The Krell : A Comprehensive Study


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Dec 3, 2018


THE KRELL are a species of bipedal digitigrade reptile-like insectoid Argon breathers. Born on the harsh radioactive desert wastes of Krellari in the Delta 3a Sector, The Krell are naturally resistant to radioactive material, and are cold blooded due to their planet's close proximity to the three suns in the system.


The Krell are bipedal, with digitrade legs, four rigid, triple-jointed arms, a face consisting of two mandibles layered in teeth and two large eyes on the sides of the Krell's head. The Krell's hands are an odd seven fingers on each hand, the only unclawed digit being the thumb. They also have two unclawed thumbs on each foot. The Krell's nostrils are located above the mandibles. There are also sets of under-developed gills on the necks of some Krells. It can be inferred that the Krell was once an aquatic species. This makes sense, as they have a set of hard scales, a smooth exoskeleton with retractable poison spines, and an endoskeleton that is primarily cartilage, providing extreme flexibility in many cases. The Krell have a unique organ where a human's large intestine would be, the Krell's large intestine being wrapped around it. This organ stores water and food, and can hold up to a week's supply before the Krell needs to hunt again. The Krell's spine and brain are layered in a membranous fluid that transfers nerves throughout the body, as opposed to having a spinal cord. This means that breaking a Krell's spine would be all for naught, as it would still function rather normally without.

The Krell vary greatly in the males and females. The males being much smaller, only standing at a range from 6'3" to 8'9" in maturity, where a female could be from 7'5" to 11'8", along with the occasional and rare happening where a Krell "Queen" is born, standing at a total of 15'8".
The Culture of the Krell is very hostile, rigid and brutal. There is no room for nurturing on a planet where all wildlife is stronger than you, and out to slaughter you no less. The Krell are an exceedingly intelligent race, with brains larger than that of humans, and more functional as well. The Krell were well capable of forging a society based around peace and sympathy, but their primal instincts propelled the Krell to create technology imperative only for survival, and the hunt. And the Krell are honourable hunters, indeed. The place of Males in the Krelli Society is to defend, preserve honor and pride, and fend off predators. The role of the females is training of young. Once reaching three years of age, Krell are cast out of their homes to forge their own "Cletch". A Cletch is what one would usually call a Pack, but with a stronger sense of family, and holding strength above all else. The strongest in the Cletch (Usually the largest female) becomes the leader simply by size, strength, and formidability. But there have been cases where there have been Males who became Kivar, the Cletch leader. Or so they say. There are only legends of such. All except one. The story of Qilek The Capsheaf is often told, as it was not legend, but history. The story of Qilek inspires almost every young Krell male to do as he did. But many if not all fail.
Fighting a Krell hand-to-hand is not wise. Their chitin provides a solid pack with their punches, and makes it feel like you were punching a wall. The best way to down a Krell would be to just damage it's respirator and wait it out. It's also always possible to reason with a Cletch of Krell not to kill you. If you provide a good enough reason, they will spare you and ask that you hunt with them for a less intelligent choice of prey.

RESISTANCES: Fire , Radiation , Slash , Blunt , Toxic , Parasites
WEAKNESSES: Cold (Without Heating) , Piercing (Without armor) , Breathing Oxygen for prolonged periods of time , Logical Reasoning


STRENGTHS: Agility, Dexterity, Ingenuity, Cleverness, Intimidation, Stalking
SHORTCOMINGS: Strength, Logic, Kindness, Empathy (There are exceptions), Quickness to surrender (And swear fealty to the victor).


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