The Gambler


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Dec 4, 2018
General description:
Name: None. He calls himself the Gambler.
Age: 8
Race/kind/species: He's an artificial intelligence with unclear origins. His current body was built recently, after many years of living as a disembodied entity inside a parasitic drone: the Dice. He modeled his body and clothing style after his favorite previous host of the Dice, an augmented Novakid named Zon.
Physical characteristics: Tall, slender, covered in white ExoSym armor (check abilities), and wearing darkened, synthetic Novakid-inspired clothes. He adores his tophat and regularly cleans and polishes it. The Gambler has low physical strength, but extremely high speed and agility, making his movements precise and calculated. Finally, he has no known facial features, his real mechanical interior hidden under his ExoSym armor.
Occupation: He's a tinkerer, and considers himself some kind of vigilante; not for justice, but for pure randomness. He also regularly borrows various pieces of advanced technology and raw materials from multiple factions, including the Miniknog. The Gambler loves to study any kind of sentient lifeforms, finding their morals and logics interestingly meaningless, in the grander scheme of things.
Personnality: The Gambler is a smart, poetic, but twisted and possibly sociopathic being; his lack of morals, ethics and core values makes him unpredictable. Despite this, he is able to form friendships with anyone he deems interesting, and is able to simulate having a moral compass to some degree, making it easier for him to engage in social interactions.

Abilities/Integrated Tech:
ExoSym Armor: The Gambler's armor is made from a semi-fluid, carbon-based symbiotic material called exo-symbiotic fluid. Its physical state allows it to cover the entirety of his body, under his clothes, like skin. However, its defensive capabilities range from completely useless to near-invulnerable. Each time the Gambler receives an attack (of any type, even including magic), his armor generates a random number from "one" to "six"; in crp, this relates to throwing a dice OOCly. If the number "one" is given, the armor fails to defend the Gambler against the attack completely. If the number "six" is given, the armor deflects the attack completely. All numbers in between give varying degrees of increasing resistance, from "two" to "five".
If the Gambler lands a number that is over "one" but under "four", the attack done to him will open a weak spot in his armor. The next attacks done to this weakspot will cause a number from "one" to "three" to be removed from the Gambler's next defensive dice throw, reducing his resistance. The number given cannot go under "one".
Drifter Boots: The Gambler wears boots with special abilities. They allow him to dash over short distances (maximum of 5 meters) at high speed, given they are in contact with a relatively smooth surface (sand would be excluded, for example). By drifting, these boots convert friction with the ground into electrical charge, slowly recharging the Gambler's systems, as well as very lightly shocking anyone in his path, who happen to be in contact with the ground. The latter ability is mostly completely cosmetic, and rarely effective. The Gambler can drift like this every two turns, his boots requiring a turn of recharge. He cannot use this to evade fast-moving projectiles, but can use drifting to evade melee attacks. This makes him a priority target for sharpshooters and casters. If he charges his drifter boots enough, or has stolen enough energy, he may use his drifter boots to dash over longer distances, giving him a means to catch up to fleeing opponents.
Invisibility Field: The Gambler can become invisible after a /3 charge. While invisible, he has a field of light-refracting microscopic nanites disposed over his clothes, held around him by a strong, but contained magnetic field. If he attacks in this state, the invisibility will be broken; he can however use his drifter boots and remain invisible (the sound and visual effects of the drifter boots may reveal his location). The invisibility field is disrupted by EMP devices. Any kind of device allowing its user to see his surroundings through any part of the electromagnetic spectrum will not reveal the Gambler's location, due to the refracting ability of his nanite field.
Integrated Blades: The Gambler's joints, under his armor, are fitted with retractable, thin synthetic durasteel blades. These can emerge from his knees, feet, elbows and hands, but their presence outside of the ExoSym armor implies the apparition of a weakspot at those locations.
Electrical discharges: As described later, the Gambler can steal electrical charge from various spells/projectiles/devices upon contact (except in dice form, where this ability can be used from a distance). He can recharge his systems by this method, and release the charge through the tip of his fingers. The released charge process is instantaneous, and releases a very short-range beam of lightning capable of ionizing the air. He can use this to stun characters, and disrupt/overcharge machines. He is unable to release enough charge at once for this ability to be deadly; however, his dices can (see next section). He can charge his fists with electricity to use in melee combat.
Holograms: The Gambler can project holograms of himself as diversions after a charge of two turns. He cannot project more than six holograms at a time. These holograms, unlike his invisibility nanite field, will not be disturbed by EMPs, and can last as long as he wants; however, they cannot walk, despite being able to mimic some of his movements.

