Valora Titana

Mar 30, 2019
Valora Titania

Magic Born Vampire



210 lbs.


Mana Natures:
Fire, Lightning, Darkness

A woman that can be identified in even the densest of crowds. Her body, while pale, possesses a curvaceous figure Her long, fiery, golden-orange hair emits a low glow and a slight warmth. Valora's large, pointed ears are adorned with two green rings, showing her status of a Vampiric lord. She normally wears various red dresses along with a pair of metallic gauntlets.

Titanian Breed
The Titanian breed of Vampire posses an incredible amount of mana as well as the ability to control it extremely well. Valora's mana pool is so large that it is actually quite difficult to draw upon it with out help. To aid with this, she wears 4 focusing rings, allowing her to access her mana without strain. While still physically powerful, they can be outmatched in a test of strength by most other breeds of vampire. The Breed's ability is called "Titanian Treasure" and allows them to keep up to three items within their own body. This bloodline has an incredible regenerative factor, able to regenerate small and moderate wounds with little to no issue. Lost limbs take roughly 3 days IRL to regenerate. This regeneration factor can be stopped by stabbing their heart with something they are weak to. Weaknesses to the Titanian Blood Line are as follows.
-Sunflower Oil
-Light Magic
-Holy Magic
-Concentrated UV rays.

Vampire Lord
Having lived 1000 years, her body became much stronger and gave her access to the "Vampire Lord" transformation. This transformation boosts her magic power, but makes things she's weak to twice as effective. While it wasn't the previous case, this transformation can't be used while in broad daylight. At the level of a Vampiric Lord, the sun's effect has become almost nullified to her thanks to her well adjusted cells. Even with this, concentrated UV light will still greatly harm her.

Magister's Training
As a Magister, one who teaches magic, most of her time is dedicated to learning how to wield elemental magic. Fire, Water, Earh, Air, and Lightning. She's capable to use either one, but has only truly mastered two. She can teach most people how to utilize any of the elements and other types of simple magic.

Grand Mastery: Fire
Fire magic is her most well versed element of magic since it's one of her born natures. While primitive and simple to most, Fire is a force of destruction when placed in the hands of a master. Her finesse with fire is unrivaled by most, but still has it's limits. Despite being powerful, her fire is still fire. By attaining "Grand Mastery", she gains a few passive traits, one of which is her fiery hair. The second is a passive aura of Fire Mana that renders her immune to fire and other heat and light sources. By attaining Grand Mastery in Fire, she can not master another element at this level.

Mastery: Lightning
A much more complicated form of magic than Fire. Lightning magic is her second specialty and has been mastered through years of training and development. While not a Grand Mastery, her control of electricity is still dangerous due to her understanding of how it works. While most mages simply conjure bolts of electricity, Valora takes it a step further, utilizing principals of Electromagnetism to maximize what she can do. Fire is her most powerful element of magic, but Lightning is her most diverse element.

Magic Theorist
Magic is her profession, love, and past time. She's understands both simple and basic principals of magic and can easily teach them to a willing apprentice.

Even a mage needs a gun every once in a while. Her skill with a small firearm like a pistol or revolver matches her skill with magic: Deadly. It's noted that she uses heavy caliber bullets due to her increased strength.

Hell Verse
A Demon is a very small obstacle to her. She's capable of either exorcising or enslaving Demons by extracting their true names.

Science Wiz
While not as proficient as she is with magic, Valora is a woman of science. She knows of Electromagnetism, Basic Robotics, Simple Weapons Development, and a bit of Thermodynamics.

Dramaphone: A .50 caliber revolver that fires bullets infused with her own fiery mana.

Born to the Throne of a long forgotten kingdom, Valora's family ruled a small city named Brasov many years ago. From her own overconfidence, she was sealed away and her kingdom was taken from her. Upon being freed by one of her closest servants, she wondered the Earth, learning all she could. Magic, Science, Technology, Thermodynamics. She constantly built a basis of knowledge of the evolving world, using it for her own growth. After Earth's destruction, she was found once again in Port Lux, planning to take over the place for her own gain. Of course this fails. Internal struggles in her organization, the Gold Moon, and her own incompetence forced her to hold her hand and abandon her dream. Time moved forward and she gained a new purpose, an Apprentice that she held dearly. Even with this apprentice, there exists a craving for domination deep down that she must satiffy.​
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Jan 12, 2019
The year's 3141 on lux (Check Loki's pin on #Port_lux_general on discord)
So I guess she's 1441 Years old, huh ?

Btw very nice and torought ICsheet, Love it !
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