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Nickname: . . . . . . . . . . " Stallion "
Age: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 21 - Nova Equivalent
Sex: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Yes
Species: . . . . . . . . . . . . Novakid [Modified]
Class: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Renegade Juggernaut
Appearance: . . . . . . . . Approx. 2.25 Meters Tall (
7 Ft. 4 Inches). 300 lbs. (140 Kgs). Golden-Orange/Yellow Shell. Odd Brand. Scars across his face and neck - visible only when dimmed.
Bodytype: . . . . . . . . . . Bara. Brawn/Powerhouse; Mesomorphic. Athletic. Gay Japanese Man.
Personality: . . . . . . . . .Puckish Rogue; Immature, Childlike, 'Carefree', Adaptable.
Background: . . . . . . . .Spacer, Orphaned. Ex-Military, Mercenary, Criminal.
Occupation: . . . . . . . . Business Management

Raised as a foster child to a Hylotl Family on a Xia-Li Habitation Station, the Novakid never truly found roots at an early age that he was proud of. Before his arrival to Cenaria, "Stallion" (real name unknown) spent quite a bit of his early life wandering from conflict to conflict, serving within the Apex Rebellion, doing contractor work for various mercenary groups, as well as pissing off the Protectorate through his work as a small-scale smuggler and stick-up artist, where he acquired his prominent nickname.

Through a hazy betrayal, Stallion was incarcerated without trial in a U.S.C.M. Penal Colony for a short amount of time, before the relatively recent collapse of Humanity and the Protectorate led to an easy, violent prison riot and break-out.

In the months proceeding the break-out in the Fall of 3138, Stallion stole back his ship and flew out to the outer arms of fringe space in the need to lie low. It is here where he happened across a small, odd Glitch Village, unlike anything he's ever seen before - it's entirety brimming with life and opportunity.
His initial time there remained quiet enough, where he kept his head low by serving as an unofficial bartender for the Village's Tavern

Post arrival to Sector-3, and Remnants of Earth, Stallion's experiences have been strange and varied. With no true overarching goal, the time he's had in the Glitch Village has thrown him through the wringer. This has warped the "Happy Go-Lucky", careless Nova into something much more willed and driven; pouring his time and resources into a creation he aims will make the Galaxy 'better' ..

The Key Story Plotpoints that have left the greatest, lasting impacts and have molded the individual more than anything else.
Separate from singular events.

General Bucket and the Minutemen . . . . . . . . "Special Grams~"
KnogHunting . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . The Hoshin Uprising
LAMPOST! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Saina and Sunny
Meesuchan . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Birth of the Coalition
Dolls of The Creator . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Children of Luna
Six-y Misdirection . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Revolt of Emperor Trivius
The Return of the Pale Maiden . . . . . . . . . . . .Fist of the Underworld/SixShooter
Wolves of WolfPack . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . FENRIR
Ashes to Ashes

Enter the Warborn . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . New Earth Android Crisis
The Galaxy's Greatest Assassin . . . . . . . . . . Exodus

Grand Heist of New Haven . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Cat The Pale

The Vethus Mob . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Charlotte

:Relevant Skills:
Your most prominently used skills, in background and practice. These skills would appear to be the most commonly used in Combat or Events, and would be a deciding factor in deciding thing such as Team Composition. Categorized by "General Skills" and subclass "Specialty Skills".
  • Firearm Proficiency : (S+) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Survival : (A)
  • Handguns (Custom Only) : S . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Endurance : S+
    • <QuickDraw> : S . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . FirstAid <Field Medicine> : B-
  • Marksman Rifles : S
    • <Sharpshooting> : A
    • <BigGuns> : S+
  • CQC : (S) <Muay Thai/Judo> . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Covert : (A-)
  • Offensive Martial Arts : S+ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Sleight of Hand : A
  • Grapple/Takedown : S+ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Stealth : A - -
  • Disarm : B . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . SafeCrack/LockPick : B-
  • Brawling : A+
  • Grapple/Takedown : A+
  • Melee Proficiency : (A+)
  • Heavy Melee : A+
  • 1-Handed Blades : A
  • Shields : B+
:Less than Relevant Skills:
Less prominently used skills. Actions and facets most likely done in passive, or seen as an 'RP Skill'. May open doors to opportunities, but shouldn't heavily affect most events.

