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    Name: Terrene Protectorate

    Summary and History:
    The Terrene Protectorate is a coalition of the many various races in the universe to train graduates to protect all of the known universe from galactic conflict, taking no sides except the side of lawful justice and righteousness, all in the name of keeping peace among the cosmos. All graduates from the Terrene Protectorate are given a standard issue Matter Manipulator, allowing them to break down and place various materials. Shown to be a powerful tool and a symbol of the Protectorate, the Matter Manipulator is a handheld, golden-colored tool capable of breaking, placing, and relocating materials. A vast number of upgrades are available through the use of the valued Manipulator Modules, increasing its range, power, area of effect, as well as even allowing it to collect liquids, wire electronics, and paint surfaces. The Protectorate logo itself is modeled after the Matter Manipulator being a symbol of the Protectorate. The Protectorate is led by a Grand Protector, whose role was previously taken by that of the now deceased Grand Protector Leda Portia, who was slain by the mysterious entity that had attacked and destroyed the Protectorate, along with Old Earth, with it's last surviving Old Earth member, surviving the initial attack on the Protectorate, made their way to the last, broken down Protectorate-allianced ship at its docks whilst many space-farring ships FTL drove out of Earth's atmosphere to flee the attack by the tentacled monstrosity, going on to then partially piece-back together and unofficially lead the Protectorate back into relevance, avenging against and destroying the original mysterious entity that had destroyed Earth. While not as big or as much of a force to be reckoned as, as they once were, they still show some prevalence in both the Earneck Legion and Ruthion Minoris solar systems in the past few months, presumably now led by what one could call a feisty, sharp-witted, bright glowey blue rebel of a space cowgirl, to which those few who still operate in the Protectorate claim her to be their future, if not current; Grand Protector...while not much is known about this proclaimed "Grand Protector", only time will tell if she really is all that she, and the Protectorate as a whole is cracked up to be.
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    Name: Cerberus

    Summary: Tash, CEO of Cerberus, found a way to mass-produce robots to create a personal army and is now using them to sell his goods and to protect those who can't protect themselves. Primarily operating outside of Lux and Cenaria, Tash is planning to use Cerberus to keep the peace in Lux and to prevent innocent people from being harmed.

    I am currently the only person playing as Cerberus members, so volunteers would be very welcome, you can contact me through Discord as Abaronca#8766
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    I guess this one would still apply to Lux.
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    Looking at this again, I've realized there's actually a section for faction threads on the Lux forums. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ whaddaya know.

    But yeah, I just want to see what factions have died out in the mean time.
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    There is? Oh shit. I gotta check that out.
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    Name: Proxima-Hylote

    Summary:The Proxima-Hylote is a place of peace,harmony and hope with an objective of stopping wars,bring hope,and Bring freedom to those who were hurt and mistreated,and find a place to Start Where once we called home, Long...Live...Proxima Hylote
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    Faction name: Recon and Elimination of Targets by a Clandestine Operatives Network, RETCON
    Summary: It's a mercenary group, plain and simple. Irene finds jobs and distributes them within the group, then takes a cut of the reward.
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    Faction name: Order of The White Citadel. ( "The white order" for short. )

    Summary and History: The order of the white citadel is a holy order of paladins, scribes, and cleric. It was founded some years after the formation of the protectorate along with a few other religious chapters who follow the same faith allying with them to form a circle of unity. The religion they devote themselves to is known as the faith of Angelis, a religion that worships a single deity as well as angels.

    What do they do?: The order of the white citadel primarily deals in wiping out unholy fiends and coming to those in need of help, offering healing prayers, exorcisms, etc. Many pilgrims and travelers alike come to visit their homeworld to receive blessings and guidance. Some even come to join become a part of them or devote themselves to the faith of Angelis.

    Their goal?: To uphold peace in the galaxy and keep evil at bay, wherever they may find it.

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