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    This is something that I wrote ages ago, but that I think that deserves to be posted for people to actually understand what Nekos have been and currently are. So here it is (don't mind the fact that it's different than everything else you might have read before):

    Research on The Nekos
    by Ariana Inalua

    Getting to know a new race isn't always easy, I know that, since I discovered lately why I had those feline, furred ears and that fluffy tail. So this is what I discovered about the Nekos. Enjoy!

    The Neko are a human sub-race(evolution required many years of breeding of feline humanoids until a perfect equilibrium was reached about 6000 years back from present day) originating on the planet Felusia and ruled over by a monarchy created by the Felusa family, namely the Felusian Empire which had started about 5500 years back the first of the Felusa clan in a large tribe had beaten the leader in combat.

    General Aspect
    Nekos aren't following any color palet, looking at them is like looking at a rainbow. Literaly. They all have those little feline-like ears, instead of "normal" human ears. Some of them has more feline irises, while others simply have human-like ones. Their eyes' colors aren't as limited as the Humans' ones, sometimes matching their fur, sometimes not. They all posses a tail, sometimes fluffier then others, it really depends on the Neko. Same for the length and such. Oh, and a few Nekos were found actually totally covered in fur, while the majority is simply having extra fur on the ears and the tail, naturally. There is Nekos of every size, but they are generally matching the Human average size. Meaning the Nekos' average size is roughly the same. Nekos have way sharper teeth, in fact, we should call them fangs at this point. Oh, I almost forgot. Almost every Nekos got retractable claws instead of their nails. So five on each hands. The only exceptions are the one with more wolverine-like claws, in their junctures. but those are actually pretty rare. While clearly humanoid, the skeletal structure of a Neko is different, giving them capability to walk and run on all fours just as efficiently as on their legs, but are remarkably fast and nimble while doing so, allowing them to leap great distances in a single bound, climb trees in the blink of an eye and tumble safely. Just like cats, Nekos have an incredible sense for balance, allowing them to walk or even run and sprint alongside a half-inch rope like a wide stone bridge. Their spines are also much more flexible, allowing them to reflexively twist themselves while airborne to right themselves and land on their feet, provided they have enough time to do so.

    Yes, this is an harder topic, but I prefer talking about it in the begining, so the rest will be smoother. Nekos are possessing the exactly same sexual stuff then Humans, as they are close brothers and sisters to them. By the way, yes, a Neko can reproduce with an Human, but it will absolutely result in another Neko, as Nekos simply have more genetical attributes then human, so there is no mix possible. No matter which parent is human and which one is a Neko. That being said, the gestation time of Nekos is significantly smaller, it seems like the embryons develop almost three times faster then human ones. So, instead of taking nine months, the Nekos' gestation is taking three months, in condition that the mother is a Neko. The Nekos, sharing a lot of attributes with felines, are also sharing the fact that they are having more babies. So it is common to see a mother having twins. Single children are still frequent, due to the Human part of the Nekos. But the twins, triplets and such are mostly more frequent. Due to that, Nekos babies are smaller at birth, but are quickly growing in their m first days, weeks and months, to keep up with the normal average size of Humans when fully grown up. Oh, and the twins, triplets and such aren't always identical, due to the fact that female Nekos usually ovulate more then one ovule at once.

    Social and Government
    Nekos are generally living in colonies, with their own small government, but they are all, one way or another, related to the main kingdom, actually ruled by the Felusa family, the Queen being Kiriam Felusa for now. Nekos are living in normal houses, for most of them. Usually, only the parents and their unmarried children are living in the same house, but there is some exceptions. In the Neko communities, last names are often mixed, but most of the time, they only keep one. More details in the Family section below. There isn't much corruption in Neko governments, unlike Human ones.

    Neko families are often quite big, but it's not always the case. For example, I saw a family with only a child and one with twenty-two children. Obviously, they weren't all in the same house, a few were left in the familial one, most left already with their wives or husbands. For the last name, it is pretty random, sometimes it's the name of the mother, sometimes it's the name of the father or, in other cases, it's both. The couples are, almost all the time, if not always, created by following the lead of their hearts. So there is almost no divorces or simply two people that aren't in love anymore. Nekos are generally loyal to their partner until the death of one of the two.

    Religions and Worships
    Most of the Nekos are atheist, meaning that they do not believe in any superior deity. They often get married, but it's done by someone important to the two lover birds, but it can also be someone important in their community and it's generally done at an important publical place.

    The Nekos are generally peaceful, but like everything, there is exceptions. They extremely like to be petted, actually, I didn't meet any of them that didn't like that.They are also really friendly when you meet them anywhere. They do not seem to be scared from the water, as quite a few Nekos are living from the sea and quite a few of Nekos are living near of oceans and such. Of course, they do not tend to like the fact of having their fur wet, as it gets heavy pretty fast. Nekos do not use a different monetary system then the Pixels, as it is international.

    Nekos might be a nice people, they still aren't really skilled with technology. So you won't see a lot of Neko mechanics, eventhough some of them are actually pretty skilled in that domain. Beside that, they have no particular architectural style, as they pretty much follow their tastes. Nekos are almost always fast learners and seems to have a quite good memory.

    Nekos are omnivors, eventhough they are principally made to be carnivors. They have great culinary skills, pretty different in each colonies. They tend to like fish, but not of them. By example, in an excentric star solar system, I ate some particularly good jiknak, which is basically any kind of fish, but preferably something similar to salmon or salmon itself, cooked with a secret mix of spices and some lemon.

    Language and Writing
    Almost every Nekos are speaking the International Language, eventhough some small communities developped their own languages. I remember needing a translator when I visited the Diomeda Centoris system to talk to the locals. That being said, they can also read said International Language, but can't write it. Instead, they developped a whole bunch of different writing methods, most of the time totally different then the written International Language. That doesn't keep quite a few Nekos to know how to properly write the International Language.

    Advantages over Humans
    • Increased hearing range and capacity to hear a little more of lower and higher frequencies.
    • Increased eyesight in the dark, due to their slitted eyes.
    • They have an overall cuter look.
    • Better balance due to their tails
    • Lower risk of eyes problems, so there is almost no Neko with glasses.
    • Bigger chances of winning in melee versus a Human, due to their claws.
    • Longer lifespan, it is common for a Neko to celebrate it's 120th birthday.
    • A Neko's tail is like a fifth member, meaning it can use it to do some basic tasks, since it's usually not something with very developped muscles.

    Disavantages over Humans
    • Higher risks of damaging their ears when there is a really loud nearby noise, like a deflagration.
    • Reduced skills with technology.
    • Generally a little weaker then Humans, so more likely to get hurt.*

    *Note: This does not apply to every Nekos, there was a lot of them whom were pretty resistant. Needs to be restudied.

    I hope that you will have the chance to meet at least one of our marvelous race, the Nekos. Let's hope this will be as useful to you that it has been to me!

    ~Ariana Inalua

    (Credits to Kiriam for letting me borrow a part of something they wrote, and for all the others that helped me correcting some stuff <3)

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