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    Demo V0.3 Available Now


    Hello Almost-Creators!

    We are super excited about the game, and our devs have been working tirelessly to improve and expand it. That being said, we know we have many fans that are not ready to take the plunge and fully support the project. We want you guys to join our family and share the journey with us! Today we're releasing a new Demo update that includes numerous bug fixes and improvements. As usual, the Demo version has some limitations, and is a few versions behind the Current Early Access version available through our website. We hope you guys enjoy it!

    We love when we receive feedback on our Discord[dί] channel and Forums[]! As always, don't forget to follow our dev updates via Twitter

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    Playing as an omnipotent Creator is a fascinating and complicated endeavor. Players have the freedom to watch over and influence their Nugget subjects, like a child studying a particularly adorable ant farm. They have the freedom to shower the Nuggets with blessings, or sadistically shake the metaphorical ant farm into oblivion. With such a wide array of options available to the player, we’ve been discussing a system of… accountability. This is a God game after all, so we are bringing in a Faith system. Soon, Nuggets will respond appropriately to player actions - whether good or evil - and as Nuggets grow in Faith, players will grow in influence.

    When the Player uses Creator Powers, they expend Creator Points. These Creator Points regenerate depending on the Faith of your population (the higher the Faith, the faster the points generate). There will be several ways for the player to raise the Faith of the population - the first of which is our new Prayer System.
    We plan to add a new structure to the game The Prayer Enclave, where Nuggets go to pray. We will be treating their prayers as a kind of mini quest system. Players will be able to scroll through Nugget prayers, and choose to accept or reject them.


    "Help little Jumby!
    I took my eye off him for one second while he was playing in the woods, and he ran off with a pack of wolves! I just know they'll eat him up - but not if you find him and bring him back! If you save my little Jumby, I promise to have faith in you as long as I live!"

    Find Jumby and return him to his mother before the time runs out and he meets the unfortunate end of becoming a juicy Nugget steak.

    Should the player accept, the prayer quest will become active and the player will receive a reward of Faith as a result of completing it. The player can also increase Faith by simply using Creator Powers within range of Nuggets.

    But what happens if the player uses their power to set a Nugget on fire? Or throw a Nugget into space? This would certainly increase Faith, but it feels different than when powers are used in a more benevolent fashion.

    Punish my Nemisis

    “Dear Creator,
    I come to you with a broken heart. My nemesis, Bobrigo, just married the love of my life! I cannot stand for this. Every time I see his smug little smile, I have to punch a rock painting of a puppy. It’s such an innocent-looking puppy, too. Please help me. If you punish him in some way, you will earn every bit of faith I can muster. You’ll show everyone that justice exists!”


    Find a way to punish Bobrigo.

    A White & Black Rock

    “Dear Creator,
    Tragedy has struck! An obnoxious boulder just rolled in out of nowhere and planted itself firmly in the middle of the farm. If it stays there, the village might starve! We haven’t mastered the art of working around problems yet. Some Nuggets are already drawing straws on who we’re going to eat first. The whole situation is worsened by the fact that a batch of Bloody Diarrhea fruit was ruined by that confounded thing. I was looking forward to those. Please help us out!”


    Get rid of the mysterious boulder.


    With this in mind, we have added Fear & Love to the Faith system. Depending on a your actions, Faith will be fear-based or love-based. Prayer Quests will be labeled as good or evil (“Please let it rain on our crops!” or “Dismember my annoying Neighbour!”). Healing a sick Nugget will increase Love, killing a Nugget with a power will increase Fear, and so on. Fear and Love rise and fall independently of Faith, but they do have a profound effect on it.

    Based on the current Faith, Nuggets will build monuments that will dynamically change based on the strength of their Faith in you. The higher their Faith, the bigger the monument will be.



    Nugget Faith is manifested in a way that mirrors the actions of their Creator. If the player has been causing mischief, faithful/fearful Nuggets will behave mischievously. If you have been a loving god, faithful/loving Nuggets will respond in kind. Everything has a give and take, though. While fear-based Faith can cause problems in the long run, it does generate Creator Points twice as fast as love-based Faith.

    You can also choose to be a careless god and remain neutral. This way, Nuggets will continue their evolutionary journey with less interruptions from your side.



    Faith in general has such a profound effect on Nuggets that it will even affect their genetic traits when they are born. Populations with high Faith will have a higher chance of introducing positive traits (such as “Grind - This Nugget loves to work. Their stamina decreases 25% slower.”) to their population. Adversely, low Faith populations will be more likely to foster negative traits - but remember, selective breeding is a thing. Once a trait has been introduced, Nugget infants have a high chance of inheriting the traits possessed by their parents. Each Parent introduces a 25% chance of character legacy. If both parents share the same trait, the chance grows to 50%. (Special thanks to our fan for inspiration: Hazonic)

    Let’s dive into the specifics

    Imagine listening to Nugget prayers every moment of every day. Nothing could be more tedious. That’s why you have the convenience of the Prayer Enclave at your disposal. Instead of parking yourself in front of a divine telephone, you can simply check your mail whenever you desire. Nugget prayers are displayed once you click on the Prayer Enclave. They are listed in order of appearance, but you can sort through them in numerous ways. Selecting a quest will display more information about it.


    The Menu
    Hey, this looks familiar. Here’s how it works

    Inbox - Contains the latest batch of prayers, straight from the mouths of Nuggets. It suddenly seems less appealing...
    Started - Should you accept a Nugget’s quest, it will be moved to this tab.
    Responded - Completed quests are found here.
    Spam - There’s no telling what lurks in this tab. Be warned.
    Trash - This is the home of rejected prayers. It could be that they went against everything you stand for, or maybe you just didn’t feel like doing them. You’re the boss.

    Analyzing a prayer


    Once you’ve got an idea of what the quest entails, you can either accept or reject a prayer. Accepting a quest will make it active, which activates its timer if it has one. This means that certain quests will need to be completed with a bit of speed.
    Don’t go accepting quests willy-nilly, though. Most of them have consequences. This is where the concept of good and evil comes in, which translates into love or fear from Nuggets. The heart and skull symbols in the Prayer Enclave indicate what each quest entails from a moral standpoint. You can probably figure out which is which. It will likely be difficult to always be good or bad, so sometimes you have to make a tough decision. This could mean missing out on a decent reward to stick to your chosen morality.

    We hope you love the new system! Let us know what kind of god, you think you’re going to be and share your ideas about what type of side quests we should add to the game.
    Thank you for your time!

    All the best,
    The Crytivo Crew

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    New Patch - Chupacabra is now Live!


    Greetings, Creators!

    Prepare yourselves for another dose of greatness. A substantial chunk of our time was spent improving and revising a few background systems, with a few still needing a little more polish before we make them live. One such system we’re putting quite a bit of work into is the Nugget pathfinding restructure. The improvements being made will ensure that Nuggets make better navigation decisions and avoid getting stuck in unfortunate situations. Additionally, another area receiving a lot of attention is the Creator Power system, which you’ll likely be very excited about.

    However, before we discuss that further, we’re also introducing a brand new system in today’s patch. Nuggets will very soon begin taking notice of your actions in the world. The more or less you interact with the world through your powers and influence will change the amount of Faith they have in you. This is divided into Fear and Love. You can decide what kind of God you’re going to be. Doing evil deeds or harming Nuggets in some way will increase their Fear. Showering them with hugs and rainbows will naturally increase their Love, so long as they don’t hate hugs and rainbows.

