Welcome to The Colony Of Hallow! [PUBLIC]


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Dec 3, 2018

Hallow is a prestigious Human Colony, if not one of the most famed in the sector! Based on the Planet Seren, our colony is no stranger to the Impervium trade. Constant export and mining of the materials required to create the alloy occurs day by day in our state-of-the-art Mining Compounds! A healthy, wealthy, strong community is what holds us together, combined with the prosperity and military might of the democratic republic of the United Colonies, assuring that nothing can tear us down. Welcome to Hallow. Welcome Home. - -

A video is played shortly after the message closes. It portrays a functioning society, working day by day and night by night to ensure it remains that way. The people shown are happy, cheerful, living peacefully.


But then, after the video plays for a short while longer, it cuts out, replaced by a live feed. The streets are littered in scrap, shrapnel and ash. Powder from cement pulverized from explosives covers the armor and clothing of men raging at Military Police with whatever weapons they could acquire. Posters and banners, billboards and holographic screens depicted images of Political leaders in the Colony. Four of them, if one were to count. It seems like these were campaign advertisements. Elections for a new leader were coming soon, to replace the current one. And it seems like a Revolution had burst out at that very moment. Pickett signs litter the streets with phrases like "Secede For Survival!" and "Separation Is the Only Option!". The people no longer wanted to be part of this Republic. Hallow was an independent Colony in the past, and they want it to remain that way.
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Dec 30, 2018
The Congo
ok so if yuo want the quardenats look 4 uyr kitchen clossit and opan it up so then your will find An Piece of da paper so inside it contains Da quardenant's
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Feb 23, 2019
in the background, you could see a shock of red hair as a smaller holo screen had a picture of nid, rocket, and trueblade petitioning with the words "Join the Larak Republic we got magic powered ships and space gates!"
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