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    This thread is where you will find the introductions, information, and responsibilities of the administration team behind iLoveBacons. This is the highest rank at ILB and it's mostly related to direct contribution on root management maintenance and development.

    {1f437} Max Bacon
    [​IMG] > Hia there! My name is Max, 25, currently living in Portugal. I'm the original creator and current owner of ILB, I created ILB almost half a year before Starbound released but it was already prepared and meant to be a big public server of the game since summer 2013. Presently I do the big majority of the maintenance and management of the machines that run the server and community, as well of the community main website; I also am the main community manager in terms of the community website, management of staff, supporting players, the organization of events (mostly on design) and obviously community moderation. In terms of servers I currently maintain the Ark Survival Evolved and Eco Global Survival servers, and when it comes to Starbound I do a bit of everything, from intervening on moderation when necessary to building on new Spawns or Events.

    {1f43f} Lachee
    [​IMG] > Lachee here, 21. I am one of the first members to join iLoveBacons when it first started in 2013 and have know bacon for about a year before then on the Starbound forums. I help bacon with the maintenance of the server and lead developer on our server software (non-starbound) like WorldBound, iLB Launcher, and other server monitoring pieces. I help bacon with web design and other administration tasks as need. I am Australian though, so it can be difficult for me to stay in communication and university can take a fair bit of my time.

    Stay Tasty!
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