Valora Titana

Mar 30, 2019
Valora Titania
Race: Vampire
Race Variant: Magic Born (Warden)
Age: 1441
Gender: Female
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 210 lbs.
Mana Natures:
Fire, Lightning, Darkness

A woman that can be identified in even the densest of crowds. Her body, while pale, possesses a curvaceous figure. Her short, fiery, golden-orange hair emits a low glow and a slight warmth. As a Vampire, her eye is a somewhat dull red, often glowing in response to emotional reactions. A slim, metallic device sits on the side of her face, occupying her previously empty eye socket. Valora's large, pointed ears are adorned with two black rings, showing her status of a Vampiric lord. She has different clothing for different occasions, but is most often seen in her long red and black dresses.


Before moving further, please know that you do not have to be a CRP person or have stats to RP with Valora. She's used for both Social RP and CRP, so no worries. Speaking of stats, below, you'll find several charts containing CRP related information. Reading it is not necessary as it is just used to aid in providing a more in depth look at Valora's skill set. I shouldn't have to say this, but no Metagaming.

Below are all of Valora's Traits and Stats. These are not official and are prone to change depending on how RP moves along. Before proceeding, here is a bit of a key to help you understand the information below.

Stat Grades
E-Just, no.
F- Horrendous.
C-Average. (standard races like Humans, Avians, etc.)
S- Incredible.
Step Modifiers "-", meaning below, and "+" meaning above, will be used to finely grade a Stat. Think of it like a report card. There is nothing lower than E.
Ex. ( [Strength: C+] means "A Step Above Average".)

Stat Fields


Strength: Physical power. Determines jump height, punch strength, etc.
Agility: Determines movement control and full body reaction efficiency.
Dexterity: The speed and finesse of one's hands.
Stamina: Determines how long one's body can sustain physical effort.
Endurance: Determines how long one's body can withstand physical punishment.
Perception: Determines Eyesight, hearing, detection speed, visual and auditory reception time.
Regeneration: Determines how effective they can recover from wounds.

Potency: Determines the strength of one's magic.
Mana Pool: How much mana a person has.
Mana Regeneration: Determines how quickly a person will produce mana.
Mana Control: How well one actually manipulates their own mana.
Mental Endurance: Determines how resistant the person is to spells / abilities involving the brain. (mind control, illusory magic, etc. Permission must still be asked for complete mind control).

These stats are taken from a point where no debuffs or buffs are active. They can change at will depending on certain situations such as being poisoned, losing a body part, and so on.
Strength: A
Agility: B
Dexterity: A+
Stamina: B-
Endurance: C
Perception: A+
Regeneration: A-

Potency: A
Mana Pool: S
Mana Regeneration: C
Mana Control: S
Mental Endurance: C-

Titanian Breed
The Titanian breed of Vampire posses an incredible amount of mana as well as the ability to control it extremely well. Valora's mana pool is so large that it is actually quite difficult to draw upon it without help. To aid with this, she wears 4 focusing rings, allowing her to access her mana without strain. While still physically powerful, they can be outmatched in a test of strength by most other breeds of vampire. The Breed's ability is called "Titanian Treasure" and allows them to keep up to three items within their own body. This bloodline has an excellent regenerative factor, able to regenerate small and moderate wounds with little to no issue. She's capable of reattaching her limbs and body parts over the course of 5 actions, but they must be physically put together. If a body part is destroyed, then it is gone for good. Regular weaponry can pierce her skin, and will hurt, but will do nothing else. By injecting her with a few substances she's weak to, however, one can impart dastardly effects on her or even kill her if the heart is targeted. Weaknesses of the Titanian Blood Line are as follows.
  • Sunflower Oil (Inflicts "Silence", removing her ability to cast spells for 3 posts.)
  • Mercury (causes her Physical Regen to become "E". Causes extreme pain and can kill in large doses.)
  • Light Magic (causes her Physical Regen to become "E". Also reduces Perception to "C". Causes extreme pain and can kill.)
  • Holy Magic (causes her Physical Regen to become "E". Also reduces Perception to "C". Extremely high chance of stunning her. Causes extreme pain and can kill.)
  • Concentrated UV rays. (Deathly Weak. Highly concentrated UV rays cause near-instant vaporization of the targeted area. The Fire Mastery Film will only 'slow' this effect.)
  • Beryllium: (The element of Beryllium. Causes all physical stats to be lowered by 2 grades. Causes extreme pain, and death if stabbed in the heart. It was noted back in the old days that Hunters that went after her family carried clay pots of Mercury and Beryllium pellets to throw. Others used a more natural method of simply stabbing those of the breed with pieces of sharpened Emerald.)
Vampire Lord
Having lived 1000 years, her body became much stronger and gave her access to the "Vampire Lord" transformation. This transformation boosts her magic potency and regen by one grade, but makes things she's weak to twice as effective. While it wasn't the previous case, this transformation can't be used while in broad daylight. At the level of a Vampiric Lord, the sun's effect has become almost nullified to her thanks to her well adjusted cells. Even with this, concentrated UV light will still greatly harm her. Despite her immunity to being burned by the sun, being in sunlight will cause her Mana Regen to drop straight to "E".