Athletics : (S)
- Weightlifting
Mechanical Engineering : A +
Influence :
Mental Resist.
Performance : B
Sleight of Hand: A+
Music Familiarity : B <Guitar, Piano, Drums>
Language : A <Galactic Standard, Hylotl, Apex>

:Skill Debuffs/Slows:
Skills and abilities that take a hit in terms of development. Whether from background, racial downsides or an acquired trait, you have a harder time trying to learn from these skills, and are more likely to stay away from them.

-RacialCultures and Mythos : (C-)
Light Weapons :
-CompactFirearms : (C--)
-Contortion : (D-)
Scientific Expertise :
-Planetary/Space Sciences : (D-)
-Xeno/Life Sciences : (D-)
-Mathematics : (C-)

Rankings are divsed by mastery (S, A, B, C, D), and modifiers ( + / - ) Modifers have little to do with overall talent and instead focus on a major asset or liability that may effect the General or Specialty Skill. For instance, a character like Stallion may have extensive previous experience with Stealth/Infiltration, but due to a recent development (His increased height) and a racial disadvantage (Glowing), he carries heavy Stealth Penalities, and has the - modifier. Another character may SubPar in skills and experiences in terms of CQC and HandToHand combat, but they may be built like a brickshithouse, and would receive a C+ or B+ ranking and modifier for the Skill.

:Abilities: TBA
  • "Dragon'sBreath"
  • "NanomachinesSon"
  • "BattleCry"

:Asset Overview:
The total culmination of a character's KSA's and assets that they bring to the table, whether in combat, construction or otherwise. Most commonly used in Faction/Headquarter Development, 'ASSETS' are the general determining factor of what roles and work a character is most suited to perform within the faction or mission. Assets can come in the form of multiple variables, from General Skills, Specialty Traits, Naval Composition, etc.

Combat: <S+> . . . Covert: <A-> . . . . R&D: <B+> . . . . Intel: <B-> . . . . Medical: <B+>
. . . . . Wealth: <A-> . . . . Materials: <D> . . . . Construction: <C >. . . . . Relations: <B->

+Battlemaster . . . . +Duelist
+Savage . . . . . . . . +ToughGuy
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:Unique Perks:


"Cenaria and Lux were known for the shit. Common dime-a-dozen androids and half-assed cyborgs.
Ancient Vampires and Unkillable Ghouls. Folks capable of pulling magical weapons out their ass,
teleporting instantly, and popping off portals to hell like it's the most normal thing in the world.

This is my superpower.
I swing a big stick, quick."

(+) Perhaps among the Nova's more well-known talents is his natural handling of heavy weapons. Through the years spent in
Cenaria, Stallion's combat experiences, coupled with his ungodly large size, has allowed him to hone himself to the use of bigger and bigger guns and melee weapons for every challenge faced; upgrading from a .338, 12.7 to a 14.5 mil over the course of two years. This beautiful Catch22 of physical advancement has so far culminated in his current signatures: His Lamp and AMR, which he uses with relative ease. Smashing with a sledgehammer feels like swinging a stick. LMGs can be handled like machine pistols in a Gung-Fu flick. Magnums ping like peashooters to him. Don't even think about giving him a compact.

(-) His natural reliance on larger weapons does come at a downside. His larger size means that nearly all aspects of his
equipment, from guns to armor to utilities, all need to be custom tailored to him. His .44 Magnum, Primary Rifle, Aegisalt Assault Armor, all have modifications to be larger and bulkier for the Nova's use, which makes anything 'standard-issue' to be a problem. Power Armor sets and Exo-Suits that aren't tailored for the 'Big and Tall' are a nono. Combat Vehicles and Mounted-Turrets that are lacking in the space department are a pain in the ass and will become his death-trap. 9mm Subcompact Sidearms are a bane, as he is more likely to crush the weapon's puny polymer with three fingers, rather than use it as effectively as he could.

:Acquired Perks - MAJOR:
<1-HandedFirearms, HeavyWeapons>

"There are few problems in the world that can't be solved with a swift hook or a big gun."

