Tutorial: How to find out what to post?

Feb 4, 2019
First let me start by saying that this is not a joke and is absolutely real.
My calculations, thinking and theorizing has led me to conclude these methods.

1) Think of an object, a shape, a form or something of abstract potential. Imagine it in your mind, try to mold it into letters. The letters will form an inspiration or a scenario, possibly allowing you find the subject that you desire to post.

2) If you are illiterate, abandon ship. There is no use writing something if you do not catch glimpse of that concept. Go try drawing a bear with a chalk on a rock instead, it might help.

3) Learn to post in the correct categories. Posting memes goes into shitposting (Off-Topic), art into (Gallery/Artwork) and Starbound (On-Topic).

4) Never go full retard.

If you go full retard it's over, you're done for.