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    The Universim aims to revive the glory days of the god-game genre, and bring it into the new generation with fresh ideas and ambitious gameplay. With the powers of a god, you are unleashed upon the universe to begin forging your galactic empire in the stars. From dust to the cosmos beyond, your civilization will rise through the ages under your guidance. Yet, this is not the same static world you may be accustomed to, this is a dynamic, living world that is just as unpredictable as it is beautiful. Everything in The Universim revolves around dynamic gameplay. No two planets will ever be the same, natural disasters and other events can be triggered at any time, and the AI will react to the world in an organic and believable way. Although, it wouldn’t be any fun if things don’t get a little silly every now and then.

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    Game Info:


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    Patch - Hudson v0.0.11 Is now Live


    Hello Creators!

    This is the first post-Alpha patch for the game since the launch last month. We hope you’ve all been enjoying what’s on offer so far. A lot of time and love went into this patch, particularly when it comes to some much-needed project clean up. There’s a lot of internal restructuring going on. The project accumulated a lot of outdated assets that needed to be revisited- and oh boy, nobody is enjoying this process. We also lit the gasoline on localization, which means we're getting everything ready for translating The Universim into many different languages. This has been a highly-requested addition for quite some time, so we’re happy to announce that work is finally underway.
    More than half of our team has been slaving away on a number of important features these past few months. This includes things like the AI update (which you can read all about in previous updates) and the road system, which will allow us to generate cities and villages in future updates. We’ll be talking a whole lot more about this in the coming weeks.

    You’d better strap on your floaties for the remainder of this update, because we’ve got a lot of water updates to cover. Water sources on the planet are now dynamic, which means that they can be depleted by your civilization, Creator Powers, or weather conditions. Our devs were presented with quite the challenge when implementing this system, but we believe it’s going to pay off. This water system will eventually make its way onto alien planets as well. Water is no longer a fancy cosmetic item, it’s a vital planetary resource that will affect the global temperature, animal population, and, of course, your Nugget civilization. To test out the new system, we’re even adding fishing to the game. Welcome to water world!

    Check full list of Patch Notes Here[]


    • Fixed issues where mating would sometimes fail.
    • Nuggets will no longer get stuck drinking from a well.
    • Draggable UI pivot fix
    • Bushes should now be able to be selected correctly
    • NuggetList Panel button is now a toggle for opening/closing.
    • Fixed issue where Nuggets were not full after eating food.
    • Fixed an issue where the nuggets portrait was not always showing in a panel
    • Fixed the clouds drawing over top of the water
    • Fixed the missing snow texture for the terrain
    • Improved the clock, so it's much more accurate and less likely to go backwards (WIP)
    • Fixed icon was shown for nuggets behind camera.
    • Water demand now will properly displayed at the main UI even when no pumps exist.
    • Fixed icons for critical thirst/hunger status, showing water/food bars.
    • Fixed issue where grave digger was being stuck in idle after burying first nugget.


    • Introducing the groundwater. Now during Well placement player will see Water Refill rate above the Well. This Level indicates how fast the Well will be refilled with water. The further the well is placed from the water source the less water power there will be. Some biomes have higher Water Refill Rates, such as Stone and Mountain Biomes, where as a Desert Biome will have close to zero Water Refill Rate. Default Water Refill Rate is set to 15 when close to the water source, however when placing further away from the source the rate will drop.
    • Wells now have limited level of water and is divided by 8 Nugga Buckets. When a Nugget is thirsty he is going to use 1 full Nugga Bucket. The Nugga Buckets refill speed is based on the Water Refill Rate.


    • Double tooltip system introduction. This is implemented for Worker ID card for now. When you hover over statistics bars you can see their name, such as: Age, Hunger, Thirst, etc. Double tooltip system lets us extend that and show detailed descriptions what each of those bars intervals is doing. When you hover over those bars to see tooltip and hold left or right control/command key the tooltip will change to extended version with detailed description. Double tooltip key will be set to control/command as default but you’ll be able to change that in controls settings screen.
    • Eatery now also has limited amount of water. Water Refill Rate dramatically lower at eateries. In the future Water from Eatery will reduce
    • Nuggets Thirst depletion rates close to 2x times.

    • Adjusted drink bt/ai for well use case.
    • Adjusted drink bt/ai for eatery use case.
    • No More artificial Lakes. Now Players can put Pumps on Generated lakes and oceans on the planet.
    • Water in Oceans now has a level, which can be depleted to zero.
      We think that fresh water lakes didn’t feel like they were part of environments and we decided completely remove them and allow players place water pumps and other water buildings directly on the water pools that was procedurally generated at the beginning of the game. This was a challenging task mainly because oceans are different shapes. This task was in production for several months now and we’re finally happy to release it with this patch. Now we map Lake Edges procedurally. The system knows how deep and how wide the Lake is. Water Level/Points in the lake assigned at the time the lake was created based on the lake size. Lake Snap points placed around the lake procedurally for the buildings that will be constructed on the lakes in the future. Lake snap points now check depth and slope to avoid placement in super shallow areas or overly steep points. Fishing hut also requires that the lake have a minimum amount of fish, so you can't place around tiny ponds.


    • Each Lake now has Fish Level. The bigger is the lake the more fish Nuggets will be able to extract from it. Fish depletes with water level and fishing. Fish has reproduction rate.
    • Now we disable buildings when Pump not generating enough water. Nuggets in the building will exit building and stay in idle state until building will start receiving enough water to function properly.
      Introducing Fishing. It comes with Fishing Hut and new Nugget job
    • Fisherman. After Nugget assignment to the fishing Hut he will swim away on his boat and start fishing. Fisherman can catch max 15 fish at a time. Caught fish will be then delivered back to Fishing Hut where fisherman will gut Fish after which fish becomes raw food and Nuggets can use it for cooking. Fisherman can gut 5 fish at a time, it takes 10 second to gut those. (WIP: fisherman still go fishing when lakes are frozen, this will be addressed in the next patch. Fisherman will not go fishing during the winter.)


    • Now showing icons when starving/thirst is critical.
      Implemented food and water quality factors for Eatery
    • Added icons for: nugget going to fishing hut, fishing hut full of food, going to harvest food.
    • Implemented growing up progress in a Teen Nugget UI Panel.