    Depending on their Fear and Love levels, Faith Towers will rise up in your civilization to indicate your Nuggets’ feelings towards you. We’re planning on adding different Research Perks based on Faith for you to play with in the future, as well as Nuggets acting a little differently based on their perception of you. As usual, this system is still very much in its infancy. We’ll be needing your feedback and patience to improve it in the future.

    Now on to the super fun stuff: new Creator Powers! Awww yeah! We’re taking a couple more steps towards making you a proper god. Here’s what you’re getting:



    Why bank on natural selection? Play the role of a divine matchmaker. Choose two Nuggets, climb inside those odd floating heads of theirs, and make them fall madly in love with each other. This way, they have the illusion of choice and you get to dictate which genetic attributes survive. Everyone wins. Hold down the Ctrl button and select the two Nuggets you wish to match.


    This power allows you to selectively breed Nuggets. As you know, we’ve added genetics and traits to the game, which will seriously affect your civilization in the long run. However, this extends to everything like skin color, hair color, and so on. You can mix and match however you please! Although, it’s important to keep in mind that ending a relationship between two Nuggets for selective breeding will make them feel awfully depressed about their sudden and rather confusing breakup.


    Is a building or Nugget looking a little under the weather? Give it a day at the “God Spa” to restore it back to its usual self. Well, unless the damage is emotional. There’s not much you can do about that. Hold down Ctrl and the Left Mouse Button to rejuvenate a target. Keep holding until the Nugget or Building becomes less likely to fall apart into tiny pieces.


    There is no such thing as a slow day in your civilization, no matter how Nuggets may feel. When their work ethic begins to dim, give them a sharp reminder of who’s really in charge. You can either select this power via the menu and press Ctrl +LMB to use it on a Nugget, or cast it instantaneously by holding Ctrl and double clicking on a Nugget.


    There’s no prescription quite like a delightful dose of joy and laughter. Give your Nuggets a little ray of sunshine to brighten their day. They tend to work harder when they’re happy. Once you’ve selected the power, hold down Ctrl and left click on a Nugget to give them a jolt of joy.


    Take nature’s fury for a spin! If you are looking to increase your Nugget’s Fear level and also catch a great show while you’re at it, then a tornado is just the thing for you. It’s almost impossible to control, but watching debris and Nuggets flying around can be weirdly satisfying. Hit Ctrl + LMB after selecting the power to start the tornado, or hold Ctrl and spin the mouse in circles for a quick cast (gesture not yet implemented).


    Let’s hope someone remembered to buy allergy medication, because it’s about to get awfully dusty around here. It’s not exactly a tornado, but the windforce will certainly cause Nuggets to tie themselves around the nearest tree. This is an excellent way to spread some Fear in your civilization. After selecting it, simply hit Ctrl + LMB to introduce a little wind, or quick cast by rapidly blowing on your screen.


    Defy gravity and prove once and for all that you’re the most attractive entity in the galaxy. You can pick up any object on the planet and do with it as you please. Keep in mind, though, that Nuggets are very observant creatures, despite their apparent lack of eyes. Casting powers near to them will likely result in their puny little minds being blown.

    In the Future
    We will continue to add more powers to the game as we go along, so we would love to hear what kind of powers you’d like to see. The best suggestions could very well make it into the game. At the moment, we have plans to include the following powers:

    Lightning Strike
    Meteor Strike
    Plant Trees
    Make it Rain
    Bite It (attack)


    We are happy to introduce the Buildings List Panel. Now you can see all of your buildings sorted in one place. You can prioritize them, demolish them, and so on using the list. Later on, we’re planning on adding a building queue, which will allow you to sort which buildings you want to be completed first.



    Instead of running around eating dirt and performing potentially life-threatening activities, Nuggets can now spend their childhoods in schools learning from the collective knowledge passed down through the generations. In certain buildings, like the Refinery and Engineer’s Hut, educated Nuggets will be more productive. Some buildings will eventually require educated Nuggets to run properly, but you can still try and give the controls over to one of the village idiots and see how quickly they can set things on fire. You can get away with allowing students to teach themselves, but it will take far longer for them to understand the more complex stuff. Assigning a teacher to the building will increase education speeds.



    Every god comes across the problem of having to process an enormous amount of prayers. Fortunately, there is a modern solution to this. We are proud to introduce GodMail and the Prayer Enclave. Nuggets will finally have a special little place to ask you for help, send their regards, or possibly just annoy you with a fantastic heap of nonsense. Almost every prayer is going to be a new quest for you to solve or outright refuse. Accepting and successfully completing a quest will alter Faith substantially.


    Nuggets will build the Prayer Enclave on their own, which means you do not have explicit control over its placement. In the future, there will likely be even more buildings that Nuggets will construct without your say-so.


    We are only implementing a single quest in this patch to test the system, with more to follow soon. Like with everything else, feel free to give us quest suggestions! Here are some examples of what’s to come:

    Punish my Neighbor

    “Dear Creator,
    I come to you with a broken heart. My neighbor, Bobrigo, just married the love of my life! I cannot stand for this. Every time I see his smug little smile, I have to punch a rock painting of a puppy. It’s such an innocent-looking puppy, too. Please help me. If you punish him in some way, you will earn every bit of faith I can muster. You’ll show everyone that justice exists!”

    A White & Black Rock

    “Dear Creator,
    Tragedy has struck! An obnoxious boulder just rolled in out of nowhere and planted itself firmly in the middle of the farm. If it stays there, the village might starve! We haven’t mastered the art of working around problems yet. Some Nuggets are already drawing straws on who we’re going to eat first. The whole situation is worsened by the fact that a batch of Bloody Diarrhea fruit was ruined by that confounded thing. I was looking forward to those. Please help us out!”
    Pearl Deers now inhabit on a Mother Planet. You should begin seeing them wandering around, possibly in tight little family units.


    The Pre-Medieval Engineer’s Hut will make your Engineer Nuggets more productive. You can use educated Nuggets to improve things quite a bit.


    Nuggets can now see and feel your actions. Picking someone up will cause other Nuggets to flee. Such actions will increase Fear and decrease the Happiness of affected Nuggets.


    Creator Powers will now require Creator Points. Creator points are accumulated over time, which can be sped up by increasing Faith. The more you use these powers, the faster Creator Points will be generated. We are still going to balance this system quite a bit more, so please submit your feedback via the forums or Discord.


    Hitting the Middle Mouse Button or Tab on the keyboard will open the Creator Power Menu. Every power is activated by holding the Ctrl button down before clicking. Let us know what you think!



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    We're ready to move to Medieval Age

    Reasearch and Development of the Modular Residential Building System

    Medieval Pharmacy Concept Art

    Modular Medieval House Concept Art


    Oil Extraction Tower

    For more day to day updates follow us on Twitter or Facebook

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    Join our Live Stream


    Join us for a live stream!
    Nuggets will be tossed, patch secrets will be revealed, and you even get to ask our devs some questions. But no, we won't do your math homework.

    Join Now

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    Pumpkin Patch is Now Live


    Today is the great day for another portion of some delicious news. As many of you already know, we tried to keep the pace and we were adding a lot of new features to the game each month. We got to the point, where we were satisfied with the amount of content we put in and decided that it’s a good time to take a short break from the flaw of the new changes and work on some bug fixes, balance and AI improvements in order to provide to our valuable players an interesting and exciting gameplay. We hope you guys got tired from nuggets who were hitting their heads into the wall or were so lazy, that actually were standing on the same place and were just chilling. In this patch we said enough of those stupid Nuggets! Let us introduce you a new Universim Pathfinding system v1.0. Our new pathfinding system is able to solve all (most) those issues and allow players to feel that there is some hope in their civilization and maybe stop kicking Nuggets butt in order to force them to move. With the introduction of our new pathfinding system, we tried to solve the major issues with Nuggets AI and improve the workflow of the game and make it more dynamic. The new Pathfinding system is 4 times more accurate than previous one, we had to go through a lot of challenges to introduce this system in a short period of time and keep relatively that same performance. We hope you'll love it!