Sometimes the ‘verse just ain’t kind enough to let you be lazy. You’ve developed some keen
reflexes that make you seem like you came out of some Old Earth Western, firing from the hip and pegging a target from twenty paces away. You’re more than handy with two combat specialties of your choice (within the Combat Related Category); you can pull of trick shots/insane moves and make ones that others gawp at. Or bleed at, depending.

(+) Significantly reduces penalties to Draws/Initiatives: ie. QuickDraw, Snapshot, SuckerPunch
(+) Confers Bonus to Reactions: ie. Overwatch, Killzone, BodyBlock
(+) Greatly increases weapon proficiencies: 1-HandedFirearms, HeavyWeapons


“Doesn’t matter how strong you think you are..
all that power and magic doesn’t amount to jack shit if you don’t know how to fight.”

Your inspiration was a Space Marine who fought his way through heaping mounds of nightmarish creatures back on Phobos and Deimos after an experimental teleportation test went awry. You can take a lickin’ and keep on kicking’. It’s damn hard to knock you down for the count.

(+) Greatly increased damage to OffensiveMartialArts/Brawling type attacks: ie. Straights, Hooks, Hailmarrys.
(+) Significantly reduced likelihood of Blunt-Stun, Disorients, Floored and Pain-React attempts.


“..Surviving is winning. ..everything else is bullshit.”

You endured the old Hylotl Tradition of honing one’s body to become armor in itself through the many, many beatings bestowed upon you by countless battles. This act has toughened your skin to the point that you are somewhat numb to damage, and has made it more resilient. Nobody should ever count you out of a fight. You have a nasty way of bouncing back. You can muster your resolve and pull through pain in order to keep going where others would certainly have perished.

(+) Gain moderate damage resistance <3 Stun/Wound Soak> to strikes made on Non-Modified Limbs/Areas.
(+) Gain significant damage restistance <6 Stun/Wound Soak> to strikes made on Key Hardpoints Limbs/Areas.
(+) Confers bonuses to activated Wound/Survival-Based Passives: ie. SecondWind, Berserk, GoingDownSwinging


“We’ve experienced more combat in the last six months than what we’ve dealt with in years. At this point .. nothing surprises us.”

You react to danger quickly. Folk rarely get the drop on you, and your quick-draw leaves others groping for their holster. Armor and equipment isn’t fashion; wearing heavy gear into battle takes training, skill, and practice. You’ve learned the ins and outs of Heavy Geared Combat until armor feels like a second skin to you.

(+) Negates Armor Athletic's Penalty
(+) Moderate Increase to Armor Class Bonus; +4 AC
(+) Confers Bonus to Leadership Actions: ie. FocusFire, SyncShot, Rally, BattleCry

:Acquired Perks - MINOR:
- "Shattered"
Since 04/01/17;
"Don't let them see you hurt. Whatever you do. NEVER. let them see you hurt.."
V.1 : A combination of Stallion's background and previous emotional pain within Cenaria through the trivial murdering of his former children has left his mind with less empathy for himmself and those he combats. There is little more painful a thing that someone can experience than a parent watching their child die, or in this case, eight children. This pain has left his mind numb against what would be considered lesser psychological manipulation.
((>Background, >IC Psychological Torment))

"All it takes is one bad day to reduce the sanest man alive to lunacy."
V.2 :
Ashes to Ashes

(+) Increased Resistance against Psychological Manipulation: ie. Mind-Control/Mind-Break, Hypnotize
(-) Acquire Complication: "Twitchy"
(-) Acquire Complication: "Sociopath"
(-) Apathetic
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- Anti-Cloning Culture
“..never liked the concept really.. Cheap, replaceable ripoffs of you? …
I don’t like the idea of someone else playing as me..”

A very long, odd and complicated series of events, from birthright to experimentation left Stallion with a body a tad more complicated than average. What he gained strength, endurance and shell malleability, he lost in simplicity. Attempts to recreate the Nova's biological processes perfectly are significantly more difficult, and the time needed to complete the process is increased.

(-)IRL Revival Time is Doubled

- ConnectionProblems:
“.. What the fu-?! You just pulled that Power Armor out of thin air - Where were you .. you know what, never mind."