    • New water well panel. Now only certain amount of nuggets can drink. Then you need to wait for well to refill.
    • Added water storage to eatery panel. Nuggets need to transport water to eatery first.
    • Planet Object Tooltips are now more visually pleasing ;)
    • Updated status icons. All critical (and only critical) have red color now.
    • Double tooltips are now available in worker ID panel.
    • Tutorial update. Modified tutorial about water usage on the planet. Added information about wells, and pumps as well.
    • Statistics screen. Updated screen fonts, added sound script and sound clips to buttons.
    • Well panel double tooltip system implemented.
    • Fishing Hut user interface.
    • Updated all status icons.
    • Worker ID card teen timer implementation.


    • Tweaked Rocks HP Lovered it by %10. With new AI needs huts all the time demand on the rocks are high now.
    • Changed how much food Nugget needs when he is hungry to static value.
    • Now Nugget eats 5 points of food anytime he is hungry.
    • Coocks now can carry more food at once old 5 new 20
    • Raw food needed to cook 1 dish changed from 5 to 3
    • Nuggets Hunger depletion rate decreased 2.5x times after eating at eatery
    • Nuggets Thirst depletion rate decreased 2.5x times after drinking at eatery
    • Decreased when Nugget go drink from 50% to 30%
    • Decreased when Nugget go eat from 50% to 30%
    • Farm Crop Rebalance as follow:
      -Bloodydiarrhea Fruit: Food 20, Time to grow: 2 Month (Min Temp: -10c Max Temp: 50c)
      -Crystalline Crabapple: Food 60, Time to grow: 5 Month (Min Temp: -0c Max Temp: 50c) Dragon Egg Fruit: Food 15, Time to grow: 1 Month (Min Temp: -15c Max Temp: 5c)
      -Juicy Acorn: Food 25, Time to grow: 2 Month (Min Temp: 0c Max Temp: 50c) Healthy Malina: Food 25, Time to grow: 2 Month (Min Temp: 5c Max Temp: 45c)
      -Panda Brain Plum: Food 45, Time to grow: 5 Month (Min Temp: -20c Max Temp: 60c)
      -ManbroFruit Food 15, Time to grow: 1 Month (Min Temp: 5c Max Temp: 45c)
      -Planet Wild Bush regrow time changed to 3.3 Month. Food 10, Herbs 10. Temperature that kills Fruits on bush min -5c max 50c


    • Planet Size increased 15%, more objects on the planet might introduce minor performance hit. We will continue increasing size of the planet as we work more on performance optimization.
    • Corrected planet's climate initialization


    • Keep 'teen' nuggets small until they reach adulthood, then growth-spurt them to full size. :D
    • Updated Engineer's hut decal.
    • Added eatery decal. Added reservoir decal.
    • Snow added on multiple buildings and overall building material adjustments.
    • Tweaked Lighting, now planets have dark nights, sunsets and sunrise.
    • Made planets little bit more bumpy/curvy.
    • Water shader improvements, now water has foam at edges and waves.
    • Temperature readout gets the temp at the cursor rather than where the camera is looking.

      Thank you all, leave us your Comments!
      Crytivo Games Team.

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    As you know, The Universim has evolved dramatically since our original pitch on Kickstarter. With your support, we’re improving nearly every aspect of the game on a daily basis. We do our best to keep production quality high and not prioritize release dates over quality and fun. In today's update, we want to talk about our future plans and keep up the standard of transparency you have come to expect from us. The Universim remains 100% crowdfunded, and we’re very proud of that.

    Let’s talk about our in-game engine

    The Prometheus engine takes up a huge amount of our time. It’s the primary life simulation system, so it makes sense that it will. It controls Nugget behaviour, animal AI, and even the functioning and generation of planetary environments. A few updates ago, we introduced an updated version of the Nugget Artificial Intelligence. This was our first major step towards a Smart AI System that’s been in development for some time now. Our goal is to make Nuggets feel real, like they’re organic creatures. However, in The Universim, a lot of systems are linked together and by updating one, we have to ensure that it works with its siblings and neighbors. It makes this process very challenging and time consuming. But hey, we didn’t choose to make games because it’s easy, right?


    So in order to update Nugget artificial intelligence, we also have to update other features simultaneously. No amount of clever modularity or maintenance techniques could save us from this. In addition to the work on Nugget AI, improvements are being made to our planet generation mechanics.


    We’re almost ready to start moving into different eras, which will allow you to try out updated buildings, build new ones, and research new technologies. We also want to introduce Road Networks, so the city formation feature can finally take form in the game. In order to make roads usefull and not just cosmetic, Nugget AI will have to recognize and utilize them as needed. In order to have roads on the planet, we have to update our planet generation algorithm to allow it to account for roadways around the planet. This is a big change that has been happening behind-the-scenes for some time now, with roughly half of our team dedicated to this feature. We’ve been working on this on a separate branch, which means it’s not really in the game build that you have access to right now.

    At this moment, we have reached the milestone where we want to start implementing the first round of these features in the live project. This will probably take us a little while, as we want to play it safe by setting aside enough time for proper testing and implementation. Because of this, we might skip one of our patch releases that usually happens on the 1st of every month. We’re still going to release V12 on October 1st, though, so be ready for some new goodies. It will have the new Weather Forecast Building and a Season-Specific Engine Update. We changed how the season calculations and predictions work in order to give you a more accurate representation of what is to come and create more lifelike seasons. We are going to discuss this more at length in a future update.


    These changes will also finally allow us to implement the load/save feature. While we have done a fair amount of background work on this, a lot of features are very dependent on one another (as mentioned previously), so we have more work to do before it’s ready to go. The Universim is a very complex project and we’re really excited to take it to the next stage. After all of these updates are done, we will start implementing new eras, research items, and so much more.

    You can read a blog post below from one of our lead AI developers responsible for the smarter AI system and a lot of other nifty stuff.

    Thanks again for helping us make the best god game ever!


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    Patch - Cheesecake V0.0.12 Is Now Live


    Good grief, it’s been a busy month for us here at Crytivo Games. We’ve been cleaning our repositories, migrating various assets, and improving just about everything without pause. There are no brakes on the dev train! This kind of work will help us to keep our project squeaky clean and as bugless as possible. The Universim is growing rapidly, and the technical side of the project is becoming far more complex. We don’t want to have to deal with a messy workspace.

    You may recall our plans to implement a far more advanced AI system in the game, which we’re happy to announce is coming together quite nicely. You can read a great piece about it here. We also want to remind you that we will very likely be skipping the next scheduled patch date, because we’re going through a vital system update that will allow us to introduce the following: road systems, load/save system, more advanced AI, the reintroduction of animals, hunting, and Nugget exploration.

