Tutorial Using Workshop Mods without the Steam Starbound version

Max Bacon

Ultimate Administrator
Nov 29, 2018
For those who are not using Steam it can be annoying to get to use mods that you can't find anywhere else but the Workshop, as well our Showcase that lists Multiplayer compatible mods tends to link to the Workshop available version of each mod by default.

oinksip The easiest way to use any Workshop mod in your Starbound installation:

  1. Visit a workshop downloader site such as http://steamworkshop.download/

  2. Input the Workshop URL of the Starbound Mod you want.

  3. Download the item and extract only the contents.pak file into your <Starbound Installation>/mods folder.
Note: Rename the contents.pak to the name of the mod, it helps you know what file is what and prevents overwriting other mod files.

This should work just fine!