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    Hello there,

    Back with Weekly Review for iLoveBacons, the weekly thread mean to give you all one overall of what's happening behind in scenes on our side, website, community, events, servers and so on.... This lets you know what we are up to, and what to expect. ;)

    Week of March 20th to 26th in review.

    Community & Website:
    • Updated the website framework to some annoying bug-fixes and overall speed.
    • Installation, customization and fixes to a brand new Community Events system, Calendar, Events, attendance & discussion, upcoming events and so on, this system will go live and start being used soon enough!
    • Progress goes on Building Competitions on the Community, the front-end for it already exists however needs bug-fixing and overall improvements before we can use it.
    • Update on March Spawn.
    • Forum clean-up of old un-used sections, remains of systems as the old Group System forums that had caused performance slowness on the website were removed.
    • Major changes on our internal staff system, ranks have been individualized, and from now on you will see staffs with multi-ranks more clearly, focusing the ranks and access to what each individual staff is up to take responsibility on.
    • Progress continues on the Backup system, integrated on the community website to Claim & Backup your worlds on our Starbound server, Easter is family time so not much has been done.

    Starbound Server:
    • Updated Mall with several Shops with Broken Items Fixed, more and more of them!
    • Work continues on a new optional system for the server that we can't announce yet.
    • We started rolling out the first builders accepted from the new application system, this is still a WIP to solidify our building system well enough so there's a nice pipeline of stuff to happen.

    Ark Server:
    • Ark has been updated to last version.
    • Some new suggested mods are under review to add to the server.

    Events & Others:
    • One small event has been finished for the SB Server, implementation to be decided, other major event is on the drawing board.
    • Community-Only Events are on the "drawing board".
    • Updated Tasty Bot on teamspeak to optimize scripts and a bug-fix to some extent the occasional broken queue functionality.

    That's what we've been up to on this week that just ended,
    Max & the tastiest staff of the Universe
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