    As you can see, a lot of systems are heavily dependent on our next major update, and we want to ensure that we have enough time to do it right. We hope for your support and understanding in this matter.

    Without further ado, let’s get back to the cool stuff! In today’s patch, we will be reintroducing seasons to the game. Seasons are now far more accurate and come equipped with new controls that allow us to expand the system in the future. You will soon begin to see the planet changing like never before, simulated in a lifelike manner. We have also added the Forecast Tower, which works alongside the new season system. In the future, the Forecast Tower will warn you about upcoming natural disasters, such as storms, earthquakes, tornadoes, and so on. At this moment, the Forecaster will only notify you about season changes by blowing a loud horn from atop their tower.

    Forecast Towers will help you to understand the planet’s temperature shifts and predict future events. It’s still very much a work in progress, but we’re happy to roll out our initial system to give you a chance to mess around with it and leave us some feedback on our forums.

    Of course, there’s always a lot more in every patch, so check out the full list of changes below:


    • Localization fixes. Sometimes default language was not recognized properly.
    • Fixed issue where certain columns in the Nugget Panel List would not sort.
    • Fix for issue where sometimes a tombstone would show a negative birth year.
    • We now hide unused kids slots in Residential Building Panel.
    • Fixed issue where objects such as bushes and other props wouldn’t been cleaned properly on building placement.
    • Fixed issue where you can still click on buildings and open their panels when you are on the God Power panel.
    • Fixed water disappearing in reservoir when you look at it at certain angles.
    • Fixed a rare occurrence that after mating, no kid will be produced and the mating animation over the hut will not stop, although the nuggets leave the hut.
    • Fixed bug when you select building from construction menu while you need to place epicenter on the planet. That was making Epicenter Disappear and broke game.
    • Fixed long transition time at start of the game between Crytivo Games Logo and Main Menu.
    • Fixed icons for fisherman hut and forecaster tower building panel.
    • Fixed flickering during Audio Adjustments in the Settings.
    • Fixed a game crash issue caused by a nugget dying as a building's construction was being completed
    • Fixed issues with mating where population growth rate would be inconsistent between games (continued WIP).
    • Fixed an issue where player placing a building was unable to close window panels blocking view.
    • Fixed issue with manual mating not working.
    • Fixed issue with manual mating panel where the buttons were not clickable.


    • Forecast Tower. Seasons now revealed only when Forecast Tower build and functioning properly. This building will alert player in the future about upcoming planet events such as Tornados, Earthquakes, Winter/Summer Storms and etc. This building will need to be linked with more systems in the future as so it is still WIP. Forecast tower play horn sound when season changes.

    • Resources carried by Nugget now shows up in his ID card.
    • More obvious No Water indications added to the Buildings Control Panels.
    • Nuggets now have proper icons above them if they are assigned to a building that doesn’t have enough resources to function properly.
    • Fishing Tutorial
    • New Season Engine, redesigned Season Generation Mechanics. We now have 4 Seasons with 8 periods total per full Season Cycle. Some seasons will be longer than others, system will change them dynamically. Some work was done to alter season length in the future if planet affected by aggressive resource utilization.
    • New News Message: No Herbs Around. Triggered when all herbs was collected by Witch Doctor in the reachable area.


    • Worker ID card teen timer icon update.
    • Eatery warehouse circles updated with icons instead of text, because it was problematic when it comes to switching languages.
    • Fishing hut updated icons instead of texts in storage circles.
    • No water / no electricity red ring and red top bar animations were added to all building panels.
    • Farm Panel added icon to raw food storage.
    • Worker ID card update. Now you will be able to see what Nugget is carrying and how many.
    • Witch Doctor panelalso have now icons instead of text.
    • Add dish number to main UI
    • Forecast panel implemented.
    • Farm panel, some minor visual adjustments. Added missing sounds to buttons.
    • Seasons panel was redesigned slightly so it could hold new seasons mechanics.
    • Added status icons for Nuggets to show that their workspace is not working.
    • Upgraded worker ID card tooltips. There is explanation for each bar now.
    • Water pump extended tooltips added with detailed explanation. Consumption panel was removed sincein pump it is not used.
    • Fishing hut panel upgrade. We added new extended tooltips and removed by the way consumption panel since it is not used in this panel (in this era).
    • Water well added tooltips with extended description.
    • Main UI overview tutorial was updated to reflect seasons panel change.
    • Updated water and some other building tutorials to match changed mechanics.


    • Decreased Farm Plot preparation time from 40 to 30
    • The amount of food required to cook 1 dish has been decreased from 2 to 1
      When Nuggets eat cooked food from the eatery their hunger reduction speed is slowed down 2x times.
    • Eatery Water Refill rate changed to 12 from 10
    • Max nugget population allowed is now set to 75.
    • Max number of children alive at once is now set to 4 (except when using Inconceivable god powers)


    • Hided Consumption and Health panels from Epicenter Panel (still available on standard residential building panels)
    • Fixed typos in construction menu.
    • Fixed Hover Over Effects on ESC Menu Categories.
    • Disabled F1 Help screen - Outdated
    • Corrected color tone on Shaman Hut.
    • Female Nuggets won't mate if Epicenter has lack of food.
      Output Log file will now be created.
    • Nuggets won’t complain about pumps when thirsty anymore.

      Please leave us your comments below!
      Thank you Crytivo Games Team.

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    Nugget's Reproduction Process Update


    Nothing happens for a reason, and the goings-on in the world of The Universim are no exception. Our goal as developers is to simulate life on the planet and make it feel natural and organic. Life without reproduction in a system like this simply cannot exist. However, reproduction in The Universim has always been challenging to balance. We’ve been discussing how to give you more control over reproduction and make the overall system a little more fluid. Currently, Nugget reproduction rates can be very abstract and challenging to manage. In today’s update, we want to tell you more about the improvements we plan to make to this system.


    Every female Nugget has a Fertility Timer that starts ticking when she reaches adulthood. When this timer hit 100%, she will start looking for the love of her life. Or, as they call it in the Stone Age, the nearest male. She will then approach the chosen Nugget and begin a family. The young couple will begin building their first house, which will not only protect them from natural disasters and wild animals, but also provide them with the privacy required for subsequent baby production procedures.


