Theatre D (and more)

Nov 29, 2018
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True name: [?]
Age: 19
Build: Slender with small hints of muscles
Occupation: [?]

Theatre D was found on a planet in the middle of nuclear winter as a small child, not far from Theatre's new home base. Dreams was brought into the rest of the team's care, mostly under the wing of Theatre H as the motherly figure and given the name Theatre Dreams, named after her dreamy blue eyes. When she was around 10, D was caught in an accident and was affected by an experimental machine used for cryonic preservation. When retrieved, her body was permanently altered to be permanently cold as ice to the touch. Struck with grief, H stopped caring for D and left her out when she was 15, thinking that it was more right for someone like D to perish rather than live without care.
Having smuggled some of H's tech with her, she used her knowledge taught by H to construct her own tools for survival. After living in the crackling cold for 2 years, she finally stumbles upon a damaged ship. D repairs the ship with the last remaining ounce of resources and motivation, and hops on. The coords device was still damaged with no hops of repair, so she simply let the ship take her to the only place possible, which happened to be Lux. Looking out her frosty window and down at the sandy beaches, she slipped into her suit, powered on her cooler, and stepped off. Hoping to make new friends and family.

Theatre D is a childish and well behaved woman who enjoys social interactions and company.
Due to her unstable childhood and questionable maturity, she has trouble coping with her past and even more trouble making decisions and operating under stress.


Cryo-matter infused assault rifle:
A heavily modified version of H's 30 round assault rifle, with rounds filled with a special gel that releases when entering a new target. The gel spreads rapidly and cools the surrounding areas rapidly, and can get cold enough to render flesh and limbs useless. Bullets freeze most liquids on contact unless they have a high freezing point. The gun is formed through her armor, taking [2 turns] to form, can be fired instantly after forming. Features an acog sight, laser, manually loaded cryogenic fuel supply for an extra kick, burst fire, grappling hook, and a cool paint job.

"Copperhead" and "Boa":
Duel pistols with alternating firing modes. D has the ability to switch between arcing plasma or laser barrage. Each freezes the target like the assault rifle, and uses a demands a large supply of cryogenic fuel. Luckily, she'd most likely do enough damage before having to reload. Each are positioned at her hips.

"Snowflake" and "Frost":
D's melee weapons consist of a one edged vibroblade and a wrist-mounted short sword.
Snowflake, the vibroblade, features a constant stream of cryogenic fuel runs across the edge, freezing whatever it may touch. The temperature of what it touches drops slower when compared to the assault rifle. Sitting ahead of the hilt rests a concealed shotgun, which fires shards of crystalized cryogenic fuel in shotgun-shell-like.. shells. The shards freeze whatever comes in contact with extreme speed and potency, as it is the pure stuff.
Frost is a wrist mounted short sword, powered by a cell of cryogenic fuel. When activated, a 50cm blade shoots out from her arm and cuts through armor like a hot knife through butter, leaving frozen flesh in its wake. It's powered by a single cell that must be reloaded otherwise it will run out of fuel and shut down, much like Halo's energy sword. Luckily, it has a 7 turn use time and a single turn reload.

Hardlight Projector:
D uses a wrist-mounted hardlight projector to create some of her hand-held weapons and items. These items include:
Hardlight arm cannon with cryogenically fueled plasma rounds and cryo grenade launcher that freezes the moisture in the air, forming pellets and shards of ice which eventually clump into a volleyball-sized boulder.
And a mug.

D's armor of choice, which all unfolds from a sleek disk on D's back. Features 6mm thick pressurized durasteel plates, all on a carbon nano-tube chainmail. All of this is fitted onto heavy-duty power armor, making moving and agility surprisingly difficult for D. She can handle close quarter combat with quick foes with surprising ease, and can hold her ground effectively against other heavily armored enemies. Gauntlets, arms, and legs have openable/closable vents, which lets out freezing air. They must be shut before entering water, or it will clog them up and weigh her down. Her helmet is fitted with T-tech, which allows for her to use her comm on the fly and have access to night vision, heat vision, and radar/sonar.
The suit's power supply is located at her back, where the disk stays attached to her. The power supply also has generates energy for her weapons, and has a ~3 hour battery life. This disk also houses her cooler, which keeps her alive when D is exposed to room temperature.