    We also thought that it would be cool to allow the player to place the buildings more precisely on the map. Therefore, we added a grid around each building that allows the player to see the boundaries of the building. We're also starting reserve space around the buildings for future Dynamic Road Formations.

    On top of that we made a lot of changes to the balance of our game. We re-balanced a lot of different aspects in our game in order to provide a pleasant experience for you guys. Mating system was changed multiple times, nuggets effects & perks were revisited and rewritten in order to provide a better representation of the nuggets stat changes. Happiness effect got its separate love. Happiness now will depend on many different factors and actions, so you should be careful of what you are doing.

    In addition to all the bug fixes / AI improvements and balance, we also added some pets to Mother Planet! Foxes & Mammoths are ready to join us today!


    Fire Fox
    Furry Mammoths
    New quest: “Punish my Nemesis”
    Refactored cemetery. Now it contains pyre
    Clouds are now savable


    Fixed: School perk had negative effect
    Fixed: Gravedigger standing still after you scare him
    Fixed: Gravedigger tries to reach nugget in orbit
    Fixed: Critical bug related to “AreaRadius”, “Find my lost nugget” quest
    Fixed: Critical bug during searching for nugget, “Find my lost nugget” quest
    Fixed: Dead nuggets were not in the cart after load
    Fixed: Female nuggets not mating in some cases
    Fixed: NRE related to dead nuggets and FormatCurrentStatus method
    Fixed: Stuck nugget eating in the eatery after game load
    Fixed: Stuck nugget when cleaning construction site
    Fixed: females from couples made with cupid power never had more than 1 kid
    Fixed: Descriptions of powers were cut in God Powers Carousel
    Fixed: Upgraded Reservoir capacity. Reservoir capacity stated increase of 10000 instead of 15000
    Fixed: Slow Burn perk caused nuggets to feel hungry all the time
    Fixed: Multiple perk effects were not working properly or didn’t have significant changes
    Fixed: Improved Nuggets work assignment. Before nuggets were assigned to the closest buildings to build. Now they have an intention to finish building the first placed building unless any other building received all the recourses before the first building
    Fixed: Some happiness effects did not increase nuggets happiness
    Fixed: Windstorm would deal damage after it ended
    Fixed: Bunker slots were locked
    Fixed: Engineers were functioning only on 40%


    Wood/Stone refineries will create a small demand for wood/stone if they are not full, forcing nuggets to harvest those resources.
    Injured nuggets will be auto-replaced in a building if they are in hospital.
    Improved transportation AI. All buildings should be served (sooner or later)
    Improved repair AI. Now lower health buildings should be served first.
    Improved decision AI (idle ai can be interrupted at any point).
    Adjusted auto assignment of nuggets. System should try and search for nuggets with required education level first.
    Improved male/female birth ratio.
    Improved construction priority builders assignment.
    Improved farmer AI, it will go harvest even if it has next critical AI (thirst, hunger, etc.)


    Storage Area Perk (Unlocks Warehouse) was moved from Stage 4 to Stage 2 in order to allow players to accumulate resources in one spot early in the game and increase construction speed & improve the dynamic of the game.
    Recreation Perk (Unlocks Local Business) was moved from Stage 2 to Stage 3 due to the new way how happiness stat works & improve the balance.
    Refined Materials Perk (Unlocks Store & Wood Refinery) was moved from Stage 4 to Stage 2 in order to allow players get and accumulate new materials for the buildings upgrade once they will be available.
    Ancient Burial, Dew Forecasting & Education perks were moved from Stage 3 to the Stage 4 in order to balance out the perk order and reflect changes that were made to the Tornado / Hurricane.
    Naturopaths Perk (Unlocks Hospital Pre Medieval upgrade) were moved from Stage 5 to Stage 6 in order to start the transition from stone age to the Medieval age and allow room for the new perk system that is coming in the next patch.


    We revisited a lot of perks and their stats in order to improve the balance of the game. This helped us not only improve the balance, but also fix some bugs that were causing the players experience issues with the food or did not apply any effect at all due to a very minor increase. Before we also had some perks applying effects to some stats in percentage value and hard value which caused some issues with the balance. We also decide to redo the percentage value on some perks and make them “hard” values in order to simplify the system and improve the balance. This change allowed us to control the nuggets stat growth more precisely and make sure that our perk system doesn’t break the game. The changes are:
    Primitive Tools: Might changed from 2->1
    Cooking: Hunger Reduction changed from 2% ->5%
    Heavy Lifting: Might changed from 2->3
    Heauge Mahscles: Might changed from percentage value to the hard value 10% ->4
    Hide Bags: Carry Capacity changed from percentage value to the hard value 10%->2
    Molars: Hunger Recovery changed from 5% -> 7%
    Divine Stamina: Nugget Stamina changed from 18% -> 15%
    Slow Burn: Nugget Food needs changed from 15%-> 20%
    Divine Punishment: Twin increase changed from 2% -> 50% from current value
    Elbow Grease: Might changed from percentage value to the hard value 5%->3
    Round Cogs: Pump output changed from percentage value to the hard value 5% -> 2
    Dam It: Pump output changed from percentage value to the hard value 5% -> +2
    Cooking Utensils: Food cooking time was changed from percentage value to the hard value +5% -> +2 seconds
    Tactical Evisceration: Gutting speed changed from +5% -> :thumbs_up:4%
    Tinctures: Hospital healing increased from +8% -> +20%
    Efficient Pipelines: Pump output changed from percentage value to the hard value +5% -> +2
    Fishing Lures: Gutting Time changed from percentage value to the hard value from 17% -> -2sec


    After multiple responses on the new mating system, we decided to change it more and allow players to slowly but surely progress forward. The new mating system will provide the player with a slow but a constant grow. Surely with some usage of the God Power everything can go horrible wrong... oh.. you are all Gods... Gods don't do any mistakes, so nevermind. New mating system will provide the player with a good amount of nuggets in order to fulfill all positions in the buildings and have enough available nuggets to build those buildings. The issue with the dying civilization is solved as well, so you can finally enjoy your growing civilization endlessly until you kill all your nuggets yourself.
    The rate of nugget mating was increased
    Number of kids increased from 3 to 4
    Getting Twins chance decreased
    Time for the tornado & hurricane was changed in order to accommodate changes that were made to the Perk order. Players should have enough time to build the forecast tower & a bunker in order to protect their nuggets from complete destruction and death.


    We know you've been having issues with Gravedigger not being super productive, so we refactored cemetery completely. Before, Gravegigger was not able to keep up with all the madness you had in your village. Dead Nugget bodies were lying all over the place, infecting healthy Nuggets because of his laziness. Now, let us introduce introduce stronger, more productive and scarier than before Gravedigger TWO POINT OH. Now Gravedigger can collect multiple bodies at the same time, he moves faster and knows better what body should be collected first to keep your village nice and shiny. Cemetery Building by itself been redesigned dramatically. It was merged with Pyre! Gravedigger now will become a Pyre Manager! Yes, you got it right! He has been promoted as well. Graveyard has more space for the dead souls. Last but not least, Gravedigger will be able to reuse old grave spots, if nobody was visiting dead Nugget for a long time his spot will become vacant for a new "tourists".


