The Awakening: Chapter 1 Summary


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Dec 4, 2018
About a month ago, strange beings began to appear in Lux. With red, distorted flesh and crimson robes, their presence has raised questions. Who are they? What are they here for?

  • The cultists have introduced themselves as members of the Church of Flesh. Their leader, Father Volod, has explained that the cultists worship an entity called the Family. The Family is a growing mass of red flesh, located somewhere under Port Lux... It grows like a tumor, and has a massive intellect. According to what the cultists have said themselves, the Family is a peaceful, and benevolent being.
  • The Family is a source of psychic power, and imbues its cultists with psychic abilities, which lead to mutations (growth of red, distorted flesh, and shape alteration). It also hosts a hive mind, which seems to allow the cultists to communicate telepathically with the Family or themselves. The hive mind seems to be incredibly powerful, allowing the cultists to enter it physically, and live inside of a semi-virtual plane called the Mindscape.
  • What are they here for? Father Volod has explained that the goal of the Church of Flesh is to keep the Family growing safely and recruit more people to its cause. The ultimate goal would be to unite consenting beings into the hive mind, in order to eliminate the boundaries created by individuality, and allow beings to communicate ideas and feelings telepathically.
"Only then will they be able to truly understand and love each other."
- Father Volod

But what do they really want? What can the Family really do? Chapter two of the Awakening will be triggered by events that will be... awakening.
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