For reasons unknown, whether from a poor service provider, to a general distaste in the trend of sending down a suit of Power Armor and an Auto-Shotgun into one's hands instantly, Stallion is unable to combat-beam items and equipment onto his person. Through the process of sending down entire droppods with equipment in the crates, he may be able to swap loadouts out of combat, but the classic act of 'Houdining' Gear in and out in the middle of a firefight isn't going to cut it.
Nearly all non-concealed weapons are able to be seen on his person with an "Examines Weapons" action.

(-)Combat Beaming is disabled.

".. 'Just sneak past them' ?? ..
Jaina, you /do/ realize I fuckin' glow, right??"

You are very easily recognizable. You suffer a penalty when trying to hide your identity through any means when someone attempts to discern who you are. Something about you makes it difficult to 'stealth-it-along'.

(-) Moderate Penalty to close-proximity Stealth when out of clothing/armor. <-4>
(-) Servere Penalty when attempting to disguise/conceal identity. <-8>

- TallPerson: <7’4>
"I prefer the term 'Dad-Bod', thank you."

You are 7 to 8 feet tall. You suffer a moderate penalty to balance, contortion and gymnastics actions.

(-) Moderate Penalty to Balance, Contortion and - .. yeah, I already said this.

- ComfortObject:
" 's been with me for longer than I can remember. Reminds me of simpler days an old friends..
And it kind of hides my double chin, so.."

You have a security blanket—and it keeps the monsters away. You have a small, inexpensive object that you rely on as a sort of charm or talisman to keep you safe. This could be a teddy bear, blanket, lucky rock, rabbit’s foot, whatever. You always have the object with you, and if you ever lose it, you become extremely upset.

(-) Suffer minor “TraumaticFlashes” whenever reminded of the object until it is returned or replaced.

- Twitchy:
" Trap? Trap. "

You are a bit paranoid. You don't trust things said to you. Countless betrayals and backstabs has left you preparing for the worst at all times, which can affect your relationship with strangers and friends alike.

- Loyal:
" - Haven't you figured this out by now? I told you this before..
I owe you. "

Certain folks known to you, can count on you no matter what - be they crew, war buddies, childhood friends, family, or fraternity brothers. You will do anything for their well-being, even if it means going the extra mile - in front of a bullet.<br><br>

- Credo:
" Make peace with your God."

You live by a set of principles and you will not deviate from them without a damn good reason. And sometimes not even then! Not only are your principles likely to get you in trouble, people who know you can use your predictable behavior against you.

- GloryHound:
"You see how little shit happens here?
With security kicking up, all the people ballsy enough or fun enough to start conflict are getting run out of town -
you're Goddamn right I'm checking out those gunshots."

You’ll ride any bull, run to be the first to sign up for any dangerous mission, and go all-out. You are drawn to the spotlight like a moth to a flame, and you’ll need probably end up burned just as bad.

- KnownCriminal/Branded:
"Look man, I piss a /lot/ of people off."

You have a reputation that seems to follow you around. Whatever the case, there are some people that do not take kindly to what you have done, and some may never forgive you for it-even if you were to save the life of their child.

(Applies to NPC Factions only. Player made Factions do not apply to the KnownCriminal and Branded complications)

<(--)Ministry Of Knowledge, (-) Protectorate, (-) U.N.S.C.>

- Phobia:
".. A clown. Of all the things she had to be, she had to be a clown.. fuck me."

Just the mention of this object or situation sends a shiver up your spine, causes your knees to buckle, and your gut to clench. You fall to pieces when having to deal with it.

(-) Interesting results when interacting with said phobias present

- DarkSecret:
" .. We don't talk about him . . . "

There’s a secret in your past that’s pretty bad; either incredibly embarrassing sort or the kind that could change your life or cause all manner of problems for you.
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>>> " WARHORSE "
14.5x114mm Anti-Material Rifle*
MK.X - V.6 Iteration: "Carbine Conversion"
Inspiration: Cheytac M200, SRS99. Jerry Miculek with an M107.
Heavy Ranged
. . . . EXOTIC

:Applications: "BallisticRailgun" , "GunStaff"
4 - Round Magazine + Stripper Clip Compatible. Gas-Operated SemiAutomatic. 1-Shot per Turn Reasonable. 3-Max.
~28 lbs. Unconcealable. Open Carried : "Stored" on Back/Carried on Shoulder.

