Who enjoys Minecraft?

If you have Minecraft, do you enjoy the game?

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Katheryn Miles

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Nov 29, 2018
Whats the server size gonna be, player capacity wise and world size wise
If iLoveBacons was to actually host a Minecraft server, the player capacity would likely depend on a variety of factors, such as game modes, chosen modpack/s if any, funding, and anything else that may affect the expected player count or our ability to host a large server.

For example, the size of a standard vanilla survival server may be sixty players. If we do something that reduces players' interest or accessibility, that may be reduced to fourty five or thirty players; this can range from something that players may often dislike, such as an anarchy server, to something that players would particularly enjoy if they can play it, such as a modpack. However, if we do something that both improves interest and maintains accessibility, the resulting player count at any given time may be so high that we need to increase the capacity to - again, for example - 120 players, assuming that server costs and funding allow it.

As for world size, that would also depend on several factors. I happen to remember that some servers limit their world sizes, likely due to the sizes of save files, although some other servers instead prefer larger sizes for exploration and expansion. If I was to personally host a Minecraft server, I would likely attempt to avoid limiting the world size, especially with the new content in v1.14.

Another question that others may have is regarding keeping content new. In order to remain as updated as the game itself, periodic world resets with new versions may work; however, this would hinder the ability for players to create things and essentially render one's actions in a world pointless once that world is removed (excluding screenshots and - as some may say - "the friends we made along the way"). A good way to balance updates with sustaining is to allow creations to be moved to the next world if and when we perform a reset. However, whether the world should ever be reset - and how frequently it should be - depends entirely on the game mode and/or modpack/s. Agrarian Skies 2 may never need to be reset, for example, due to the facts that virtually everything is renewable and that the modpack itself will likely never receive updates in the future that require a world reset. In contrast, a modpack that focuses more on exploration will likely need periodic world resets, although even these modpacks may still be able to prevent players' creations from being removed by using a separate world for that purpose.

As for content itself, it is important that something unique to our server be implemented. Some servers rely on vast dungeons and raids. Others use custom worlds. Rarely, servers go as far as creating entirely custom minigames for their players or a custom game mode for a survival server. Some simply use a modpack, which results in a specialized multiplayer setting that is surprisingly high in demand. In several days, I will likely create another poll regarding the types of Minecraft games that interest players; as opposed to determining who enjoys Minecraft, I will determine what it is of Minecraft that players enjoy.
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