Strange & the Library

Nov 29, 2018
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Combat sheets of 2 beloved people.

Name: The Library Of Babel.
Age: 104.
Rank: Monk..?
Physical characteristics: A floating set of books, each bound with leather and appearing in different forms. More details below.
Backstory: Written as a spellbook but also doubles as a bible of sins. Written by Strange Nights' carpenter, a week before his passing. The book is used as a reminder to fellow cultists to be wary of sins, like a children's book.
Special abilities: Each book has its own abilities and purpose, including:

Book of Wrath: The largest book and is mainly purposed for communication. Can be used to predict futures, read thoughts with decent accuracy, and strengthen the ability to cast spells. When a non-cultist views any page other than the 2 displayed at all times, they will feel a sudden burst of irrational anger towards the nearby environment. No living organisms can be harmed while a person is under the BOW’s effects.

Book of Lust: A leather-bound notebook containing one polaroid picture. While it appears blank when the book is not open, the image will show an object nearby when opened. Once seeing the picture, the victim will be so romantically attracted to the object that they will give up doing whatever they were focusing on previously, and divert all their attention to the object.

Book of Pride: An old leather book with gold trimmings on the edges. When a non-cultist sees the page’s contents in combat, they will immediately disarm themselves of any weapons in order to fight by hand and prove their athletic abilities.

Book of Sloth: A single page covered by 2 lazily placed leather covers. Once the victim sees the page, they will immediately lose all will to fight and soon fall unconscious into a deep sleep that lasts [5] turns.

Book of Envy: A small note-pad styled book with a bone arrow impaled through it, filled with pictures of the cult. After seeing a page, the victim will ditch their team to fight for the cultist side for [8] turns and will temporarily lose all will to hurt any member of the cult.

Book of Gluttony: A cookbook filled with every single recipe imaginable throughout the universe. Once seeing a page, the victim will grow hungrier and hungrier, reaching a severe starving state within minutes, or [3] turns. This brings fatigue and loss of strength, as well as severe stomach pain. This effect lasts for [5] turns total.

Book of Greed: A small notebook with a bone padlock on the front. Once seeing a page, the victim will begin collecting any good around them. Weapons, valuable, etc. and hoard them for [6] turns.

Each book ability takes one glance to be activated. 5 turn cool down between each usage.

Name: Strange Nights, Locked Inside
probably pretty old
Rank: Monk
Physical characteristics: A flat door with a red, metallic border around the edges and the same metal painted black in the middle. In the centre is an eye, which Strange uses for vision. The door can open up to a pocket dimension, which can be used for fast transportation. Inside the door houses the “actual” Strange, who takes the form of a deformed beast of flesh and bone.
Backstory: Built by a carpenter that was controlled and mutated by the Church of Flesh, using the most exotic and strongest materials available to create a fast way of transportation to the Church. Binding himself to his creation, he allowed his flesh to mutate, further disfiguring him and practically melting him to the door. Donating his body to the church and acting as purely a source of transportation to be used.
Special abilities: Staying inside the room will drain both physical and mental energy from every guest inside aside from Church members and Strange nights, to the point of passing out. Additionally, the physical and mental energy will be passed onto Strange, giving her a strong buff. A small fraction going to every other Church member inside the room. Smaller the guest, faster the draining. When the guest is an artificial being, such as a robot, the energy will be drawn from their power source, but will not give Strange much of a buff. Leaving the room prematurely will result in a symptom like pressure sickness. [7 turns to pass out.]
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