Enter the Darkness
Like most dark creatures, Valora thrives in darkness, increasing her physical stats by one grade when in a completely dark area. Light sources like lamps and torches will rid this boost.

Magister's Training
As a Magister, one who teaches magic, most of her time is dedicated to learning how to wield elemental magic. Fire, Water, Earh, Air, and Lightning. She's capable to use either one, but has only truly mastered two. She can teach most people how to utilize any of the elements and other types of simple magic.

Grand Mastery: Fire
Fire magic is her most well versed element of magic since it's one of her born natures. While primitive and simple to most, Fire is a force of destruction when placed in the hands of a master. Her finesse with fire is unrivaled by most, but still has it's limits. Despite being powerful, her fire is still fire. By attaining "Grand Mastery", she gains a few passive traits, one of which is her fiery hair. The second is a passive aura of Fire Mana that renders her immune to fire and other heat and light sources. By attaining Grand Mastery in Fire, she can not master another element at this level.

Mastery: Lightning
A much more complicated form of magic than Fire. Lightning magic is her second specialty and has been mastered through years of training and development. While not a Grand Mastery, her control of electricity is still dangerous due to her understanding of how it works. While most mages simply conjure bolts of electricity, Valora takes it a step further, utilizing principals of Electromagnetism to maximize what she can do. Fire is her most powerful element of magic, but Lightning is her most diverse element.

Mastery: Gestalt
After a bit of time, she's finally mastered the magic that she created... at least she believes so. She can now prepare and cast Gestalt spells with less fear of explosion. Through mastering it, she's gained the ability to manipulate this mana freely without actually having to form a spell.

Even a mage needs a gun every once in a while. Her skill with a small firearm like a pistol or revolver matches her skill with magic: Deadly. She's recently began taking up sharpshooting with rifles due to the creation of her most prized possession.

Magic Theorist
Magic is her profession, love, and past time. She's understands both simple and complex principals of magic and can easily teach them to a willing apprentice.

Hell Verse
A Demon is a very small obstacle to her. She's capable of either exorcising or enslaving Demons by extracting their true names.

Science Wiz
While not as proficient as she is with magic, Valora is a woman of science. She knows of Electromagnetism, Basic Robotics, Simple Weapons Development, and a bit of Thermodynamics.

Fiore Barrosi
A pair somewhat beefy handguns from an artisan company by the name of Fiore. It's created with Kedric Blood Steel, a highly enchantable metal with near-similar strength of steel. The guns parts were tempered with the help of a rather... "difficult" Smoglin and it's trigger assembly and hammer are gold plated, further increasing the weapons' magical applications. It fires a special kind of cartridge dubbed the .45 Heit. The cartridge contains am extremely dense powder load not of gunpowder, but volatile core fragment powder. These impart a serious amount of force, sending the FMJ bullet forward with ferocious power.