D can cool her body temperature down rapidly, and can dive to as low as -150 c effortlessly. Mood changes and physical conditions can affect her body temperatures, dropping faster the worse her condition is. When struck by a fatal wound, D will explode, leaving a 10m blast zone. Everything in the zone and areas around it will be cooled almost instantly to 0 kelvin, cold enough to completely erase Novakids and cause unrepairable damage to objects.
D is especially vulnerable to heat based attacks, and will die quickly even in room temperature. This is avoided if her armor is on and usable.
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Nov 29, 2018
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True name: Olivia White [Though she would never mention this.]
Age: 29
Build: Lightly muscular
Occupation: Thermal electricity researcher, Lux security team member

Theatre H was an energetic person through her child-to-teenage life, born by a father with a magical background, who was a retired pyromancer. To carry on his tricks and legacy, he taught H overtime, and the heat worked itself into her body, giving it a permanent tough of warmth. Having graduated her College with a honors degree in Engineering, she left to defend her home planet, which was currently in danger to a mysterious and magical threat that tormented others. As a researcher and engineer for the team, her life was calm and peaceful, which changed her personality from the cheerful and energetic person to a serious, cold, and quiet individual. During her career, H also learned to fight due to the lack in armed forces at her security, and was a great addition due to the team due to her fiery powers.
Though her team couldn't hold it forever. When the unexpected force of the enemies finally arrived, her squadron was wiped out in a single attack. H fled with the only remaining member of her lesser research team, Theatre G, an employee in weapons research and retired bounty hunter. The pair watched as their home was wiped away, blowing up in a blinding explosion through the window. Getting as far away as possible and using the last drop of their fuel, they land at a nearby planet in the middle of nuclear winter. Using what they learned at the facility, H used the heat from the planet to generate electricity, and soon enough they set up a small base underground, enough to house themselves with relative comfort and continued their research. When scavenging for food and materials, they stumble across a frozen waterfall, littered with the remains of soon-to-be Theatre B and F. H brought what was left of them and rebuilt their bodies, creating 2 new partners.
It wasn't long before they discovered D, and H was the one to care for her. After her incident, H decided it was best to send her away blinded by grief, where the cold would be safer for her than her heat. H regrets her decision, and walks out on a trek to find D. They stumble upon remains of D's repairs and the missing ship they discovered before D, which made G and H finally decide it was time to leave to retrieve D, and hopped aboard their ship to Lux.

H is a quiet and calm person in most cases, but won't hesitate to become serious or violent.
Part of the Lux security team and therefore having to deal with extra out-of-the-ordinary things, she's learned to be a little more vocal about her thoughts and likes to speak them out while playing the "bad cop" kind of role.


"Firepower II" Assault rifle:

The classic version of D's edit. Fitted with 5.56×45mm titanium ammunition, the gun houses a small "furnace" in the chamber, where it heats the bullets to ~800c. The gun itself is covered in thin plates of tungsten as to not melt under its own heat, but must release the heat after each magazine in a violent fashion, which blasts a puff of hot air to the right side of the gun. The gun is formed at the back of her suit through 2 turns, and can be fired instantly. A small chamber rests at the barrel of the and houses a concealed explosive attack, which fires in a burst like that of fireworks. Each can deal quick damage and can be fired instantly. Also features an acog scope, grapple, laser, and an extendable blade at the stock for quick melee strikes.

20 gauge Shotgun Blade:
A one edged vibroblade fitted with a hidden shotgun built into the hilt, activated in one turn and can fire on the next. Uses 20 gauge shells with a 7 shot clip size, which offers big stopping power. Nothing else too special.

"Obsidian" Medium power armor:
Created by scratch from Theatre's laboratory, the suit's metal plating allows heat to safely circulate, travel, and be concentrated at points on her armor to fit her body snuggle. Underneath the metal is a layer of carbon nanotube, which is ultra-light and offers the same strength as steel, and lets H move with agility in battle. Unlike D's armor, which is attached to her back's cooler and is needed for survival, H can remove her armor in place for a new one if the original is damaged. Removing armor will result in the plates bursting off her body like puzzle pieces, where she can then put on another set with a 4 turn procedure of beaming and constructing. Her helmet is the same as D's.
- Security Mage armor/Regular security armor: The assigned armors that was assigned to H after joining Lux security. Each offer decent defense and let her have access to T-tech,
The Security Mage armor allows better circulation of heat, resulting in fire-based magic attacks taking one turn less (-1) when worn.


H has above-average knowledge and abilities to cast fire based spells for purely offensive purposes. H can cast chains of fire, a burst of flames that travel across the floor, or simply shoot fire out of her hands. H can increase her body temperatures (As well as everything inside her, like her blood) to 200 c+, which is twice as hot s boiling water, and can sustain this temperature permanently. Health and mood also alter her temperatures.
She also has increased durability and resilience against all heat based attacks, and will take practically no damage to them unless sustained for long periods of time.
H can also sense mana/magical auras, learned from back in her days with her father.
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Nov 29, 2018
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True name: William [Last name unknown, and he will not reveal his name easily.]
Age: [Likely 2500-4000 years old]
Build: [?]
Occupation: Lead researcher in cryogenic preservation, magic & melee weapons specialist

