Sterling's Brainshit 1

Dec 30, 2018
The Congo
man i'm angry. not like normal angry but really angry. only today my eye got fixed and that was all because of some thing that happened.

dont know if it was a setup or just a really really creepy coincidence that i got drugged, mugged and got my eye broken within the timeframe of a fuckin hour or 2. i know theres gonna be people who hate me cause like its port lux. who DOESNT hate eachother???? yeah exactly. legit nobody will get on in this place but id rather have the luxury of stickin to 1 place than being some space gypsy going from sector to sector to get nothing out of it... im getting sidetracked.

it HAS to have been a setup. i fucking SWEAR to god if he even exists man it was a setup. nobody can just have that shit happen one after the other in a perfectly flown sequence.
i did get a cheque with the same amount stolen n shit and im glad its all fixed now but im just so pissed with the fact that trying something new lost me hundreds of pixels and an eye.

enough of that tho i gotta write something else other than just that
man screw it i cant be bothered, ill just do it in the next one
if i even bother to do a next one