Dec 2, 2018
Appearance:Sweeper is a white-painted robot, who commonly wears blue, has a broom on his back, pistol on one hip, a rifle in his coat and a bottle of window cleaner on the other.Taller than your average glitch, and decent with his weaponry.

Backstory stuff:Originally a combot robot, got doinked on the head, disabled for a while, sold, busted up, sold again, fixed, sold for more, and has now been programmed to clean. With his old owner dead, he now wanders the universe, cleaning all he finds.

Abilities:Anything his broom touches is cleaned. You vomited on the floor? BAM, CLEAN! Someone got thier brains turned into paint for the wall? Bam, its cleaned! It also repairs scratches and whathaveyou in floors and walls, but it cant affect people (Although it can clean blood off of a person)
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