What's your character's school of magic? (If they use magic)

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  1. Lord Bobster

    Lord Bobster Cooked Bacon

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    So me and a friend were having an IC conversation about our magic and what schools they would be classed as, I find things like these really fun to talk about and would love to know everybody else's, also, try to give a reason why their magic is like that or how it falls under Its school, ill go first

    Magic: Plasmacy
    "The art of manifesting plasma into weapons or other objects" (Optional description or quote)
    School: Transmution
    Reason: He uses Fezorium in his bloodstream to act like a gem in staff, this turns his body's plasma (Which is an actual thing in your body) into a plasma object, though would normally be classed as "Destruction" or "Conjuration" The process of creating the plasma weapons causes it to fall under transmution
    Cause (Optional): As a young child he was a USCM "Lab Rat" and one experiment was injecting pure Fezorium into his bloodstream, allowing him to create plasma weapons without a staff or wand
    Bonus Fact (Optional): Fezorium is a crystal that converts Light (or in this case the body's plasma) into Plasma weapons and are commonly used in staffs and wands
  2. Hail

    Hail Greasy Bacon

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    Magic: Pyromancy
    "The use of fire to manifest various simple shapes for throwing, or advanced arrays of temperature anomalies and fire.
    School: Destruction
    Reason: Laza was made into a Pyromancer by a cult of Ruin worshiping mage-scientists. They bathed him in Molten Arcane Gold, and Laza soon took a great affinity for the practice of Pyromancy.
    Cause : The Molten Gold was a daily experience for about 4 years to Laza. He would be placed in Molten Arcane Gold (or "Liquid Pain" as he called it) and be under the effects of a very powerful restorative magic during the entire 5 hour process. His soul attuned well to the presence of extreme heat, and made his physical body highly resistant to High Temperatures.
    Bonus Fact: Laza practices other magic types like Restoration, Alchemy, Runes, and even some Conjuration, but all of these were learned through non-interesting ways, like reading books.
    Second Bonus Fact: Laza mixes some form of martial arts into a small portion of his Pyromancies, this allows him to perform awfully precise casts and attacks.
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  3. Rad-VM

    Rad-VM Cooked Bacon SCOTLAND!

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    Xilin attended Birb Hogwarts for a few months then gave up.
    (does this count as a school?)
  4. DsTheSecond

    DsTheSecond Community Artist

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    Law school
    its a miracle that they let him in to begin with
  5. Rad-VM

    Rad-VM Cooked Bacon SCOTLAND!

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    ERP school
  6. Papa John

    Papa John Cooked Bacon UGC

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    Pretty sure the matter, plasma, and blood plasma are two different things
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  7. Archduke Seraph

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    Yes. This.
  8. Red Io

    Red Io Greasy Bacon

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    divination is the most underrated school of magic :p

    so I'll go for that
  9. The Traveler

    The Traveler Greasy Bacon

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    necrodancer op
  10. ravenholm

    ravenholm Greasy Bacon

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    geomancy, with little bits of dark magic every once in a blue moon.
  11. Hot Choc

    Hot Choc Cooked Bacon

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    Insta-Kill school, magic of the Line Beam.
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