    After the family is formed and the house is built, Nuggets will be able to enjoy themselves without worrying about prying eyes. However, it’s a little too optimistic for them to think that no one else knows what they’re doing. This is where your Cupidon skills come in. In the future, you will be able to see which huts are currently being used for this particular act. Each baby Nugget will also need your touch to be conceived. You’ll see heart icons appearing above the Nuggets’ huts, which you can click on to bestow a troublesome, little creature upon unsuspecting parents. The hearts are only available for a small while, though, so click on them quickly before the Nuggets return to their usual duties.


    This system is very similar to what you have already experienced so far, but instead of Nuggets coming out of the huts pregnant every time, you now play a major role in the reproduction rate of your civilization. This allows you to better control the population, which comes in handy when food or water supplies get low. It’s like in real life where a couple might struggle for quite a while before finally having their first child in an almost miraculous fashion.


    After a child has been conceived, the female Nugget will become pregnant and show the usual signs. While the mother is slowly cooking up her new baby (um, phrasing), her productivity will be slightly decreased and she will move 15% slower. After the child is born, they will enjoy their childhood for a little while before adulthood creeps up on them and they’re forced to join the workforce for the remainder of their days. Well, you’re in charge of their Happiness, so maybe things won’t be too bad. Or will it?!

    Thank you all for your amazing feedback you provide us with after every update. It helps us a lot, as it allows us to make any necessary changes at the right time. You guys really have the best ideas!

    Remember to follow us on Twitter or Facebook for regular day-to-day updates.
    Also, we know some of you are waiting patiently for the game to become available on Steam. Don't forget to ad the game to your wishlist so long to be ready.

    Thank you again!
    Crytivo Games Team

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    Cheesecake V12 Hotfix is now Live

    Changes include in the hotfix:
    • Fixed numerous issues that could cause AI to stop working (behind the scenes type of fixes).
    • Fixed issue where right-clicking can cause the game to crash.
    • Fixed an issue where game could crash on welcome screen.
    • Fixed an issue where the game could stop loading at around 25%.
    • Removed SSAO option from settings menu (this option could cause game to crash).
    • Cleaned up mating so that the population should now grow at a more consistent rate.
    • Fixed an issue where mating would not work correctly after around 24 nuggets.
    • Empty huts will now be reused, preventing nuggets from potentially building huts too far away from food/water source.
      Increased mating rate (population should grow slightly faster).

      Any issues you find, please report them at and specify it was for the hotfix.
      Appreciate all your help!

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    Happy Happy Joy Joy


    Attempting to initiate mating with a partner who is in a bad mood can often end in disaster. This is no different for our beloved Nuggs! The Happiness system affects Nuggets in numerous ways, and we’re going to give you a heads up on what you can expect from Nuggets when they’re a little moody.

    Let’s start out by saying that each Nugget’s mood is unique. Sometimes there can be a general emotion blowing over your civilization, but every individual usually has their own mood, which can often be affected by their personality. We’re developing a system that will randomly assign personalities to Nuggets at birth. This system will make some Nuggets grumpy (you’ve met plenty of people like this, too, right?) and fill the lives of other Nuggets with sunshine and daisies. You may even see them skipping about or chasing the occasional butterfly. Nuggets with high Happiness levels will enjoy a slight productivity boost and will always be willing to perform tasks.


    Happiness bars decrease at different rates for each Nugget. There are multiple stages of Happiness that change a Nugget’s behaviour. When a Nugget’s Happiness reaches 70%, their productivity decreases slightly and they move a little slower. Imagine yourself at work on Monday morning after a crazy evening the night before. That’s basically what Nuggets have to go through every time their Happiness hits 50%. Nuggets will start slacking off during their regular duties, decreasing their productivity even further. When a Nugget’s Happiness reaches rock bottom, that’s when it should really become your concern.

    This is a critical state for Nuggets, causing them to become depressed and work very slowly. They may even take long breaks away from work. Nuggets can stop to have a bit of a cry next to a nearby tree or even go so far as to set something on fire to show their dissatisfaction with how things are being run. They might also do something even worse (yes, they may cause even more harm than setting a building on fire). After acting out, a Nugget’s Happiness will increase temporarily. Some Nuggets are just slightly psychopathic, it seems.


    Now that you know what to expect from a Nugget’s mood, here is what you can do to improve their lives. Some buildings make Nuggets happier while others do quite the opposite. Stone Age buildings, such as the Community Bath, can increase Nugget Happiness. Their mood will improve while they enjoy a hot bath and a chat with their fellow Nuggs. The polar opposite to Community Baths, besides both warming Nuggets up to a certain degree, is the Crematorium. Crematoriums built too close to the city will affect Nuggets that travel nearby. Hey, nobody enjoys the smell of fried Nuggets, especially other Nuggets.

    When a Nugget’s Happiness reaches 70%, a special task entitled “Go enjoy your life, little one” will be queued in the Nugget’s brain. When they complete their assigned task, they will go to a place of interest to increase their Happiness once more.


    As a god, you can take a stand against grumpy Nuggets. An evil god can take care of the problem by launching the so-called “ungrateful bastards” into orbit, or throw them so hard against a mountain that it leaves a mark for generations to come. This is why passive-aggressive sticky notes were invented. Sticky notes save lives! Alternatively, you can be far kinder to them, because everyone needs a little love and attention sometimes, right? For example, you can task Nuggets to build a Cow Catapult that allows them to launch cows into space to begin a wonderful intergalactic journey. Nothing can raise one's mood better than seeing cows slowly mooooing across the stars, discovering new worlds and possibly meeting Matthew McConaughey along the way.
    An idle Nugget’s Happiness decreases a bit faster than those who are busy with work. However, they also don’t need to complete a task before visiting a place of interest like the Community Baths to improve their mood. It’s a strange balance. Idle Nuggets get bored faster and thus begin to lose Happiness, but busy Nuggets don’t really get enough time to even think about their Happiness.

    Buildings that increase Happiness:
    Community Baths
    Movie Theaters

    Buildings that decrease Happiness:
    Coal Mines


    As most of you know, mating can be a very sensitive and complex procedure, mostly because it requires two parties to participate in the act. When a female Nugget isn’t happy enough, she won’t mate. However, it’s different with male Nuggets, as mating will actually increase their mood slightly and they will always be willing to participate.

    We promised realistic simulations, and we’re getting pretty close, right? Let us know down in the comments what you think. Can we add anything that will make everyday Nugget life even more entertaining to observe?

    Thank You,
    Crytivo Games Crew

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    Hughmungus November Status Update is Here!


    Good question! Thank you for asking :p.