    In this patch we also introduced tooltips in order to help players to track Nuggets stat changes. Now each learned perk will show up on the Nugget panel and provide the data to the player about the effects that are applied to the nuggets. All the perks got a new perk description & a specific description for the tooltip feature.


    Water Reservoir Level 0 - 20 (W) : 30 (R) -> 10 (W) : 10 (S)
    Eatery Level 0 - 15 (W) : 25 (S) -> 10 (W) : 20 (S)
    Farm Level 0 - 20 (W) : 25 (S) -> 20 (W) : 30 (S)
    Fish Hut Level 0 - 20 (W) : 20 (S) -> 15 (W) : 15 (S)
    Warehouse Level 0 - 15 (W) : 20 (S) -> 20 (W) : 25 (S)
    Hospital Level 0 - 25 (W) : 30 (S) -> 20 (W) : 10 (S)
    Refinery Stone Level 0 - 25 (W) : 25 (S) -> 20 (W) : 20 (S)
    Refinery Wood Level 0 - 25 (W) : 25 (S) -> 20 (W) : 20 (S)
    Cemetery Level 0 - 10 (W) : 25(S) -> 10 (W) : 20 (S)
    Forecast Tower Level 0 - 35 (W) : 35 (S) -> 30 (W) : 30 (S)


    Nuggets now are getting influenced by many different factors that are happening around them. If you will treat your nugget with food & water, he will be satisfied with your kindness, but if you decide to break Nugget heart by taking his spouse away or abuse them, they will eventually try to commit suicide. So be extremely careful with the actions that you perform on your nuggets! Nuggets will gain or lose their happiness due to the next action:
    Child Birth
    Child Death
    Being next to the corpse
    Seeing the God using a Dark Power
    Next to the Funeral Pyre
    Gay Mating
    After they healed their disease
    After they recovered from the injury
    Being Homeless
    Having an Injury
    After the Le Cupidon power
    Seeing the God using a Light Power
    When they get married
    When they mate
    When they Oppressed
    When they lost their partner (partner death)
    When the partner left the family
    When the partner didn’t show up on a date
    When they Starving
    Straight Mating


    Evolution tower has a ground decal.
    Hospital has a ground decal.
    Archive has a ground decal.
    Bunker 3d model was updated to occupy center of its reserved space.
    Pre-Medieval well has now water inside.
    Animated Fox model is implemented.
    Mammoth model with animation is added.
    Cemetery model is updated - now it has funeral pyre on its territory.
    Ghosts-Nuggets with animation now will appear in the game.
    New ‘Bite This’ animation for nuggets is available.
    Nuggets now become mummies after death. Mummy model is implemented.



    Cemetery panel redesign. Cemetery and Pyre are now merged into one.
    Redesign worker slots and added detailed tooltip on hover.
    Redesigned nugget slots to show only their picture and progress - rest will be visible after hover. That way we are able to make panels a lot smaller so they won’t be in the way so much.
    Redesigned buildings resources usage panel (bottom right) there is a demolish and turn on/off building button now.
    Worker ID card update. Nuggets statistics are affected by numerous factors. Now you will be able to see the value and when hovering - list of factors.
    Evolution tower. Added ‘more coming soon’ label when all researches are done.
    Evolution tower mechanics change. Introduced new white perks.
    MainUI update - added white perks research as well.
    New worker slots, resources usage panels and close button added to:
    Construction Site
    Engineers Hut
    Fishing Pier
    Forecast tower
    Local business buildings
    Prayer Enclave
    Residential buildings
    Stone refinery
    Wood refinery
    Water Pump
    Water Reservoir
    Water Well
    Fixed tooltips for Education traits in Nugget ID panel.


    Some of you might get a slight performance decrease. This is the result of more detailed Pathfinding Grid that wrapping planet around. We will continue working on Performance optimization.
    Loading Times increased slightly.


    Please keep in mind, even though we did a tremendous job improving the overall AI Stability and Performance you still might come across some issues and bugs. Please report them to on our Forums and Discord

    P.s: We also would like to say thank you to:

    For their contribution and active participation during this patch test & community mission. They all will receive Free T-Shirt with our game logo. Please send PM to Sasha or AlexK for the instructions on how to receive your T-Shirts.
    Everyone else, who also participated during patch test & community mission, we would like to say thank you for helping us to improve the game. Your active participation will be noticed and awarded. Participate, respect each other and let your imagination go wild during those missions and test. Thank you all for sticking with us on this crazy ride! We hope you love all of the new additions, and we have plenty more in store for you. Stay tuned, stay in contact, and stay awesome! Don't forget to leave your comments below.

    Please don't forget to add The Universim to your Steam Wishlist HERE[]
    All our love, The Crytivo Crew

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    We’re back with another exciting patch for all of you incredible people. Our team has once again astounded with its ability to balance the flow of new content and bug fixing, driving the experience to new heights while squashing those annoying issues. Now that we’re finished patting ourselves on the back, let’s get to the fun stuff!
    • Brand new nugget list panel, with new filters, more headers and more details, including a new favicon menu.
    • Nugget favicons are now shown as an icon over the nugget as well.
    • Research: Blue Perks of the same tier can now be queued up for research: they will automatically continue to next queued perk after current is complete. From the panel, player will be able to add or remove from the queue, and see the order in which perks are stacked.
    • Building upgrades reviewed: now resource collection for upgrades will happen before demolition, and the building will continue working as usual until then. Resources status can be monitored on the upgrade panel.
    • Status Flags: building status icons are no more! we now have flags, which integrate smoothly into the environment, improving the look and feel. Flags will display up to two different status situations, and further warnings will appear after the ones on display are solved.
    • Path line for nuggets
    • Time stopped before epicenter is placed
    • Trickle Effect God Power
    • Tornado: New building damage formula
    • New building lumber mill.
    • New building stone mine.
    • New animal - the bear.


    Starting off as tiny pathways, these little veins of early economic activity will soon grow and harden into highways and concrete footpaths as your civilization advances. A ridiculous amount of work was invested into this system over the past few months, but it is beginning to pay off. Our biggest challenge was to create an entirely dynamic road system that expands as new buildings are introduced, on top of being upgradeable from era to era. Let’s not even mention the difficulty of getting this to work on a spherical world. Overall, it was quite the experience, but we’re enormously proud to be introducing it to you now.



    With the addition of dynamic roads, preserving performance became another top priority for the team. With a little magic, we not only mitigated the new system’s impact, but also improved performance further to allow for far more objects to be on-screen at any time. Planets are now curvier and more decorative than ever. You can even expect faster loading times! Also, keep an eye out for denser animal populations as you go about your divine duties.



    Stone Mines and Lumber Mills officially mark the beginning of the Medieval Era! You can now construct neat little box-looking buildings that will churn out resources faster than ever before. Speaking of which, we’ll be balancing things over the next few patches to ensure we get the numbers right.



    Our Nuggets are not just soulless and empty AI agents that drift about the game world performing menial tasks, they’re actually highly-advanced (albeit buggy) beings that attempt to act as alive as possible. Well, unless they’ve been tossed about by a tornado. Then they play dead very well indeed. As such, they have a dramatic list of stats that should be clearly presented to you. With the new panel, you have detailed access to any Nugget’s stats at any time.



    We agree with your complaints that it can be a little difficult to prepare for natural disasters before they undo all of your hard work. The notifications were simply not giving you much time to react, leading to frustration as your Nuggets clung hopelessly to the barebones foundation of a disaster shelter while the civilization was ravaged. Disaster predictions will now be far more timely, giving you detailed information via the season calendar once you’ve constructed a Forecast Tower.