-PrecisionShot .... -StaffStance ............. -CannonSmash
-Killzone ............. -DestroyCover .......... -WallBang

:Ammunition Types: 14.5x114mm. 3,300 ft/s. 24,520 12mm BDP, -5 HL. +4 HT.
APFSD - "Sabot" ArmorPiercing
SNG - HighExplosive

" Because 'fuck you' and the fortress you rode in on. "

The Nova's Classy Means of Gunship Swatting, Power Armor Elimination and Poptop Matriarch Hunting across the Galaxy. A built from scratch Heavy Sniper Rifle that, like his Magnums, has seen countless iterations and upgrades over the course of his years in Cenaria, New Earth, Vethus, Lux and Gemini.
Originally inspired from a Graxus Recoilless Rifle Prototype, what evolved became a monster of a Rifle. This Black Armory, Custom-Made , Gas-Operated Anti-Tank Rifle features a 4 - Round Detachable Box Magazine, retracting GM6 inspired recoil dampening Bull-Barrel, E.T.C.S.-Assisted Telescopic Stock, integral, match-grade threaded Muzzle Brake and recoil compensator, x4-24 VortexOptics SMART Scope, C3H5N3O9 BioLock Failsafe, and a Nonatek AN/PEQ-4A OmniSight. As for all Signature Weapons, the piece has been built with an Aegisalt x Duraplas Frame with Durasteel Internals and 'Carbine' Conversion for reduced weight and added durability, and the Rifle's Revolver-Esque Pistol Grip has been made from a Faux-Mahogany for added 'zazz'. Recent modifications allow the telescopic barrel and stock of the weapon to close in on itself, a la' Mass Effects collapsable weapons, cutting the overall length of the weapon in hand for "storage" on a larger Operator's back. A revamp of the Rifle's upper allowed for the use of Stripper Clips to cut down on the weight of magazines and increase total carried ammo capacity. Heavily inspired by the SRS99C from the Halo series, utilizing the same cartridge and handling reference.

>>> " '46 MUSTANG "
S&W .460 AutoMag*
MK.X - V.7 Iteration: " AutoCannon"
Inspiration: Big Iron. S&W XVR.
Primary Sidearm
. . . . . EXOTIC

:Applications: "Big Iron" , "Double Action"
6 - Round Cylinder. Double-Action. 3-Shots Per turn Reasonable. 6-Max
~9 lbs. Open Carried : Stored on Right Hip

- QuickDraw ..... - FanFire ..... - PrecisionShot
- Overwatch ..... - HoldUp ..... - PistolWhip

:Ammunition Types: .460 S&W Magnum FEDERAL. 2,080 ft/s. 2,881 6mm BDP, -3HL, +3HT.
.45 Long Colt. 1,300 ft/s. 1,120 4mm BDP, -2HL +2HT.
DurasteelCore HardCast ArmorPiercing :
Copper HollowPoint :

" When the monster on your hip is usually capable of plugging a baseball-sized hole
through a fella's Power Armor, Chest and Dignity in a fraction of a second,
shady taverns on Fringe Space don't seem so scary anymore.."

The Renegade's Bread and Butter. A completely custom-built Black Armory, Six-Shot DoubleAction Revolver, complimented with a pure Aegisalt frame, smoothened hammer, hair trigger with 3 lb. trigger pull, and Bull-Barrel Conversion with an integrally designed muzzle brake and recoil compensator. Iron sights were removed and replaced with digital holosights for smoother draw. Faux-Ivory grips with engraved pearl inlay added in because /Stallion/. When loaded with the appropriate ammunition, the piece is capable of punching through nigh anything short of full-on H.P.A. Despite the catchy name "AutoMag", the weapon isn't an automatic at all. The buttery-smooth trigger pull and feather-light hammer gives the impression of slipping your finger through moist gravy, and thus - the Double-Action feels and fires like a finely crafted Automatic. The design of the weapon was made to be larger and heavier than most, in order to tailor for the Nova's hands. While bulky for most users, the 9 lb. amalgamation of Aegisalt, Durasteel and Rich Mahagony would fit and flow perfectly for Stallion; and it's heavier set makes it useful for clubbing.

