Vedran, The Barrage.


Starbound Builder
Dec 3, 2018
Austin, Texas

Vedran Bosnic

Gender: Male

Race and Details: Buff Human. Decently tanned, weathered skin. Messy brown hair poking out from underneath their helmet. Bright yellow eyes, genetically modified for increased night vision. Large muscular build and a slavic facial structure. Multiple belts of grenades slung around their chest, a faded tactical vest with the letters "C.C.P.D." printed on the back in white text. Underneath this a dark blue T-Shirt. Pants-wise he wears M90 Urban Camo print rolled into old combat boots in a grey matching the Vest. A small bag on their back, but most back space is taken up by their weapon.

Age: 33

Height: 6'7"

Weight: - 225 lb without gear.


Their most prominent weapon, a behemoth of a gun. While it's acquisition remains a mystery, the ARCADIA-5T is a scary thing to have pointed at you. It is originally meant to be a vehicular crew gun, so wielding it gung-ho has its disadvantages, but the benefits and fear factor is well worth the risk in Vedran's opinion. The ammo chains are large and take time to be loaded in. The gun has to be mounted onto a surface for a more controllable attack. Weapon prep time also takes a bit, usually requiring the tripod to be mounted onto the ground, and to make to do a chaincheck. The gun fires at around 60 rounds per minute with the grenades. Each chain contains 180 grenades of fire. Having a partner to crew the gun with makes it substantially stronger, with shortened prep times. It has been painted in a law enforcement blue. Only good at medium range.

A decently beefy handgun, to match a decently beefy man, the PL-98 is a live-fire gun, shooting a 9x19mm Hollow Point bullet. It doesn't get much use but it is good in a situation for not killing everything within 50 feet. Has subpar accuracy, low recoil, and nice wood furnishing. The gun has a hologram sight on it, and a accuracy laser. The barrel is a shortened length leading to faster draw speed.


Strong, they a re beefy and able to wield an immensely powerful weapon. Combat Pro, with a past in counterterrorism and law enforcement, they are a solid combatant at range and in melee. Genetic modification, their military-grade genemodding they are much stronger than the average person. Big, due to their large stature they can take a hit and keep on trucking.

Weaknesses: Big, due to their large nature it is extremely easy to spot and hit them. Weapon downfalls, the grenade launcher is a danger to take head on, but flanking it, or disrupting it can put it out of commission for the fight. Grenades, grenades can be shot and they explode. Slow, due to heavy gear their movement is SLOWWWWW, and will take a while to escape especially against faster peoples.


Vedran is a veteran, they where quite literally born and raised into combat, they where grown in a lab with genetic modding since early in life, and was taught when very young to become proficient in most weaponry. They did enforcement for a mysterious company known as Greyhound Corps, which no one really new the true motives our job description of. The only description of their jobs is that "Our eyes see all, and our hands watch all" from their very few advertisements and promotions. After the silent shutdown of Greyhound corps after the founders mysterious assassination Vedran found himself working with local law enforcement on a Hypercity named Crater City. Due to his extreme combat levels he soared swiftly through ranks and earning himself a place on the corperate hitsquad disguised at a counter terrorism unit. Vedran would take out high interest targets for the City's corrupt officials to 'enforce peace.' After a large scandal evolving the protectorate to do a massive operation of the planetwide city, Vedran, now in need of work looks for work as an escort on Lux.