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Discussion in 'Forum Feedback' started by SwedishFox, Jul 15, 2018.

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    This is 5 things i want the administrators (or Owner) of ILB to add to WorldBound

    1.Turning on/off shield mode
    Info:Basicly when activated no blocks can be harmed or destroyed (activated on the worldbound site)

    2.Spawning in entities
    Info:Makes us owner of a planet able to spawn in entities (such as custom one's) at a player

    3.Making a portal to our Place
    Info:By pressing a button on the worldbound site u would be able to get a teleporter to the spawn of ur planet so u can Place it at other places to invite others!

    4.Setting our planet spawns by ourself
    Info:Instead of asking a moderator/administartor u should be able to just press something on the site to set the spawn at a user on ur planet

    5.Being able to see people who are on ur planet
    Info:Like the site to the server to view online people ( but u can view who is on ur planet
  2. Deatho

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    4 wouldn't be a good idea
  3. Max Bacon

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    1) Due to limitations with SB itself, we can't control via worldbound the tile protection of a world.

    2) Entities and the spawning of entities is not something we control via it, again SB itself.

    3) Same reason, this is something that would have to be done manually, and in the future we might have player-owned protected worlds linked to spawn hub teleporters.

    4) Same reason, only one admin on the world itself can execute the commands to set the spawn point of the world.

    5) The ability for us the know where players are requires quite a bunch of tracking on our monitors, we wouldn't return that data via worldbound as it's displayed globally on that tracker that was created recently.

    Sadly we can think of many things that would be great improvements but we are locked by what we can do, and most of your suggestions hit exactly that wall. :/
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