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Discussion in 'Community Info & News' started by Max Bacon, Jun 14, 2016.

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    Hello there Bacons!

    As you may be aware on the past 2 days our website VPS had one issue on the datacenter it is hosted on that caused a major havoc and brought us down. This isn't caused by us and it is not on our control, we for a temporary fast-fix replacing a backup i made from the whole website and its databases earlier this month.

    So what's up?

    - Our Host is still investigating something they clearly messed up and affected several machines that unfortunately also included us, those machines seem to have lost access to their file-system, disks and even access to their OS!

    - We have a temporary website version UP, from June 3rd on a temporary server as well to keep things alive for now, this is NOT a permanent version of iLoveBacons and we might wipe this for our actual server file-system once the host deals with the problems.

    - If such happens what you will do on the website now will disappear and be replaced once we get our full filesystem back, if that does not happens we will keep the filesystem and database but re-install our VPS (that runs only the website).

    We're sorry for all this trouble, unfortunately it is out of our control and blame so we can only hope things get all sorted as soon as possible. <3
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    w0w m8.
    Have a free pokememe.
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    On Update...

    Our host unfortunately lost our data, what is incredibly ridiculous really. As we have this install already live, we will soon re-install the VPS and put this version back, it shall face no changes over some downtime while this happens.

    I will update once we do this.


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