    It can be a little overwhelming as buildings begin blurting out complaints about some or other resource shortage, filling your civilization with glowing pop-ups like you just clicked on a dodgy link. We always aim to keep things in the game as clean and natural-looking as possible, which led us to redesign the building notification system entirely. We are replacing pop-ups with a flag status system, equipping each building with a dedicated flagpole that will raise a different flag based on the building’s needs. We’ll keep iterating on this to get it right.



    Nugget status icons were revisited as well, leading to slight changes that improve readability at a glance. We’ve added a severity indicator to the status icons that appear above a Nugget’s head. If Nuggets begin displaying negative status effects, like hunger, thirst, cold, or otherwise, the icon will be yellow to start off with (less severe) and slowly turn into a red icon (severe). Icons turn red once a Nugget’s health or other important stats become endangered.


    The Nugget trajectory guessing minigame has been removed. We have replaced it with a Nugget trail line, showing you exactly where a Nugget is headed. You’ll never have to raise an eyebrow and allow confusion to take hold ever again.



    We have even more exciting announcements coming soon on January 9th, 2018.
    Sign up at to be among the first to hear our announcement and net yourself an exclusive reward.

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    Happy Holidays from all of us at Crytivo! It’s been another incredible year of triumphs, lessons learned, and growth. Thank you for always taking the time to interact with the dev team, try out new updates, and give us your opinions. What we really want to say is, thanks for being the greatest community around! Seeing you smile is the only gift we need, which is why we want to share a few of the exciting things coming to The Universim in 2018. Read on!

    We’re in the Medieval Era!
    Woah, what exactly does that mean?

    Prepare to immerse yourself in a world filled with danger and the smell of wood. We had quite the little adventure developing the Stone Age, didn’t we? Well, the good news is that the Stone Age contains around 95% of the core mechanics we require to build the rest of the game, like planet generation, planet simulation (seasons, climates, etc), major AI systems, and pretty much everything else. Alright, fasten your seatbelts! We’re jumping to hyperspeed aboard the Crytivo Bathtub, and we’re probably going to lose some Nuggets. That’s okay, though. They’re designed to die either way.



    There’s quite a bit on its way! While you were busy playing with your Nuggets, we were hard at work at Crytivo Labs developing the new Residential Block system. Most of our scientists engineers have no idea how it works, but we’ll try to explain it to you anyway.


    We developed a system that sneakily creates Residential Blocks behind the scenes. This system reserves space for the buildings of the future. Nuggets discover new technologies and research extraordinary things all the time. These discoveries often alter their very lives, either on a molecular level or in regards to the effects that certain upgrades have on the operational and visual aspects of the civilization. The Residential Block system (RB) reserves space around buildings dynamically each time a Nugget decides to break out their trusty hammer. To spice things up a bit, the system also places a plethora of pleasing props around the block to beautify the entire area. The system also dynamically connects each RB and the buildings inside of them to the road network, which ensures Nuggets find their way around easily. Well, at least we hope they will. They have a mind of their own, that lot.



    The Stone Age primarily used buildings that were pre-designed by our amazing artists. In the Medieval Era, we’re trying something a little different. The Prometheus system has been reading up on how to build houses out of a number of modular components. It’s amazing what you can learn from a few books! This means that every residential building will have its own unique look, while maintaining the handcrafted look and feel you’ve come to know. This is an enormously complex system, and we hope you enjoy the new look.


    To learn more about our future plans, click on the link below.

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    Place your palm on the ground. Do you feel the vibrations? Shove your ear into the dirt. Do you hear the pattering of feet or the distant stomp of a mighty creature? Now, taste the soil. Horrible, isn’t it? That’s what you get for blindly following orders! However, some of these skills will help you in the coming months. The distant howling and rustling of bushes will soon begin to mean something. The animals of Mother Planet roam these lands, and they will help your civilization to grow even stronger.

    We are introducing a hunting system to The Universim, which will become a key feature for survival. Nuggets will begin hunting in the Stone Age. Meat offers Nuggets an excellent new food source. The system is also entirely dynamic, making it an entertaining spectacle to watch.


    There will be 3 types of animals in the game, categorized by size and difficulty to catch.


    Small animals
    Rabbits, turtles, squirrels, and birds will be easy to catch, but will not provide enough food for more than one or two Nuggets.


    Medium-sized animals
    Wolves, foxes, bears, and deer are dangerous animals and require more skill to be caught by Nuggets. A Nugget will never succeed on their own. You will need to gather 2 or more Nuggets together in the Hunting Hut to have any chance of success. Keep in mind that these animals will recognize weak hunters and fight back.


    Large Animals
    These are very powerful and meaty animals, but they are slow and easy to keep up with. Animals such as mammoths, giraffes, whales, and rhinos are remarkably difficult to catch and require at least 6 Nuggets to be present in order to succeed.


    Nuggets can also plant traps to catch wandering animals around the Epicenter. Each Hunting Hut possesses 1 trap that requires time and resources to be assembled. The assembly time depends on the size of the trap and the amount of Nuggets assigned to the Hunting Hut. The more Nuggets in the hut, the faster the trap will be assembled.



    You can only place one trap of any type per hunting hut. Each trap has a radius that will attract an animal with a particular scent. As soon as an animal steps foot into the zone, it will be attracted to the trap by bait. Nuggets will collect animals from traps once they return from a hunt. Once the trap is used, it will be completely broken, so you will need to build a new one or select the built one already.


    Hunting Huts can hold up to 6 Nuggets at a time once all available slots are researched and unlocked. Larger animals require more Nuggets to be caught successfully. Assigned Nuggets will gather around a fire, and they might even break out into a hearty song! Hunters will wait around the fire until everyone has regained their strength and eaten. Once everyone is ready, the hunt will begin. Nuggets will choose their prey based on the target size you selected. They will approach the animal until they get within range to throw their stones, spears, or fire a rifle. Each attack is dynamic, which means that Nuggets have the potential to miss.



    Once startled, an animal will start running away, unless it decides that it has a better chance by fighting back. Nuggets will then begin pursuit. At some point, the animal will stop with the hope that it escaped from danger. However, as you know, Nuggets are rather persistent about certain things. They will never be too far behind. Nuggets will repeat this behavior until the animal is dead.


    Read More Here

    Sign-up for the news []

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    Beast Hunter Patch V 0.0.24 is now Live!


    It’s that beautiful time of the month once more! The Universim is even more glorious and filled with life than ever, thanks to our latest and greatest patch, Beast Hunter.

    In this patch, we are finally releasing the Hunting System. However, we ask that you keep in mind that it is not fully implemented yet. There will be quite a bit more to add and tweak as we go. The foundation is all here, though, which allows you to construct the Hunters Hut and place a few traps around. Let’s see what prey your hungry, barbaric Nuggets can scrounge up. This new system can be a true gift for the early portions of the game. Food for everyone!


    The next step from here is to add animal retaliation. Right now, animals are passive and will not attack back. In the near future, animals will be able to analyse the situation and see if their best chance of survival is to run or fight back. There will also be random animal attacks on the village, which will require the construction of Guard Towers to keep the area safe.


    We are also rolling out video tutorials with a beautiful voiceover that may just blow your socks off. At the moment, the tutorial will start playing when you open the Creator Power panel for the first time. We will continue adding tutorials similar to this across the entire game. Let us know what you think! Here, check it out: Here []

    We’ve got other great goodies, too!