Theatre B was born back in human medieval ages, first conceived on the cold planet the new lab now resides. B's previous life as a paladin ended suddenly when he was attacked by an opposing army, though his army prevailed and continued. Dying in a river and eventually falling down a waterfall, where his corpse would live and be preserved in freezing temperatures for over 2500 years, where it would eventually be discovered by H and G after arriving at their new planet.
Due to his holy nature and disturbance of his corpse, he was resurrected and was bound to his suit of armor, forever existing in the form of a foggy cloud. In his new life and with his personality to help out whoever was there, the only thing he could do was assist H and G, in hopes that they wouldn't have to sustain eternal life on the icy cold planet like he has for thousands of years. B would eventually stumble upon D with the other Theatres, and follow in H's footsteps to retrieve the child they lost long before, last seen at a resort called Port Lux.

Cold, quiet, and can be a pretty fun friend. Can only communicate through whispers and writing/visuals.
He is shown to be quite a playful spirit, often interacting in social activities with close friends and blowing smoke in their faces.


Phantom's Excalibur:
[Act 0]:
A hilt of the blade with crystals and a great amount of dust that flows out from where the blade would start. The actual blade of the sword forms through a 3 turn charge and constructs itself from the strongest metal nearby. Anything caught in its construction (such as a limb or weapon) will be infused, and stuck inside until removed, which would take great force.

[Act I]: Formed after replicating the strongest metal in B's proximity, appears to be a shattered and mostly dull great sword, with worn out engravings near the hilt and blade. Works more as a blunt/hooked weapon due to it's worn out state and jagged corners.

[Act II]: A fully formed blade with its missing edges filled in with a material formed from B himself, Phantom's Glass. This foggy, glass-like material absorbs and steals kinetic energy on contact with, for example, a sword swing. The attack will stop instantly, as if hitting a wall. This material has the strength of bullet-proof glass, and will shatter upon too much damage (1 good blunt attack, lots of bladed weapon attacks depending on the type, and 3+ shots from rifles will shatter the glass), which then turns into a fog-like gas that likes to sit still until a force blows it away. The gas is sensitive to force, and can travel quickly from something as slight as a strong clap. Inhaling this gas or letting it touch your sensitive/exposed body parts will result in a strong stinging sensation in affected areas and act as a tear gas to eyes. It is also quite opaque, which can be used as a smoke screen. This smoke also makes up B's body (read more below).

Phantom's Saber:
A one edged bladed weapon that starts in a hilt form, but can be activated in 2 turns and is constructed fully from Phantom's glass, which means it can absorb all kinetic energy on a block, basically making melee attacks a useless strategy if the opponent is too slow. Through a 3 turn charge, B can fire a laser of pure kinetic energy to push back projectiles, objects, and opponents. When the beam ends (2 turn lasting attack), the blade will automatically launch a slash-shaped projectile that travels at great speeds and delivers a powerful push of kinetic energy, which then explodes violently with everything in its short path, but will affect anything behind it. The blade will also shatter into fog if broken.

Fog/Dust Manipulation:
B's way of keeping a somewhat physical form and his main way of warding off enemies. B's entire body is made up entirely of fog, excluding his armor. B can manipulate this material in multiple ways, but cannot move them.
Defensively/For utility: The fog can be hardened and creates Phantom's glass to use as protection around him or for his weapons. Charge depends on what he's trying to do. As a utility option, B can transform him, his weapons, and his armor into a pile of dust, which can move along the ground at a sluggish pace but offers a sneaky and easy escape into the floor boards.
Offensively: B can also create a shard of the material to launch and use as a projectile weapon. As another option for ranged attacks, he can use this fog and charge it with spiritual energy to create destructive magical attacks. With a 3 turn charge, B can launch forth either 3 accurate projectile, or launch a flurry of less accurate projectiles. Each explode violently, throwing even the most heaviest opponents off balance and releases a great deal of fog into the area.

Modernized knight armor:
Full plate armor, made of thick plates of durasteel with titanium weave below. Extremely durable armor that prevents against holes and cuts, which cuts down on the amount of fog lost from B's body. Waterproof and heatproof from the neck down. Surprisingly flexible, and lets B pull off some decent flexibility based maneuvers and agility, able to leap off walls if given enough grip. His helmet "lid" is openable to control the flow of fog around his face, and is behind a barred visor, where a constant glow of white light shines through. The light will glow brighter when casting magic spells, and will be surrounded by shards of glass to be used at his ready.

Extreme resistance against element-based attacks, bladed weapons, and average ammunition up to a 50 cal. Can be worn as a regular suit of knight's armor by people who can fit inside, and can transfer to nearby suits of armor if the current one is too damaged. A vial of extracted DNA falls from inside his armor, used for cloning purposes and preserved in a durable metallic glass vial. A name tag is attached to the lid, and is labeled "Theatre Brumous cloning material."
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