62x51mm Durasteel Core FMJ Armour Piercing
One Plasma Sabre
One Plasma Bo Staff
Ion grenades - A grenade that explodes with a burst of searing negative Ions AKA electricity, a 2 turn initial stun, and the blast creates a static electric cloud the wrecks havoc with tech
Proton wrist laser - A small device attached under Sam's wrist the enables him to fire a proton laser after charging it for a turn, a laser that produces more of a psychical force, like a much more precise longer ranged blow torch, eventually after constant appliance, it would tare through armour
2 Retractable vibro blades - two Wrist mounted gauntlets that fit under his sleeves, once activated, the extend out a pair of vibro blade claws

Defensive Equipment:
One Energy shield Bracer, 3 charges, each charge is capable of taking up to 1 whole .50BMG Shot before its charge depletes, in which time, it takes 3 turns for the shield to load in another charge
Kevlar armoured vest

Sam is incredibly skilled acrobatic, having trained since his early youth, he can leap distances most men would struggle and fear to do, flip over almost anything, and his balance as a result of this, is impeccable

Father to a young boy
An extreme variation of scars, namely, a neck scarring that covers the entire rotation of his neck in a very brutal manner, a Slash covering his entire torso diagonally be the most prominent, there is also multiple stab wounds, a few burn scars, multiple gun shot scars, a few cuts, and his left ear is missing a little chunk on the top