WhiteShiroyasa [Informations about his story still get going]

Dec 19, 2018
-Real Name : (Still Unknown)
-Name : WhiteShiroyasa
-Age : 40,000+ years
-Bloodline : Half Nephil (Half Angel and Half Demon) and Human.
-Faction Apart With : (Unknown)
-Appearance: He wear a mask with blue visor and black armor. (in Present he not wear this anymore because during some problems so he throw them away but these suit he wear before its for modern day. still have many Mysteries about him how many suits did he wears in the past?)
Story: WhiteShiroyasa is born with his father who is half nephil (half angel and demon) and his mother who is human. During the War between Angels and Demons even other races from another dimensions and realms that era might connected to the Age of Eden but this one might happened In another world or different paths of fates.
First Met about his parents is very so sweet and heartwarming. They met each others in the War and fall in love. Many Many Years Later in that time they give a born the first child named WhiteShiroyasa (his Real Name still not Reveal) when they finished give him a name. They teach their child the way of the world where is it beginning and how it goes end then start over again , The Way of Life where he gonna choose. When they teach their child finished , they began to train their child to be strong. His Mother Taught him about magics , elements and etc about magics. His Father taught him the way of the sword , powers how to control it and strength. During the Training on his childhood times something unsual happened to him.
there is some kind of paranormal stuff happening to him is one first he saw some kind of menu window appear on his face. two when that menu window appear then other message sent to him it said "New Ability Added God of Swordmanship Blessing" its his first time that he see it. He goes to his parents to question what is this appearing on his face. When he ask his parent about this , its seem that they don't see anything around. WhiteShiroyasa is only who can see it but his parents seem curious so they believe that he got chosen by gods. they heard a story about the legend before " The One Who Chosen by Gods will got paranormal power to fight The Evil Army from Another Dimension "
but he is not only one who got chosen by gods there is other like him too somewhere far far away and later on in the story he still got new abilities more through journey and sacred weapons.
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Blessings that he gain through 40,000 years
-"God of Swordmanship" Blessing
: Allow "User" train more swordmanship class skills techniques.

-"God of Bows "Blessing : Allow "User" train more Archer class skills to be more skilled in accuracy.

-"God of Magics" Blessing : Allow "User" train magician class skills to use many different techniques elements.

-"God of all Elements"Blessings: Allow "User" to use Fire , Ice , Poision , Wind , Earth , Light and Darkness.

-"God of Strength" : Allow "User" To Become more Stronger everytime through many Trainings.(This Ability work with Agility Very Well and his body will not get easily exhausted) [Still need to fix about this Sorry.This one is still Raw Writing]
-Bonus from God of Strength Blessing ----> Can Life Heavily Object such as Heavy Blade , Heavy Hammer

-"God of Wine" Blessing : Make "User" not get Drunk by Alcoholistics First Wine as Example.

-"God of all Resistance" Blessing : Make "User" to Immunities to Poision , Sickness , Virus , Diseases , Parasytles , Fire , Ice , Wind , Earth , Cosmic , Light and Darkness. (he still can be dead and killed)

-"God of Potion" Blessing: Allow "User" Gain Wisdom of Making Type of Potions.

-"God of Creation" Blessing: Make "User" to be very Creative (such as creating object that he saw before and knew what is made of.) P.A This Ability is still have it limit cannot create life and when come to creating object he need material too (This one can work with God of BlackSmith Blessing Very Well)

-"God of BlackSmith" Blessing: Allow "User" To enchant weapons , armours and magic tools (Bonus of this ability: Work with God of Creation Very Well)

P.A Blessing that he have its like his knowledges

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Dec 19, 2018
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