Sterling's Brainshit 2

Dec 30, 2018
Heeyup, I finally did it. Finally wrote a second entry to this DUMB diary!

Quite a few things've happened since the first shittening of the brain. I got a nice shotgun from my buddies at OSF and I got a literal laserbeam installed in my jaw, so that'll teach certain people not to mug me ever again. Might see if the boys wanna go and bool on the beach today, but I dunno.. I'm still pretty disappointed with the current state of things in Lux.

I got this feeling that something bad's about to happen. Things've been too.. calm lately. There's the occasional petty barfight but nothing huge, or nothing as huge as the stuff I used to see. I think there was a saying to describe this kinda crap. Calm before the storm or something. Yeah.

Think that'll be all for now.

bye bae
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