A Fucking Lampost
MK.X - V.3 Iteration: " Dragonsmasher"
Inspiration: Lampost.
Heavy Melee
. . . . . EXOTIC

:Applications: "HammerStaff" , "SkullCrusher"
~50 lbs. Unconcealable. Open Carried : Carried on Shoulder

- HammerStance ... - StaffStance ..... - BaseballSwing
- Anchor ................ - Judgement ...... - Recall

Unbreaking. Loyal. Bound.
Bonus Dam vs. Undead.

"..He bashes their brains in with a lamp post is what he does. . ."

Roughly 66" long, and 25 kilograms/50 lbs. , the simple tool was made seemingly of Pure Aegisalt, despite the more rural design. What was once used as a massive warhammer that Stal could mildly manage; through years of practice and training, he is able to wield the weapon with the nimbleness of a baseball bat and quarterstaff, yet holds the potential of the pure, crude, brute strength of a sledgehammer. The weapon's original creation by Paladin Kappa was intended for use in slaying Demons, Dragons, Vampires and the forces of darkness (Cenaria) during the time of the Hoshin Uprising, and Stallion's made sure to keep to the original owner's wishers. Kappa's creation of the weapon imbued it with natural qualities and some powerful enchantments. In addition to being nigh unbreakable, the nature of the weapon leaves it as a Holy Item; its ever-lit flame tied to its user by will.

Through the smashing of dozens of armies of the undead, demons, Eldritch abominations, reanimated Dolls of a God and the Keepers of Hell themselves, the weapon has been coated, non-stop with the blood, brains and viscera of supernatural beings over the course of over three years, allowing it to exist and harm entities within the Supernatural, Astral and Eldritch plains. What remains is a twisted creation of Black 'Steel' and a Holy Flame, paired together with a conflicting hunger, anger and bloodlust only matched by that of its wielder.

> 'Exodus' P4.43 Prototype
Plasma Sidearm
MK.V - V.3 Iteration: "Fusion Cannon "
Inspiration: Ropcord's 9-Volt Fusion Rifle, Frontier Echelon "Comet" Rifles.
Offensive Module

:Applications: "CanOpenner", "Plasma-Railgun"
15 - Slug "Mini-Drum". Microfusion Cell Powered. SingleShot. 1-Shot Per Turn Max..
~5 lbs. Open Carried : Often equipped on Right Forearm.
-RailPunch ..... -ChargedShot

:Ammunition Types: 4x43mm Rubium / Durasteel SPIKE. 2,940 ft/s. 4,806
Initial 25cm/10in plas-splash at 3,326 Celsius.

Loosely based upon the commonly known, highly replicated "9-Volt" Fusion Rifle; The Plasma Accelerator, or Fusion Cannon, as it's more commonly called, is an arm-mounted, High-Power MAG-Plasma Based weapon designed for Heavy Armor/Shield Elimination at short-medium range. Similar to its 9-Volt and Comet Rifle counterparts, the Fusion Cannon uses thin, 4x43mm, Magnetically-Accelerated Slugs coated in high-concentrations of plasma to punch + burn through Heavy Armor and Shielding. At base charge, the Muzzle Velocity of the Slugs exit the weapon just below Mach 3; approximately 900 meters per Second: roughly the same muzzle velocity and ft.lbs of force of a .338 Lupua Magnum. Given some time to charge, Muzzle Velocity of the Slug is capable of discharging at speeds just short that of larger equivalents: 1,500 meters per second. Due to its Size-Constraints, it does not pack nearly as much penetrating power of larger, full-scale Rail and Gauss weaponry; valuing light composite materials, compact short rails and a low rate of fire to make up where size cannot.

To the Slugs nature, it's effectiveness doesn't come from pure Kinetic Energy Transfer and Projectile Penetration. Each thin, Rubium Core Armor Piercing Slug is designed to 'house' and cup as much superheated gas as possible during discharge, acting as a plate-shattering, Neon-Tube; a natural H.E.A.P. projectile. The oddly shaped Spike-like Slugs hold a significantly higher concentration of Plasma along its ridges, allowing for impacts to splash concentrations of Plasma topping temperatures of 3,600K (3,326 Celsius/6018.8 Fahrenheit) over a 25cm (10 in.) radius on target. Given time to properly "charge", and the amount of plasma coated along the slugs could top Splash Regions of over 45cm (18 in.), allowing for extremely effective Heavy Armor and HL/E.T.C. Barrier and Shield Elimination. The combination of the Fast-Burn, and further driven Durasteel Slug turns the "Fusion Cannon" into what we know as a Compact. Plasma. Railgun.