Witch's Broom: Arsene
A semi-sentient tool created by Valora in a rather draining ritual. This tool takes the form of a sniper weapon and, as the name says, has a frilled stock that resembles a rather wicked looking broom. Arsene is a living weapon and can undergo changes the longer it is used. In it's original state, it was a bulky sniper weapon that fired extremely powerful bullets around the size of a .50 BMG, but has moved away from this due to noticing Valora's loss of control and accuracy. Now the weapon is smaller, lighter and easier to carry, resembling a sem-automatic sniper rifle. Arsene now fires .338 Lapua cartridges. While much more lacking in power, the gun is easier to handle, requiring much less of a strength and posture requirement to take the recoil.

As far as magic goes, Fire, Wind, Lightning, and Dark magic works well with Arsene, but Gestalt magic reins supreme. This gun, unfortunately, can die. In the event the crystal on it's stock is struck, the gun will cease to function and begin breaking down. If the crystal isn't repaired within 10 actions, the gun simply crumbles, leaving nothing behind. As long as the crystal is intact, it will stay in good health.

MES- Hell Raven

Magic Exo Skin, a type of technology developed through the collaboration of scientists, mages, and mechanical engineers. This suit is comprised of a thin red bodysuit, metallic boots, metal gauntlets and a red cloak-like piece. Taking a bit of the person's mana, the micro-skeleton built into the bodysuit enhances Valora's physical attributes, but causes her to regenerate mana a lot slower. The suit isn't made for absorbing physical damage, and is vulnerable to most forms of damage aside from low caliber ammunition thanks to it's Kevlar-like material. To remedy this, an over-shield is equipped on the back and in the shoulder plates. This shield takes 2 actions to activate, lasts for 5 hits, and has a cool-down of 5 actions.
  • Equipping Hell Raven raises Strength and Agility by one grade.
  • Mana Regen and Mana Control are lowered by one grade.
MOU - Ash Crow
Magic Ocular Unit. Acts as a replacement for her lost eye. When off, the Ash Crow simply acts as an eye-patch. When activated, however, it provides a great deal of benefits. The first of these is simple sight. She'll be able to see as she did before losing her eye... with a few complications... The second benefit is the ability to actually see the flow and buildup of mana. This allows her to detect the preparation of spells and what nature it is. The third and final benefit is the ability to actually store a single spell on it with a spell circle. Ash Crow will store the spell circle and required mana, allowing her to prepare another spell while keeping one on the back-burner just in case. If the device is shut off, the saved spell will simply fade away. Ash Crow can link up directly with Arsene's scope, allowing her to see through it without actually holding it up to her eyes. As stated before, there are a few complications with the Ash Crow. Of course, there's the issue of phantom eye syndrome. Every now and then, whether Ash Crow is on or off, she'll see hallucinations that last for a few moments. These phantom pains are far from normal as they can be actual images of people instead of simple shapes and colors. This often gets in the way of her vision.
  • When off, she suffers a perception loss of one grade.
  • When on, her perception returns to normal.
  • Phantom Pain flareups cause a three grade loss for 4 posts.
  • Flash-bangs can force a Phantom Pain flareup.

Born to the Throne of a long forgotten country, Valora's family ruled a small city named Brasov many years ago. From her own overconfidence, she was sealed away and her kingdom was taken from her. Upon being freed by one of her closest servants, she wondered the Earth, learning all she could. Magic, Science, Technology, Thermodynamics. She constantly built a basis of knowledge of the evolving world, using it for her own growth. After Earth's destruction, she was found once again in Port Lux, planning to take over the place for her own gain. Of course this fails. Internal struggles in her organization, the Gold Moon, and her own incompetence forced her to hold her hand and abandon her dream. Time moved forward and she gained a new purpose, an Apprentice that she held dearly. Even with this apprentice, there exists a craving for domination deep down that she must satisfy.

That craving has gotten her in trouble yet again. Upon being placed in jail for a minor crime, she angered a few of her fellow inmates, resulting in the loss of her eye. Instead of being outright angry about it, she seemed different, humble, even. Of course, her need for domination will never die, but it has been quelled, replaced with a need to reflect on herself.
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