    Iron Mine
    Welcome to the Iron Mine. Collect your pickaxe and report to the nearest rock for further instructions. While Iron is certainly a magnificent find for your civilization, you’re going to have a hard time finding ways to use it at the moment. You can mine as much as you like, but the main system is still on its way. It will be used to far greater extent in our upcoming patch V0.0.25. That’s when we start rolling out the updated residential buildings.


    Fire and Wind
    What a destructive combo! The scary new system is here. Fire can start at any time, whether it’s from a lightning strike or extreme heat in certain climates. Based on the speed and direction of the wind, the fire will spread and incinerate anything in its path, including your unfortunate civilization. If only there was a god out there who could put an end to this madness! Like, drop a rain cloud overhead or change the direction of the wind. That would be great.
    Remember that trees are directly tied to the global climate and oxygen levels. Fewer trees means less clean air and higher temperatures. Save the trees!


    Performance tweaks and optimizations

    We’ve also done some rather fiery technical optimizations as well. We now perform object culling a little better and improved some of the materials (3d model skins) to increase performance. That said, it is very experimental, so we really need your opinions on whether or not the performance has improved. Let us know how you feel about general performance and how it stacks up to other games.

    Our biggest performance hog isn’t necessarily related to graphics. There are hundreds of simulations occurring in the game every second. Some you can see, others are a little more in the backend. For example, rain increases the amount of fish and water in the water bodies on the planet. It also grows fruit on bushes and can extinguish fires. All of these systems added together are very complex. Our team is constantly trying new things to improve every aspect of the game. Be sure to let us know what you think of systems and performance after every patch.

    Read More Here []

    Another thing that we’re changed in this patch is the layout of the patch notes as you can see. Instead of categorizing everything based on features, we highlighted each individual developer’s work to show how much they do. We know that the game’s progress may look a bit slower than expected, but it honestly never feels slow to us. There is an insane amount of work going on. Considering our size, we are extremely proud of the progress we have made. We are getting close to our 4th year of development, and we can easily say that 80-90% of core systems are implemented.

    The project was built from the ground up, with no existing assets being available to help us out. The team has done a phenomenal job of getting the game to where it is now. We are also constantly redesigning systems to ensure they are top-quality, based on the excellent feedback you provide. With your help, the game has improved tenfold. However, this is a very decisive year for The Universim. We are going live on Steam this year, which is enormously exciting considering we’ve hit over 250,000 wishlists. This has put a great burden on us to get things as smooth as possible. We have a huge responsibility to both you and future fans. We absolutely cannot let you all down. We want to exceed your expectations, but it’s never an easy road. We are extremely honored to have a community like yourselves. We love you and appreciate all of the support and positive comments you provide.

    We have also been hard at work with our amazing community on the translation of The Universim into more languages. In only a few days, The Universim has already been translated into German, Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish, French, and Russian. To test the waters, we are rolling out Russian language support in this patch. More languages will be added in our next patch. You can check out the progress and help translate the game into other languages here.[] If you’re a native speaker, we’re looking for great proofreaders to ensure that the translations are A+ material. The most active translators will be added to the game's credits! Thank you to everyone who's helped out so far. You're incredible!

    Мы рады сообщить о том, что мы добавили Русский язык в игру. Вы можете переключить язык в Options. На данный момент перевод не является конечным и вы можете встретить ошибки, поэтому он будет всегда дорабатываться. Если вы найдёте неточность или ошибки, вы можете сообщить о них на форуме. Спасибо за вашу поддержку.

    Please submit any bugs you encounter to our forums Here []

    Continue Reading Here []

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    We have a very special announcement for you today. As you know, we have been working on The Universim since June 2014, which means that it has been almost four years since this crazy ride began. While this length of time might seem huge, we are still so proud of how far we’ve come to develop such a complex game to the state it’s in right now. Given the sheer scope and complexity of the project, we cannot imagine any other team of similar size making the game any faster. We are overjoyed with our progress, and you played a huge role in this. Today, we are happy to announce the release window for The Universim on Steam Early Access. The game will be coming this summer! The exact date will be revealed in a few weeks.

    We will do our best to be as transparent as possible with our future fans. We are going to make it very clear that the game is still in ongoing development and there might be a number of bugs and issues hidden in the system. We know that any game not meeting the expectations of perfection might get a little chewed up by the Steam community, so we hope that you will help us deliver our message. The Universim is our baby, and this really feels a lot like we’re going to let it out in the world to play in a scary sandbox with a bunch of older kids. We can only hope it’s not going to get hurt.

    If you would like to help us out, simply spreading the word will be amazing. Ask your friends and family to add The Universim to their Steam Wishlist here, post about it on any forum you think might be interested, and, if you want to go the extra mile, send tips to your favorite news sites and influencers. You’ve been an incredible part of our community for so long, and we’re about to take another huge step together.

    So, this was the big announcement. Well, at least it was big enough for us to start biting our nails and shaking a little. The Steam release is such a massive milestone, as it will in turn allow us to get more feedback and improve on all aspects of the game.

    Now, let’s get to the patch

    Wild animal attacks! Nuggets might’ve gotten away with hunting creatures unscathed in the past, but that’s all about to change. If an animal decides that it stands a chance in a fight, it won’t run in the direction that your Hunters might be expecting. Roaming wolves may also attack your village during the cold winter months. However, we are not so cruel as to allow these attacks to go unanswered. You can now construct Defense Towers around the perimeter of your civilization. These will ensure that no beast can harm your Nuggets.


    We have also added in the ability to change key bindings. Yup! You can now adjust keys to your liking. Down with the dictatorship! Who dares force key bindings upon us?


    Medieval Residential Blocks are a thing! Oh boy, it took us quite a while to get here. We are finally rolling out Medieval Houses. Stock up on some iron. You’re going to need it.


    Shiny new content

    Key Bindings Screen added to Settings - now you can set your own key shortcuts
    Defense Towers


    Defense Towers interface panel
    Medieval Residential Block props, models
    Mammoth Trap is now available in Hunters Hut


    Residential Blocks
    Implemented animal attack event.
    Implemented Evolution Tower auto-upgrade (Medieval Era)
    Added crossbow accessory (+ arrow)


    Adjusted hunting system to use upgradable weapons (spear, crossbow, etc.).
    Implemented animal attack AI
    Added local temperature to buildings. Updated building snow cover.
    Added iron resource to the Warehouse
    Rename buildings and Nuggets feature added
    Evolution Tower upgrade


    Medieval Hunters Hut
    Added new languages to the game (German, Spanish, Turkish, French)


    Adjusted traps lifetime, needed resources & construction time
    Highlight workers and citizens assigned to selected buildings. Now you can see who is working in the selected building.