    We’ve been somewhat absent since releasing our hotfix for the Cheesecake patch on October 22st. In the patch notes, we mentioned that we’re going through a major in-game engine update, which you know as Prometheus. This is a huge milestone in the development of The Universim and it’s very, very important for us. A few issues were encountered that needed to be ironed out before we broke something or designed a feature around a flawed system. After we’re done cleaning and optimizing the project, we will now properly be able to introduce your most-wanted features, such as: new eras, save and load, advanced artificial intelligence for Nuggets, and more that you can read about below.


    So much that we’re basically turning into workstations ourselves! On top of new features, we’re optimizing, reimplementing, and redesigning a lot of systems. Let’s break it down.


    Some of the biggest changes reside within the planet generation engine: it’s so much faster now. We reduced loading times and memory usage quite significantly. You’ll likely be very pleased with how it turned out. This allows us to add more objects, have bigger planets, and have more simulation calculations happening at the same time. We also mapped our planet with the road networks and city expansion patterns for future needs. Planet biome temperatures were optimized as well. Now, temperatures are more accurate and easier to understand. A lot of love has been invested into this process. After all, planets are our playground and we want them to perform well.


    Pathfinding on the planet is another area that was optimized. Animal AI and Nugget AI can be very taxing depending on the amount and actions performed. It’s now faster and smoother than a speeding roller coaster. Nuggets have a much better understanding of their surroundings and can easily find the shortest path to their destination.


    Oh boy! We’re having so much “fun” working on this. There’s a lot of thinking and a lot of planning involved in this process. Mainly because all Nugget stats are connected and the environment changes dynamically around Nuggets over time, so we want them to understand the current circumstances and decide what is more important to do at a certain time. Things change on the fly and we need to make sure Nuggets make reasonable decisions without your direct intervention. Nuggets now compare distance vs quality before making their decision. For example: cooked food is better than raw food for Nuggets, they become happier and more satisfied by eating cooked meals. It also keeps Nuggets full for a longer period. In the past, Nuggets were always choosing cooked food over raw food, which in some circumstances was a bad decision because the distance and wait time would be more wasteful for them than simply grabbing a nearby fruit. Nuggets now check this information before starting their journey. However, this doesn’t only apply to food, it applies to any resource they need to collect to finish their task or satisfy their needs.


    Our system prioritises tasks for Nuggets dynamically. This allows us to quantity the number of available Nuggets vs busy Nuggets. If there is a need for extra stone, the system will not send all 20 Idle/Free Nuggets to mine stone. The system will task Nuggets to the job one by one and check the weight of that need based on the amount of Nuggets now assigned to it. This way, the system dynamically assigns Nuggets jobs based on the current situation, and it no longer prioritises one job above all else when assigning them. It will only send 5 Nuggets to help build a Hut instead of sending 20 of the available group, because the system now understand that 5 Nuggets are more than enough to finish the task.
    Nuggets will also understand if certain buildings need extra support (like Eateries, Farms, etc) and automatically assign themselves to those buildings. If a Farmer dies of old age or from the unfortunate and somehow all too common event that a mammoth stepped on them (how didn’t they see it coming?), another Nugget will fill this position without your interaction.
    Our goal is to make Nuggets feel alive. We want you to feel like they are truly organic, living beings.


    What we’re doing right now is really going to make it easier for us to balance things out in the future. It’s also important to keep in mind that we’re only talking about changes that you’ll see on the frontend, there are also tons of changes happening behind the scenes as well. We’re developing debugging tools that help us to understand why Nuggets made a particular decision, such as where they are going, what they plan to do next, and what triggered these actions. A lot of amazing work has been done, but there’s a bit more that needs our attention.


    While some of our engineers have been busy optimizing and improving things, others have been working on new features such as the Nugget Thoughts system. Nugget Thoughts are pretty much exactly as they sound. We developed a system that will allow you to see what Nuggets are thinking about their current situation. It will show you their thoughts regarding things like their work, relationships with their spouse and children, current feelings, etc. This will help you to better understand what the Nugget is up to, such as if they plan to burn things to the ground or they’re ready to start a family. This is a cosmetic element that will add even more personality to Nuggets. Here are some examples of Nugget Thoughts based on their daily activities:


    • Today’s forecast: no work, no pants.
    • No work? Guess I’ll just stand here and look busy.
    • How do we ever get things done with two circles for hands?
    • It would be really awkward if there was some omnipotent being who could read my thoughts all the time.
    • Last night I dreamed that I was a whale. I woke up looking like a beached whale. Sometimes dreams are scarily real.


    • I really should’ve become a painter…
    • The trick is not to become emotionally attached. *Sniff* Goodbye, Bertha.
    • Who needs anger management when you can hit things in the face with an axe?
    • To fell a tree you must first become the tree.


    • These vibrations are doing wonders for my arthritis.
    • Sometimes I feel like my life is just a sequence of rocks of varying sizes.
    • A pile of rocks coming right up.


    • Is it warm in here or is it just me?
    • If the hut’s rockin, don’t come knockin.
    • I feel like someone is lacking some Vitamin Me.


    • If it doesn’t clear up within three days, start making funeral arrangements.
    • Have a good day!
    • With all of these sick Nuggets, you’d think I’m not very good at my job.
    • An apple a day is starting to put me out of business.
    • Tell me, have you considered life insurance? You really should.


      Nuggets have their own needs, such as Food, Water, Rest, Happiness, and so on. These values are also being revisited by our team, as everything needs to be rebalanced according to new values and Nugget behavior. Game balance is a big challenge in a game like The Universim, as a lot of things are connected together and changing something in one of them can lead to everything falling apart. It’s like playing with a giant house of cards. Each card is equally important and if any of them were to fall out of place, the entire house would collapse. Thankfully, we have you, our community. Without you, it would be extremely difficult to balance things. Your feedback is massively important for this process, so thank you for supporting us and helping to shape The Universim into an amazing game.


      This system is also going through some changes and we would love to talk about it a bit more in the future. We’re still approving some of the mechanics and don’t want to discuss them until we’re satisfied with the direction it’s going in. The challenge we are currently facing is that we want to keep the reproduction speed consistent and still make it feel natural. As the Nugget population grows, it starts to get a little out of hand due to the arithmetical progression (every Nugget pair can have children and the population booms). If you have any great ideas, please share them with us in comments below.



      Because we’re adding new content and changing the ones that we already have, certain tutorials have become outdated. We’re revisiting tutorials at the moment as well and making them more dynamic. We are also working on the game’s narration, which we will discuss at a later time.