> 'Judgement' G.10
Sawed-Off Shotgun*
MK.V - V.1 Iteration: "Ballistic Fist "
Inspiration: MTs255. Taurus Judge. SuperShotty
Offensive Module

:Applications: "Meat-Pounder", "Double-Barrel"
x2 5-Shell Cylinders. Double-Action. 2-Shots per Turn Max.
~4lbs. Open Carried : Often equipped on Left Forearm.

-OnePunch ..... -BothBarrels ..... -AntiAir

:Ammunition Types: 10-Gauge Tungsten Carbide Flechette. "Ripper Rounds". 1,950 ft/s.

A compact, short-barreled, nigh jury-rigged weapon consisting of two, barebones revolver shotguns mounted onto Stallion's forearm. Heavy inspiration from the real world MTs255, the Ballistic Fist features two independent, 5 - round cyllinders, one for each barrel. The real world equivalent is roughly 3-3.5 kgs/8 lbs. in weight with a longer barrel and additional "ergonomic" components. The arm-mounted monstrosity strips out most of these features in favor of little more than a two barrels and two cylinders; triggers tied to fire through contact points in his gloves, or manually fired from the side of the weapon itself. The module is usually used with some kind of armor, Combat RIG, brace or protection to ensure that the expelling gasses doesn't burn / wound the skin upon firing, however, this drawback is reduced with space between the weapon and the operator's wrist, allowing for the gas to pass over.

The sawed off shotgun doesn't exactly come with "light" recoil. However, instead of merely using an operator's wrist for handling, the arm-mounted alternative allows for the full mass and strength of the operator's forearm, bicep and tricep to mitigate. Coupled with armor as a mild brace and the user's already far above average size, mass and physical strength allows the weapon to be reasonably used in CQC without much trouble.

> 'Predator' M.40
Compact Grenade Launcher*
MK.V - V.2 Iteration: "Hand of God "
Inspiration: War Machine's Minigun, AVP Movies
Offensive RIG Attachment

:Applications: "SGL"
6 Shell Autoloader 1-Shots per Turn Max.
~8lbs. Open Carried : Often equipped on Left Shoulder.

-ImpactGrenade ..... -ArtilleryStrike

:Ammunition Types: 40mm Fin-Stablized SMART Grenade. H.E. , Concussion, Plasma and EMP Compatible. 410 ft/s. 300m Range.

Original Milkor MGL is a simple, 6-Shot, 40mm Grenade Launcher, commonly used by armed forced around the world. A little outdated by this time, but still useful. The original piece is about 5.3 Kg/ 12 lbs. in weight, with an effective range of approx. 375-800m (depending on ammunition used). Modification of this variant is rather simple, "Barebones" version, stripping nigh all bells and whistles in terms of ergonomics and comfort. Replaces all common steel components with titanium, for weight reduction.

When wearing the appropriate Medium - Heavy Armor, this dwarfed grenade launcher is mounted on the Giant's left shoulder through a custom skeletal 'limb', and is synced up with his mask (if no mask is present, or the targeting system has been destroyed or EMP'd, it must be manual aimed). Capable of hands-free targeting based on where the user's helmet is aiming toward, with appropriate information sent to their HUD.

The key feature of this grenade launcher is an advanced targeting system that tracks the assumed trajectory of the grenade based on distance, wind, atmospheric conditions, planetary gravity, or other external factors. Determine a target that's hunkering down behind some pesky Hard Cover, mark the location, fire off your grenade launcher, and watch it sore into the sky, travel for a few seconds, before plopping down impressively close on target. As assumed, this feature is based on arching fire, so only really useful in wide-open battlefields with no overhanging cover. The coming grenades make a feint "Wheeeeee" sound, like the sound of artillery in the movies. This allows for moments of respite for those who are paying attention. Also ensures that the tool is used to flush targets out of cover.

> R.D./P. - X4 Prototype Charges

> A.V.L. - HFV.2

> AR.500 "Beowulf"


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