    Bug Fixes

    Fixed: NRE when loading lakes
    Fixed: How family controller was managing family creation
    Fixed: Bug related to removing Nuggets from huts
    Fixed: NRE related to loading fire path
    Fixed: NRE related to loading paths
    Fixed: NRE generated by autosaves (happened when Archive was never opened)
    Fixed: AOORE when spawning new animals on planet
    Fixed: Animation speed ratio calculation
    Fixed: HungerAI, Nugget stuck when food resource/eatery was too far
    Fixed: AmusementAI, Nugget stuck when buildings were too far
    Fixed: TransportationAI, Nugget stuck when resource storage was too far
    Fixed: Thirst AI, Nugget stuck when water source was too far
    Fixed a rare bug in planet generation procedure where generation never ended
    Fixed: “Doing nothing” while assigned to a job
    Fixed: Nugget “thirst”/“hunger” stats were recovering even after well/eatery was destroyed (when Nugget was inside)
    Fixed: Nuggets were auto-assigned to buildings while in school
    Fixed: Language change on key binding screen
    Fixed: Required materials for building is not showing in build menu after unlocking upgrades
    Removed demolish button from prayer enclave
    Fixed: Iron Mine resets mining progress when Nuggets re-enter building
    Fixed: Tooltip localization missing on sort by school in Nugget list panel
    Fixed: After loading a saved game, Nuggets are out of the bed in hospital
    Fixed: Nugget stuck in hut while mating with low stamina issue
    Fixed: Iron Mine animations sometimes do not play when Nuggets work
    Fixed: Required biome when placing Iron Mine
    Fixed: Incorrect news message when Nuggets die from fire
    Fixed: Prayer enclave error when clicking on spam folder after loading game from save
    Fixed: Nugget list items blinking when hovered
    Fixed: Building names do not get translated after switching language in gameplay
    Fixed: Trap range ring disappear when camera is zoomed
    Fixed: Easter egg missing
    Fixed: Ghoster moves dead animals
    Fixed: Can not grab pump, well and reservoir from menu
    Fixed: Unable to place Epicenter with tutorial setting off
    Fixed: [UI] Hide/Remove specific accessories from a Nugget's portrait in the ID panel
    Fixed: Loading screen missing localization
    Fixed: Dead Nuggets in hospital infect new hospital patients
    Fixed: God Power Carousel first use has visual glitch
    Fixed: Hunters Hut UI: Show only required materials+

    General balance changes

    Increased max distance when searching for buildings to drink from
    Nuggets will ignore lake drink spots that are too far
    Removed food/water related features from bunker
    Cemetery Level 0 - Gravestone lifetime decreased
    Cemetery Level 1 - Gravestone lifetime decreased. Wood Capacity Increased from 10 -> 50
    Refactored Perk Order
    Nugget’s Lifecycle increased by 10%
    Mating speed decreased in order to ensure the smooth transition mid / late game to higher population and improve overall balance
    Research Time got adjusted after refactoring perks
    Time when injures start to happening was moved to the later stage of the game
    Upgrade priority was increased. Previously new buildings had a higher priority then upgrades


    Bear “Attacking” animation was added
    Mammoth “attacking” animation was tweaked
    “Attacking” action was added to the wolf animations list
    Bear “attacking” animation is more balanced now
    “Howling on the moon” animation was added for the wolf
    “Attacking” animation was added for the Deer male
    Deer female now has “Attacking” animation in its list
    Fox now has “Attack” animation
    “Tearing the victim” animated action is now available for the wolf
    A new model of a crossbow weapon for Nugget Hunter is added
    “Shooting” animated action is added for Nugget to hunt with the crossbow
    Defense Towers models are now available in Stone Age in two variations
    Hunters Hut model upgrade is made for Medieval Era
    Evolution Tower model upgrade for Medieval Era was made
    Medieval Residential Buildings models were improved to have visual “building progress”
    Stone chunks will update snow cover based on the local temperature.

    UI Design

    News log - fixed broken links
    Fixed missing localization for residential huts
    Prayer Enclave - text fields were updated to hold different amounts of text when localized
    School panel - UI optimization and all text fields upgrade for localization
    Stone Mine and Stone Refinery - UI optimization and text fields update for localization
    All tooltips are now localized and can hold different amounts of text
    Warehouse localization text update
    All tutorials are now localized and can hold different amounts of text
    Settings menu localization was added
    Main Menu localization was added
    Nuggets List panel has now pagination added, so we removed that huge lag when list was opened with big number of Nuggets
    Buildings List Panel has now pagination added as well
    Fixed game breaking bug when hitting F2 to display controls screen
    Nugget ID panel update - status and occupation couldn’t fit in designated area when localized
    Farm panel fixed Information icon - it wasn’t displaying tooltip
    Worker ID panel - first and last name bug fix
    Research perk icons added for: residential blocks and epicenter update, hunters hut update, defense tower unlock
    Going to defense tower Nugget status icon was added
    Farm panel - alert text position fix
    Evolution Tower, God Powers Menu and Construction Menu font size tweak - from 18 to 20pt
    News in main UI font size changed from 18 to 20pt
    Main Menu - added flags in bottom right corner to quickly switch languages
    MainUI iron was added to all resources window.

    Performance Changes
    Nugget and buildings list panel performance improvement

    As we rocket towards the Steam Early Access release, we ask that you please help us spread the word in any way you can. We will soon begin approaching press and content creators for any coverage they can offer. If you have a few favorites of your own, please ask them to cover The Universim. Feel free to contact us for any additional information. It’s time, dear friends, to really make some noise. We have been working incredibly hard, and we think it’s about time to let The Universim shine out there in the big wide world. Therefore, up until the Steam release, we will be fixing as many bugs as we can, polishing content, and adding in a bunch of new buildings.

    After the game hits Steam, we will start rolling out the Modern Era and Space Age. This means new planets and more Godly features!

    Click here to tweet about The Universim.[]

    As a result, we will be taking a month’s break from the patch releases to work on stability and various other improvements (so, not an actual break, just a little more time to work harder on a bigger update). To make up for it, we’ll be adding in some great new features and a few surprises. Who doesn’t like surprises ;)?

    Oh, and just a reminder for everyone who bought or will buy The Universim from our website: you will all receive a Steam key as well. Thanks!

    All the best,
    The Crytivo Crew

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    Steam Early Access - August 28th 2018

    We want to let you all know that The Universim will be released for Early Access on Steam, August 28th 2018.

    Only a few more months to go and we know you can't wait! We want to make sure that The Universim is in a good state before passing it on to you Creators. But please don't expect The Universim to be without bugs at the Early Access release. It is a very complex game with a lot of systems working behind the scenes. As always, we do our best to solve any issues, but we still will need your help in finding them.

    With Love,
    Crytivo Team

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    Get hyped!

    It’s official, we’re going to release The Universim on Steam Early Access on the 28th of August! We’ve come a long way together, haven’t we? We are super proud of our accomplishments and excited to give more people the opportunity to try it out.

    Click to tweet about this[]

    As a result, we are going to bunker down for the next few months leading up to the Steam release. This gives us more time to work on exciting new content and polish all of the systems before the big day. We have a few surprises simmering on the stove for you already, and we think you’re going to love the new additions to the game.


    Steam Keys
    Everyone who purchased The Universim via the Crytivo Store or Kickstarter will be able to activate their keys on Steam! You can access your key in the My Games section of the Crytivo Store. If you have any issues finding it or come across other problems, do not hesitate to contact our support team.

    The Universim Steam Page

    This is an unbelievably massive milestone for us. Our bones are shaking in anticipation. This is our first game; it’s our baby. We have invested a crazy amount of love and passion into the project. As you know, we rescheduled the initial Kickstarter release dates in order to give ourselves more time to improve the game. We want The Universim to be something special, something that feels like it’s alive and full of character. Once some issues are solved, we think it’ll be ready for the prime time.


    We ask that you please help us spread the word about the official release date.

    We know how sensitive the Steam community is to Early Access titles, and we hope that we will not fall victim to being judged too soon. We ask that you please help us spread the word about the official release date. Knock on the door of your favorite streamer/influencer and let gaming blogs and news sites know that you would like to hear more about The Universim. Even sharing the game with your friends and family can be a big help.

    It has been an amazing journey, and we’re so proud to have such a strong and loving community like all of you. We cannot thank you enough for your support, and we are honored that you helped us throughout the years. Thanks for being a part of the Crytivo family!

    We will talk more about our plans for what lies beyond the Steam Release in future blogs.

    Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for regular updates!


    If your're Streamer, Journalist or Blogger

    We would love to give you the opportunity to try the game. Feel free to use this form to request a review copy of the game.