      We’re happy with how smooth and responsive our camera is, but we’re still experimenting with controls. We collected a lot of feedback and observed a lot of players during our exhibition showcases and it looks like we could do a better job by minimizing the amount of buttons you click to control your camera. It shouldn’t look like you’re trying to play the piano. We want the controls to feel intuitive and easy to learn. Let us know what we can do to make it better (like things that bother you right now).


      We’re happy with how smooth and responsive our camera is, but we’re still experimenting with controls. We collected a lot of feedback and observed a lot of players during our exhibition showcases and it looks like we could do a better job by minimizing the amount of buttons you click to control your camera. It shouldn’t look like you’re trying to play the piano. We want the controls to feel intuitive and easy to learn. Let us know what we can do to make it better (like things that bother you right now).



      Our current mountains are static objects, meaning they were designed entirely by our 3D artists. We’re moving away from this concept and are planning to invest more time intoprocedural mountain generation. We hope to improve over other procedural mountain generation techniques used in other games. Mountains are usually generated by the noise found on the planet’s terrain, which makes all mountains look basically the same on all planets. Our goal is to build a system that will combine pieces of rocks, assign textures, and spawn flora and stones based on the planet environment. Mountains are the biggest objects on our planets, and this gives our artists a lot more freedom to give planets a unique character by changing the shapes and look of the mountains on the planet. We will talk more about this system in the future.



      You probably learned about these towers in previous updates. This is a highly-demanded feature and we’re working hard to bring it to the game as soon as possible. Evolution Towers will allow you to unlock features in the game and will be the main stimulator of progress in your civilization.

      SAVE & LOAD

      We definitely know how important this feature is and development in recent months has been highly concentrated around it. In fact, it was one of the features that benefitted best from us cleaning the project. The primary challenge for us is to save a massive amount of data in one all-encompassing game state. We not only have to save thousands and thousands of positions of all the objects on the planet, but also their statistics (in a procedural system). As you know, everything in The Universim is connected: even the most basic objects, like trees, hold dynamic values and understand the exact local temperature. Nugget stats are also connected with other parameters and needs to be saved. Overall, the main challenge is not the implementation of a save and load feature, the main challenge is that we want to make sure we have all of the bits and pieces in place in order to save and load them on demand (and efficiently). The approach we’re taking now is saving us from having to redesign or restructure systems, which will take a ridiculous amount of time, but it’s slightly tricky. However, progress has been excellent, so count on us - save & load is on its way!



      All buildings- yes, every single one- had to be retouched and redesigned to some extent in order to make them fit into our future plans for city expansion and roads. Each building has to correspond to certain guidelines and rules introduced by our new system. Of course, we also used this opportunity to improve the overall quality of our models: better textures, mesh, and so on. We are also optimizing each building with a LOD system. This system will update the details of our buildings based on the camera’s distance from them. This will increase performance and allow us to have more buildings in future. We have also added more visual elements to buildings like night lights and visible degradation when in a bad condition.



      We’re improving the Nugget generation engine. This is what is responsible for generating visually-distinct Nuggets with different hairstyles, clothing, colors, and shapes. We’re also improving animations and working on new ones. You’ll be able to pick Nuggets up and throw them or put back on the ground gently. Their actions will correspond with yours. Basically, we have better-looking Nuggets and a better system for generating them.



      Man, you guys at Crytivo are the worst! You’ve taken years just to finish the Stone Age,
      so how long will it take for new eras?! (You might think)

      Well, it’s true, it has taken us quite a long time to implement the Stone Age era. However, it’s important to understand that the Stone Age is not just the first era in the game, it happens to hold a huge portion of all core game mechanics. During this age, we’re implementing all of the simulations that you’ll see throughout the game, connecting everything together, balancing all of the stats, creating AI systems, working on the research and progression aspects, ensuring that these systems are dynamic, and so on. Basically, this is our foundation for building things much faster down the line. This is our main testing platform to ensure we don’t design future eras around a bad system (which can be disastrous and basically require starting over). After we’re done with the core of the game, you’ll see more eras popping up very quickly.

      Initially, we planned to release an update on December 1st for the game, but we will probably need a bit more time to get things finished. We hate to keep you all waiting for a new patch and promise to get it into your hands ASAP. We will keep communicating our current status and remain entirely transparent. You are an important part of our world, and we would never abandon you. We have also put a rough roadmap together for you. Please keep in mind that some features might change in the future or their priority can change based on the situation. Also keep in mind that we’re not going into detail here, we’re just summarizing work that was done.


      As you can see, there is a lot of work happening behind the scenes and we feel you need to know about that. Your support keeps us motivated and inspires us every day. We always read your feedback and we would love to see a smile on your face when you play The Universim. We want you to care about the fragile world we’re building for you and hope you appreciate all the time and effort we spend on making this world dynamic and alive. Our team is hard at work every day. At times it can be tough, but we love what we do and hope you enjoy it as well. Please leave us your comments below and we wish you all the best for the coming holidays!

      All the best, Crytivo Games

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    The Universim is nominated for the Best Indie Of The Year Award!


    The Universim nominated for Indie Of The Year Award! We need your help Creators! Vote Here:
    Don't forget to share this with your friends! Let's see how powerful our community is! \o/

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    Happy Holidays From Crytivo Games!


    It’s that time of year again!

    Ah, the sound of bells and cash registers echo throughout the streets as Christmas nears yet again. Very soon you’ll have to deal with your awkward cousins and distant relatives. But fret not, you can always escape to your safe haven and play some more of The Universim while the roast cooks.

    Speaking of The Universim, it’s been quite the year, hasn’t it? We’ve come a long way, in terms of both development and the knowledge we uncovered therein. There have been many laughs, a few hair-pulling antics, and the occasional cry, but we’ve made it out stronger than ever. And so has The Universim. Thank you all so very much for being with us on this journey. Your encouragement and enthusiasm is the best present our small team could ever ask for, and you’ve provided buckets of it.

    The game has expanded so much since our initial reveal on Kickstarter, with features changing for the better and new systems making their way into the game. It is finally beginning to shape into the game we all dreamed of. The next year promises to be even better!

    Have a fantastic holiday!
    Thanks again, The Crytivo Crew


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    Happy New Year!


