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    Hello there,

    Creating a Weekly Review for iLoveBacons, this is going to be a weekly thread that will give you all one overall of what's happening behind in scenes on our side, website, community, events, servers and so on. I see this a better fit to let you guys know, what we are up to, and what to expect. ;)

    Week of March 13th to 19th in review.

    Community & Website:
    • The Changes on Roleplay on the SB Server affected the community, having an ongoing organization of the forum, creating a new section more simple and open to users participate to their wish, no approvals required anymore.
    • Major Upgrade of our Software to the latest official version, including Style Upgrades.
    • More Optimization on our Staff work flow and Organization.
    • Update on Staff Promotions and Demotions.
    • Updated the Group Systems to make use of new features and a lot of bug-fixes, a lot of CSS styling fixes.
    • Cleaning up website templates, outdated, fixes, tweaks and small improvements.
    • Fixing some 500 Server Errors with Content Tags.
    • Late return of the Llama, currently as a simple hidden NPC hidden on the new SB Server Spawn.
    • Late implementation of Community Moderator Rank Badge.
    • Server Votes for Feb 2016 and Awards to happen today.
    • Implementation of Server Builder Applications, as part of the official application system, this will create a thread and a vote open to our community to review and approve or not the builder application.
    • Work started and ongoing on the Backup System for SB Server Worlds. (set as community update, this will be a website)

    SB Server:
    • New Master Spawn is Live, Spring Themed Spawn, update thread on it likely later today.
    • RP Hub was set as Freeplay RP World.
    • Addiction of a new previously created RP World: Port Lux.
    • Fixed some LUA errors with the Spring Spawn.
    • Updated Mall with several Shops with Broken Items Fixed, will be updated later today again with more fixes, and a "nerf" to some known items used to spam.
    • Work and Staff Assignments being made on a new System that we can't announce yet.

    Events & Others:
    • Several Events are undergoing organization for the SB Server.
    • Community-Only Events as well planned.
    • Effort being put on Attendance Events on the future, one-time unique events, that will likely to happen on a separate server, the objective is having more things happening more frequently and have them be more rewarding unlike anytime before.

    That's what we've been up to on this week that just ended,
  2. Max Bacon

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    Helllo there Bacons,

    Unfortunately due one issue caused by accident yesterday on our server patches by Magicks, we had lost progress on ongoing events here on iLoveBacons. Such events were on progress by Skipper, that now un-willing to catch up getting things going again.

    Due that, i have to inform that as far the Week in Review goes, the Event Organization is once again fully stalled and you shouldn't be expecting the events that were ongoing. As the rest of our EO's Darkwill Ratix Farrence Risotte Coffee Violet are also currently involved with no ongoing events.

    It's disappointing sure, but well, it's life! I'll be pushing forward on Events myself alone if i have to, once i can get past a queue of other work around here, as it is part of the promises made to make things happen on this community that everybody can enjoy and have fun with! :win:

    See you next Week in Review for updates!
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