    Request The Universim Review Copy {LINK REMOVED}
    Download Official Presskit

    Questions and Answers

    Why did it take us so long to get here?

    The Universim was successfully funded on Kickstarter back in 2014. Crytivo had the immense job of crafting the game from the ground up. “The team had a choice to make: rush the game out to meet deadlines or take our time to create a far more detailed and enjoyable experience,” said Sasha Shumski, producer at Crytivo. “We raised the quality bar substantially, allowing for deeper and more dynamic gameplay to take form. As a result, we decided to extend the production time to ensure that we deliver a quality title. In the end, achieving our vision for the game and pleasing fans is all that matters.”

    The Universim consists of dozens of complex systems running in real-time, which needed to be designed in an optimal manner. It took Crytivo close to 3 years just to develop their in-game simulation engine, Prometheus. This system is responsible for all of the simulations in the game, including procedural generation.

    “Considering our team’s size and budget, I am so proud of everyone’s efforts to create such a stunning game in this timeframe. I honestly do not believe that anyone else could have made a better product any faster. We are approaching that wonderful moment where we can share the game with the Steam community, and it has us all both unbelievably nervous and excited,” said Alex Koshelkov, CEO and founder of Crytivo.

    How much content will be available when the game launches on Steam Early Access?

    We aim to release The Universim with all of the content up until the Modern Era. We need more time to polish the later eras.

    How long will it take you to complete the game after Early Access Release?

    We are aiming to take no more than one to one and a half years after the Early Access release to call the game truly complete. However, players can expect regular updates and many exciting new things to enjoy throughout development.

    Will there be multiplayer in The Universim?

    It is something we are considering, but we are focused on finishing the base game first. We have discussed multiplayer elements like an intergalactic player trading system, chat, and other systems. We currently have no plans to add a battle royale mode.

    Will there be different civilizations in The Universim other than your own?

    There will be exiles. They will build their own cities and challenge your civilization. There is even the possibility of alien invasion, as well as many other interesting dynamic events. You never know what might pop up.

    North and South America: [email protected]

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    Micro to Macro: Nugget Automation


    Hello Creators

    With our Steam EA Launch on August 28th, we wanted to give you all a heads up about the new features you can expect to see as we press onwards into the Industrial Age. Many of our changes are centered around increasing efficiency of your Nuggets as they progress from cave people to upstanding citizens of your theocracy! As we approach this new age, nuggets will discover technology to make their lives easier. Or at least some of their lives easier. But definitely will help you!

    Leave your comment and read more here[]


    Labor Management

    A new building that will allow the assignment of nuggets to work shifts so that no building is unmanned at any time.



    A new resource needed to power the lights as your nuggets work the night shift that can be gathered from both renewable and slow sources, and finite but powerful ones, as well as your creatorly powers.



    With all that electricity, you’ll need to store the power somewhere. But watch out, overloading them can be dangerous.

    Leave your comment and read more here[]

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    How your choice matter in The Universim


    Our team is hard at work on that oh-so-sweet update for the Steam Release going live on August 28. We’ve got a whole lot of new systems coming with the patch, and we’re going to be discussing one of them today. Buckle up!

    Introducing God Quests.

    As a god, you have to deal with a lot of prayers. While some of them may be spam - and a fair amount will be ludicrous - there are a few genuine, reasonable requests you might want to take a look at. Nuggets will ask for help with various tasks, or request aid during hard times. They might throw in a few bizarre ones now and then, and it’s really up to you to decide if you want to fulfill them or not.

    We are also adding legendary Nugget Influencers
    and Inventors with this system.


    Inventors are notable Nuggets who will alter the course of your civilization’s progress with their quests. For example, you will be able to choose which technology path your civilization follows with the quests from Nuggola Tesla. Nuggola will have a dilemma; he discovered that there are several ways of generating Electricity, and he will need your help to end the battle in his mind over which technology to pursue. There will be three ways to generate Electricity:


    Kinetic - Wind Turbines

    One path leads to Wind Turbine Electricity Generators. This is a relatively passive and clean way of generating Electricity for your civilization. However, it’s a little unpredictable, due to the production relying solely on the wills of the wind. Wind Turbines will not work during Windstorms (to protect them from being ripped apart) or when there is no wind at all.


    The good news is, you’ll be able to store any energy surplus in Batteries. Stored power can then be utilized when Wind Turbines aren’t generating enough Electricity to keep your cities’ lights on.


    Kinetic - Nuggetic Motion Generator

    Now, here’s an idea. You know all of those Nuggets you have running around? Are they really all being productive members of society? We doubt it. That’s why you will be able to use Nuggets to generate Electricity for your civilization. It’ll be great for their health, it’ll definitely keep the lights on, and it only requires a bit of light whipping. If you have Nuggets to spare, and you don’t really want to take your chances with the wind, then this is a great system. Of course, excess Electricity is stored in the same way as other Generators.


    In a similar manner to fancy cars, there is an Insane Mode Button that pushes things into overdrive on the Nuggetic Motion Generator. Nuggets will run like mad, producing far more energy than before. However, use this with caution. Nuggets have been known to explode without warning. Cover expensive furniture beforehand.


    As mentioned, these methods of Electricity generation are 100% environmentally friendly. There is, of course, a far more aggressive approach that replaces unreliability with consistency and clean air with pollution - the Electric Gas Plant.


    Electric Gas Plants are behemoths when it comes to generating Electricity. They spew it out with ease. However, there are significant downsides. You’ve probably already guessed why, but it’s mostly because this system burns through Natural Gas, which is only found underground. In order to extract Gas, you will need to build Gas Mines. This precious resource will then be delivered to Electric Gas Plants to be converted into Electricity.

    Gas Plants will cause a steady decrease in air quality, with an additional side effect involving global temperature increases. But, hey, at least Gas Mine owners will get filthy rich.

    Inventors and Influencers

    There will be many more Inventors and Influencers throughout your civilization’s advancement, but they will appear randomly. Our goal is to offer you a different experience every time you play the game. Before you tell your friends all about it, here are a couple more Influencers you might come across:

    Elon Nugsk - A clever Nugget with some grand and occasionally silly ideas. He will help begin the Planet Colonization initiative. He also may or may not send expensive machinery into space for fun. Keep an eye on him.


    Donnug Rump - A Nugget who has a peculiar fascination with walls. He will allow you to build advanced walls around your civilization to protect against extraterrestrial threats or other unwanted intruders. He should never be put in a position of power, but his rants about wall designs have proven to be useful in certain scenarios.


    Florence Nuggingale - Her healing hands and tireless efficiency will lead to significant improvements in Hospitals, increasing the total number of patients a Hospital can serve at a time, as well as their Happiness.

    Kim-Joe Nug - His sole intention is to provide Nuggets with Nuclear Power. However, many Nuggets may need to be sacrificed to achieve his goal.


    Nuggie Curie - Her contributions will lead to the invention of the X-ray machine, reducing the time needed for diagnosis of injuries or pain. This will result in faster healing times for patients.

    Wrong Brothers - These guys are crazy. They think Nuggets will be able to fly like birds. We all know that Nuggets can barely walk to begin with, so we’ll have to see whether they’re wrong or wright.

    We hope you’re as excited as we are for these new features to make their way into the game. Let us know if you have any suggestions for Influencers or Inventors you’d like to see. Tell us their contributions and how they will alter gameplay, and don’t forget to come up with a terrible pun for their names. We will hopefully get a few more in before the Steam release, but rest assured that more will follow.

    Be sure to share this with your friends and family - they might have crazy ideas as well!

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