    Oh boy, what a year. It’s been a blast to share this year with you, our friends. The Universim continues to grow and shine ever more each day, thanks to you. A lot of fundamental work was done in 2016 that will allow us to implement more features at a quicker pace. Our team has been working tirelessly and did everything possible to ensure we deliver our promises on time. We really appreciate your amazing support and understanding. The Universim generates a lot of attention - our fan base continues to grow every day with absolutely nothing spent on PR or marketing. That can mean only one thing: you shared your excitement with your friends and family, and that’s what made this project successful. Since our Kickstarter, we have made some risky moves that allowed us to increase the production quality and overall scope of the game. We have also reached out to multiple suppliers in order to choose the best-quality physical rewards for our Kickstarter supporters. All of our Kickstarter backers have received access to the game, and your physical rewards are ready to be packed into delivery trucks and delivered within the first few months of 2017.

    After our Kickstarter, we decided to extend the development time of The Universim, because with a little extra time we can make The Universim so much better. We want it to be a dynamic and emotional experience for everyone. There are lot of soulless projects on the market that players forget about within a few months, if that, and we don’t want to be just another forgotten title. The Universim is in open-ended development, which means we will continue developing the game even after we release all of the planned features. As long as the community stays active and supportive, we'll be here gold-plating the game. We really love what we’re doing. The Universim is such a unique and riveting project. In 2017, we will continue to update you regularly and remain 100% transparent. We will stay true to our vision.

    Thank you all for the amazing journey that you shared with us in 2016. We wish you a very Happy New Year. May you, your friends, and your family stay healthy and happy! We will do everything we can to make you proud to be a pioneer of The Universim.

    Happy New Year!

    Yours sincerely,
    Crytivo Games

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    Your invite to The Universim Discord Server


    Psst hey you!

    We always have something amazing to share with you!

    Today we took another step to ensure a transparent relationship with our fans. We’re happy to announce that now you can join our Official 'The Universim' Discord channel and start sharing your amazing ideas with everyone. Stop sitting in the corner, share your love with us today!

    We hope to chat with you very soon and don’t forget to bring your friends to the party, it’s gonna be hot!

    Here is your invite:

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    Patch V 0.0.14 PARAGON is now LIVE


    Here we are again! We’ve brought our usual (rather lengthy) list of updates with us. We’re finally back on track after our painful migration process, and we’re super happy to start adding new content to the game. Let’s just chat about one small thing before we dive into the patch notes: save and load.
    We hate to say it, but it’s not going to make it in this patch. However, this is priority number one right now. Our team is working hard to get it up and running without a ton of bugs strapped on for the ride. It’s a very challenging and complex task due to the nature of our procedural environments. Usually, a save and load feature isn’t particularly difficult to implement in games that have more static content, such as pre-designed levels and maps, as well as certain time-of-day lighting characteristics and so on. It comes down to how our game was designed. In The Universim, everything is dynamic: the weather system (and seasons), object distribution on the planet, building placements, etc. All of these need to be stored correctly.

    You don’t want to boot up your save to find your Eatery atop a mountain that was never there in your previous game, for example. We know how frustrating it can be to play the game without a save/load function. We really feel your pain, as we also have to test the game and run it from the beginning on a daily basis. This shows how important a save/load function is, even for us, and also how many problems we are encountering to get it up and running. We hope you understand, and we cannot apologise enough that it has taken us longer than expected to get it working. However, there is some good news. The save and load function isn’t going to be like other games. It has become an interesting feature, one that we think you’ll love it.


    We’re also happy to let you know that we’re pretty much done with Stone Age! We know it’s been a long time coming, but the Stone Age is the primary testing platform for our simulation engine, Prometheus. Most of the core elements have been implemented in this Age, and we’re finally happy with where it’s at and we’re ready to move on. Grab your drinks. Let’s celebrate!

    Alright, back to our updates.
    There are a few highlights in this patch:


    What’s that smell? You guessed it! Dead Nuggets, from here on out, will generate a diseased area around their corpses if nobody takes their bodies to the Cemetery and performs an appropriate ceremony. This involves clapping three times before moving one’s hands in a circular, counterclockwise fashion; kissing the tombstone while peering longingly at a sack of fish; and then quietly whispering the lyrics to everything’s gonna be alright. Naturally, the ceremony isn’t a crucial element, but Nuggets are a superstitious bunch. Diseased areas will infect healthy Nuggets that are unfortunate enough to come too near. After a Nugget’s corpse is removed from the area, the contaminated zone will linger for a small while before disappearing.


    Speaking of smells, something is definitely cooking! We heard that you weren’t happy with how fast Cemeteries were being filled up (considering the amount of space they use), so we have added a new option to facilitate the passing of your beloved Nuggets. Introducing Funeral Pyres, an ‘advanced’ Stone Age technology that allows you to incinerate friends and family alike. Funeral Pyres consume wood for the burning process (fires are pretty difficult to get started when you actually intend to set things alight) and each Nugget corpse will take a certain amount of time to cremate.

    Funeral Pyres are prioritized over Cemeteries by default. Therefore, if you have an empty Cemetery and an available Funeral Pyre at the same time, a Nugget’s body will be delivered to the Pyre. Of course, if solving problems with fire isn’t really your thing, you can always turn this building off and allow the elegant and somewhat beautiful Cemeteries to grow around your Epicenter.

    This is the initial implementation of the Funeral Pyre. We are also developing a family system, which will gather a dead Nugget’s family together beside the Funeral Pyre to say their last farewell. Funeral Pyres will also affect Nuggets living or working nearby, causing their Happiness to drop.


    Nugget fashion is on the rise! They’re looking rather fancy all of a sudden. Well, it’s functional, at the very least. Nuggets now have access to accessories. These items are added to them based on the task/job they’re currently assigned to. This not only looks impressive, but it also helps you to identify what kind of job a particular Nugget is doing. Accessories will be updated as your civilization advances through the ages.


    See those moves? Our artists have been working on them day and night. Tons of new animations have been added to the Nuggets. Even though it’s difficult to see, Nuggets are doing things like bending their knees and grabbing stuff with their toes, among other additions. Nuggets now also ragdoll during (and presumably after) death. We also did some of the initial work for the system that will allow you to pick them up and throw them around like you’re training for the new Nuggetball season. Hey, it’s your civilization, and you’re kinda their god, so who are we to judge what you do with your once loyal and loving subjects?


    No, we didn’t create marvelous innovations that will take the field of agriculture to new heights. However, we did change farming mechanics dramatically to minimize the micromanagement that plagued the previous iteration. We introduced a new Farm in our previous update, Shadow Patch, but it still needed some work. Now you can plant not only the juicy fruits with the delightful characteristics you’ve come to know and love, but also helpful new herbs.
    Keep in mind that certain herbs might make Nuggets feel a little strange. These are for medical purposes only! Introducing them into daily meals is a very bad idea. Farmer Nuggets will also have to take better care of all crops. Without the appropriate care, crops might wither and produce far less food. Crops now use water based on their biome preferences as well. For instance, if a grassland crop is suddenly forced to grow in the desert, more water will be required.


