so you've became a Darknova (becoming Darknova and what to expect)

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    So you've become Darknova, and you may have some questions about yourself and your new form, well luckily through this we'll answer some of those burning questions you may have thought of.

    origins and how to become a Darknova-

    so you want to become a Darknova, well first remember the caution of becoming a Darknova due to being an irreversible process and must be considered much so. But in our steps to becoming a Darknova would start with

    1.) Find yourself 2 black holes almost ready to fuse into a single black hole (you may also use a single miniature black hole)

    2.) Carefully attempting to be in between both black holes as they are ready to fuse, but don't worry about getting sucked in, black holes usually will be safe as long as you stay away from the event horizon and even so you will only be sucked in slowly, eventually you will either be sucked into one of them, or you will be right there as the black holes are fusing.

    3.) Stay still as the black holes fuse into your body and are trapped inside. if you decide to move as they fuse the process may be screwed up and you may end up getting exploded from the inside as the black holes in your body proceed to explode.

    4.) Try to endure the pain. while both black holes are being infused into your body you may feel an extreme amount of pain, this pain is similar to and i quote "growing nerves and going through labor about 12 times while getting stabbed in the kidneys at the same time as getting a charlie horse."

    5.) attempt to sit down or relax knowing that most of your entire molecular structure has just been changed and you may need to adjust for a minute or a few hours.
    biology and what you need to know-

    Physical attributes-
    Now that your a Darknova you will need to know about your biology and what your capable of. first we will look at a diagram of an average male Darknova
    (our example here: jack)
    -as shown in the diagram, an average Darknova will increase your size due to the black hole being infused and a Darknova will be typically be around 8 ft, 96 inches, 243.64 centimeters.

    -a Darknova will be a multiple of colors along with black and can also be just pure black on occasion.

    -Darknovas will also not contain any gas of any kind, and instead are comprised of plasma.

    -being Darknova also have plasma shell which allows them to morph the shape of their plasma, with the exception of how much plasma is present in the body.

    -Darknovas are also able to heal faster than most other species and are able heal wounds most species would just die from. when a Darknova has been cut or has had a limb or such cut off they will start to leak plasma before the plasma that has been leaked out will return to the wound and attempt to fix the wound and replace the limb that was lost.

    -Darknovas are even able to heal small wounds to their brand, but will stunned and can take around a few days to heal

    -Darknovas all have a small black dot present in their chest which is their black hole they had used to fuse with. This black dot is also shown as a main source of a Darknovas energy, their plasma color, and their ability to heal.

    -Darknovas tend to have their brands changed to the same color as their second plasma color.

    Mental attributes-

    being Darknova will change your mental state a lot and you will experience many changes as you live as a Darknova.

    -Darknovas will typically lose most emotions as they age and will typically will be left with around one or 2 emotions left or their personality.

    -Darknovas can become easily annoyed and can go into a blood rage like state for uncertain amounts of time, sometimes weeks or months at times. A darknovas rage can increase their strength, but will make them slower or effect their accuracy. along will forcefully morphing their shape to that of monstrous or feral forms to kill anything that is in their path.

    -Darknovas during their rage can sometimes attempt to consume any novakid near them for almost no reason, no one knows exactly why they do though since Darknovas get most of their energy from their black holes.

    -Darknovas tend to hold grudges more and can typically become more violent in general.

    other facts in general-

    -Darknovas can only give birth to novakid, but a mother can give up her black hole in order to give birth to a full blooded Darknova.

    -Darknovas have a weird unexplained hate on fruit

    -Darknovas can take in more than one black hole into their body, but the risk and side effects become even greater

    -Darknovas explode upon death similar to novakids, but can release their black hole as well, along with not leaving a brand.

    -Darknovas have no actual culture and normally live on their own or in small groups, the largest Darknova settlement had only contained a population of only 524.

    -Darknovas run their society's based of who is the strongest and who is the weakest. The strongest will tend to rule over others, become generals, or strong warriors, while the weakest will be shunned and have jobs like janitors and house sitters and other useless careers.

    -Most Darknovas have a joy in watching sports like boxing, jousting, poker, and arena battles.

    -Darknovas are hated by most other Species due to their danger and lack of restraint.
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    What drugs are you taking child
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    okay, so.. yeah. i accidentally got sucked into one of the two black holes, and well.. All i can say is.. see you in court. ._.
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