Weapons/Throwable Tech:
Dices: The Gambler has a very high number of little cubes, disguised as dices, that he can construct inside of his body, and shoot from his hands. Very advanced pieces of technology, these dices can serve many defensive, offensive and crowd control purposes, and procedurally print their own insides to execute have the abilities he gives to them when constructed. These abilities are under two categories.
1. Explosive dices: When thrown, these dices explode, the explosion itself being customizable (ex: electrical discharge, concussive blast, grenade blast,...). The strength and radius of the explosion is given by the number shown at the top side of the dice; "one" being a very weak explosion with a one-meter radius, "six" being a very strong explosion with a six-meter radius. The explosions always destroy the dices in the process.
2. Field Generator Dices: When thrown, they generate fields; some examples are EMP fields, magic-suppressing fields, and shield-fields. The fields last the same number of turns as the number given by the top side of the dices, and the dices return to the Gambler's hand after their fields are deactivated.
Fast Pain-Releasing Handcannon: The Gambler posesses a single copy of this pistol on his body at all times, but posesses many copies of these pistols in his ship. The pistol fires thin heavy plasma bolts, with a blue color, high velocity and high temperature. The pistol's firerate allows it to fire up to 4 projectiles per second, with an extreme maximum of 6 projectiles fired per attack turn. Due to his speed, the Gambler can quickdraw this pistol, unholstering and firing one shot in a single turn, with reduced accuracy.
Audience-Pleasing Blunderbuss: The Gambler's favorite weapon is a modified Novakid-make shotgun, with two firing modes. Primary fire shoots a single, medium-velocity plasma orb that bounces on any solid surface it meets. Upon contact with the surfaces it bounces off, the orb releases a short-lived electrical field, releasing eletrical arcs for stunning and electrifying targets. The orb itself does no damage on contact, besides slight burns. The alt-fire shoots a tight cluster of six volatile heavy plasma orbs, with medium-to-high velocity. These explode on contact with solid surfaces, releasing short-radius electric plasma blasts that release enough heat to melt most metallic alloys.
Ravager Assault Rifle: The Gambler also wields a tactical assault rifle. Primary fire is a regular automatic plasma bolt shooting mode, and secondary fire shoots extremely high-velocity and accurate heavy plasma bolts at a slow rate.

- The Gambler can beam down his two-handed firing weapons after a /2 charge, or print them from his dices with a similar charging time.

- The Gambler is invulnerable to electric/lightning-based melee attacks, projectiles and spells. Upon contact with his ExoSym armor, the electrical charge will be consumed and can even help him regenerate his ExoSym armor to a limited extent. Attempts to overcharge the Gambler will result in him charging his dices with the residual electrical charge. This resistance/energy-stealing effect also applies to EMP, even though an EMP will disrupt his firearms and invisibility field successfully. The electrical charge-stealing process can only be done through direct contact with the source of energy.

- Upon being struck by an EMP, the Gambler will switch to a melee stance, and use his extreme linear mobility (provided by the drifter boots) and integrated blades to fight. This will be effective until his firearms are useable again. He may still use dices while under the effect of an EMP. In some occasions, an EMP of great power may force the Gambler to reboot, stunning him for one to three turns.

- When the Gambler's vital systems are heavily compromized or destroyed, he will revert to his primordial form, a small white cube, the size of a dice. In this form, he can jump around, but will be killed instantly by any non-lightning-based attack. He may attempt two things to regenerate/escape:
1) In dice form, he can beam out after a /5 charge.
2) In dice form, he can steal electrical charge from lightning-based attack or/and by latching to a host. The host can be a character with technological augments, a drone, android, etc. Exceptionnally, he can also latch himself to a Novakid, since their plasma-based bodies hold a certain amount of electrical charge in the form of ionized gas molecules. This process can be done from as far as 5 meters away from the target, unlike when he is in humanoid form. If he manages to steal enough electrical charge, he can slowly reform his humanoid form, a process that normally takes 6 hours in real-life time.
Destroying the dice form will kill the Gambler, and normal revive rules will then apply to the character.
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