    We know you’ve been wanting this for some time now. You know what? It’s yours. When Nuggets decide to quit their job, purely for health or family reasons, of course - not because you’re bad manager or anything - their slot will automatically be reassigned to a new Nugget by our personal eye in the sky (not one of yours). You no longer have to worry about refilling slots when someone checks out early. If a Nugget decides it's done, let the system handle it while you have fun. Now that’s an above-average jingle!


    Store it or lose it! The Warehouse is another new building in this patch that will finally offer you new voids to fill. This is only a simple implementation right now. It will be linked to more functionality later. This building will be heavily utilized for production in the future. Food and building materials (such as cement, glass, bricks, etc.) will be delivered from Factories to Warehouses.


    Just listen to them snore! Nuggets aren’t the undying workhorses we wish they were. They can get tired and drop to the floor to recharge their batteries. The amount of hours you get out of them depends on their make and model. Comfort plays a significant role in their lives, as it does for anyone, which entails that using a rock out in the wilderness as a pillow is likely not conducive to a good night’s rest. It would be far better if they can head home to the slightly better rocks they use as beds. Nuggets that rest at home will be more productive.


    No more hover boats for these sneaky Nuggets. Previously, you probably noticed Fishing Nuggets scooting their boats along the ice like they were smothered with butter. Well, there will be no more of this particular silliness. With the introduction of Fishing Seasons, fishing stops during winter to give the lakes a chance to melt. Make sure to collect as much food as possible before the brutality of winter comes. Additionally, Fishing Nuggets look snazzy in their new outfits. However, they look less great when bobbing up and down face down in a lake. Take care of them!


    Have you ever felt colors before? Well, now you can. With our new season improvements, the entire planet is more alive and dynamic than ever. Trees will change their appearance based on the current season, with their leaves turning into a lovely shade of red during fall. However, they look particularly leafless during winter. The Universim has a very complex lighting system, so our engineers spent a ton of hours delivering these gorgeous, dynamic visuals. It’s extremely difficult to work with the lighting on spherical worlds, but we’re proud of our achievements in this area. Overall, the lighting system has been dramatically improved. This includes improvements to the sky, which will reflect seasonal change as well. We hope you’ll enjoy the new sights!


    Some legends say that if you listen closely enough, you can hear the planet turning. Give it a go and report back to us. Planets in The Universim are not only dynamic in visuals, but also in sound. Every biome will now have a unique ambient sound scheme specifically designed for it. They are linked to both the seasons and the day/night cycle. Everything sounds different based on the conditions around you. Our team will continue to work on improving the game in every area, whether this be gameplay, visuals, or sound, you will always have a more refined and enjoyable experience delivered to you every month.


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    Patch V 0.0.15 WINDY is now LIVE



    • Huts: New Nugget pairs (couples) will use an available existing hut instead of building a new one.
    • New Buildings: Wood and Stone Refineries.


    • Initial implementation of 2 new resources: Wood Planks and Stone Bricks. These will be used for building upgrades to more advanced era.
    • New Idle Animation for idle Nuggets.
    • New News Messages: Informs about type/cause of Nugget death.
    • Introducing Natural Disaster system. This system will control Nature Events on the planets, with this change we’re rolling out our first event - Windstorm.
    • Rare Windstorm Disaster: It affects Nuggets that are not inside of their residential buildings. New Alert system was implemented as well. Now you can Alert Nuggets via Forecast Tower. Horn sounds can be heard during Alert, this sound indicates that Nuggetsneeds to find shelter. Nuggets can get injured during the storm, also Nuggets health depletes when they’re outside during the storm. More disasters are coming: tornado, earthquakes, meteor drops and more.


    • Now there is the possibility that Nuggets will get sick when they drink impure water.
    • Nugget Talk. Over 1000 unique ‘Nugget Talk’ sounds were added along with coding and linking them to events. Nuggets now have things to say when they execute their tasks.
    • Improved construction visualization process. Each building has been divided into sections which were animated by hand to reflect construction progression.

    • Initial Evolution Tower implementation (Placed as an epicenter at the beginning of the game). By clicking on the Evolution Tower, you’ll be greeted with the Influence Window. You will immediately notice that the window feels much more a part of the game as opposed to a separate environment.


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    Nugget Traits


    Nuggets are unique and sensitive creatures. Our team spends a crazy amount of time making them feel as alive as possible when you play with them. They feel hunger, thirst, and fatigue. They can also love and hate. And, they have thoughts that change based on their current task and situations around them. However, we would like to make them even more special. We’re happy to introduce Nugget Traits.

    Nugget Traits are unique characteristics that will make certain Nuggets increase or decrease in productivity, make them a heavier eater, or even make them completely lazy. Character Traits are assigned randomly to new Nuggets upon being born. Nugget infants have a high chance of inheriting the traits possessed by their parents. Each parent introduces a 25% chance for their child to inherit their traits. If both parents share the same Character Trait, then that chance grows to 50%

    With Creator Powers, you can change a Nugget’s Traits, or simply filter bad Traits out by introducing Nuggets to “natural selection”. It’s unfortunate that heavy rocks have the tendency to fall on lazy Nuggets. It’s a known phenomenon that your civilization can’t quite yet explain. Negative Character Traits can also be changed in Schools.



    Gourmand - This Nugget loves to eat, as heavier eaters they consume 25% more food.

    Hermit - This Nuggets doesn’t like others. They form families 25% less often.

    Lazy - This Nugget is lazy. Their stamina decreases 25% faster and they rest 25% longer.

    Weak - This Nugget is very weak, their might and speed are decreased by 15%.

    Devil - This Nugget will sometimes set someone's hut on fire or torment other Nuggets.


    Nibbler - This Nuggets doesn’t eat much. They get hungry 25% slower.

    Grind - This Nugget loves to work. Their stamina decreases 25% slower.

    Antsy - This Nugget’s movement speed is 25% faster than others.

    Immune - This Nugget will never get injured or sick.

    We hope you’re as excited as we are about this new feature. Share your ideas about what type of Traits we can add to the game that will make Nuggets even more unique and interesting to play with. As always, we appreciate your love and support!

    Best Wishes,
    The Crytivo Games Team

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