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    Hello there,

    Back with Weekly Review for iLoveBacons, the weekly thread mean to give you all one overall of what's happening behind in scenes on our side, website, community, events, servers and so on.... This lets you know what we are up to, and what to expect. ;)

    Week of March 27th to April 2nd in review.

    Community & Website:
    • Progress continues on the Backup system, integrated on the community website to Claim & Backup your worlds on our Starbound server.
    • Some permission fixes on our Groups system.
    • Added Gaming Category on the Groups system, for other games outside the ones we officially have servers for, Starbound & Ark.
    • Votes were counted and awards given for March 2016.
    • Small tweaks on group watches, that broke on changes made on the staff ranks.
    • Fixed broken trophies, mostly related to the Group System.
    • Added 7 New Trophies, more opportunities to get points!
    • Giphy Integration on the forum, this adds a new button on the Editor when creating and replying threads, that lets you add GIFs by using a simple search, this will be set under permission later with some improvements on sizes to avoid spam.
    * Click here to check where to find Giphy.

    Starbound Server:
    • Updated Port Lux with the fix to avoid griefing
    • Added Forever Fall RP World, Linked to a painting on Port Lux
    • Work continues on a new system for our server that will be announced soon, as part of solutions decided to best balance our community, tba.

    Ark Server:
    • Ark has been updated to last version.
    • Glass Metal Mod has been removed from the server, due incompatibilities on Ark Updates
    • Added Mod: Pet Finder
    • Added Mod: Corpse Finder
    • Some new suggested mods are under review to add to the server.

    Events & Others:
    • R&D to start on some unique events for Starbound, things never done before that need to be thought very well before anything happens.
    • Community-Only events are on the "drawing board" still.


    That's what we've been up to on this week that just ended,
    Max & the tastiest staff of the Universe
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  2. Lief

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    Half the trophies give no points at all XD
  3. Deatho

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    Novelty trophies Kek.
  4. Max Bacon

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    The level trophies are not included on those 7, only the lvl 5 that has points is :)
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