The Schrödinger's Cat Incident


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Dec 4, 2018
The year is 3218. For Pablo Ortega, a 23-year old human particle physicist, it's D-day. Months spent doing preparations for the experiment. Nothing can go wrong.

Pablo runs diagnostics once more: everything is running smoothly. The particle accelerator, with a radius of 50 meters, is a small one, but still emcompasses most of the orbital station's structure. Set in a wide orbit around a neutron star, the small scientific station features modified solar panels, designed to gather the necessary amounts of energy required to accelerate two protons towards each other at an impressive 70% of the speed of light. Pablo's first solo experimentation of such a scale, an experiment that would, if successful, grant him his doctorate.

Before initiating the collision, Pablo has to insert a magnetic probe inside the particle accelerator, to make sure no interference will screw up the planned collision trajectory.
Pablo gets the probe from its charging pod: it's a small metallic sphere covered in hexagonal sensors, making it look like a soccer ball. He opens the hatch leading to the accelerator's insides, and carefully inserts the probe through the small opening.

That's the last thing Pablo Ortega does before the incident.

The accelerator, for a still-unknown reason, is activated. Pablo, still holding the probe, witnesses the brightest flash of light one could ever see. The two protons take mere nanoseconds to reach the collision site, only a meter away from the probe, and Pablo's hands. The probe is instantly overcharged, and violently explodes, opening a massive breach in the accelerator's side, and allowing the incredible amounts of gamma radiation generated by the collision to escape into the control room.
Pablo is sent flying, violently hitting the control's room exterior wall. The violence of the impact, together with the insane amounts of radiation going through his body, are enough to knock him out cold on the spot.

He wakes up on the cold, metallic floor. How am I still alive? He thinks.
He can't remember anything. He tries to get up, disoriented, and falls back down on his ass. He rubs his eyes, and takes a good look around.

What is this place? To him, it looks almost alien: he can't remember where he is.
Then, he notices the body.

There's an inanimate corpse, near the massive hole in the particle accelerator's side. Who is it? It looks like a brown-haired human, wearing casual clothes. Pablo looks at himself. The same clothes.

Is this me?
Did I... die?
Am I a ghost?

He slaps his own face. Okay, he's alive. Ghosts don't feel pain, right?
He crawls towards the body. As he gets closer, he can see more and more of its features. Pablo looks at himself, too.
The corpse and himself are the same person. How is this possible?
Of course, Pablo doesn't remember his own name, but he knows the corpse on the ground is him.

Just like Schrödinger's cat, Pablo is both dead and alive. Only, this time, it's a permanent state. He's no longer human. He needs a name, a new name, since he can't remember his last one. Or, anything at all, before the accident.


Yes, that'll do.