Should everyone be their own main character?

A lot of people act as though they are just NPCs, they sit around and don’t do much, only to go randomly join conversations other people started, while never starting them themselves. Of course once they do start doing something, they never really make much of a lasting impact on the characters they interact with. I get that a lot of times people are simply waiting for friends to get on so they can actually work on their stories, but there are still a lot who either have no story, or have nothing more than a vague/simple backstory that only exists so they have an answer to the question of “why are you here?”. Do you guys think that everyone in RP should have their own story to tell and goal to achieve, or should there be people who just act as nothing more than side characters for other people’s stories?


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Dec 2, 2018
In my experience, I typically end up waiting for people I recognize. My character isn't the type to randomly go up to someone and say "Hi" either. Though, really, no effort characters do exist, and are probably from the more casual players.

I think that it's okay for there to be characters that are more NPC-like. It's a lot better than it being outright empty.
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Nov 30, 2018
As a roleplayer that mains a character that acts like a shy NPC, I usually look for IC queues from other players as a sign that they want to rp; for example "She exhales in boredom." or sometimes direct contact to my character "He'd listen to the blue haired girl playing the guitar.."

I really agree with Pew's opinion. NPC-like characters are more oriented to the casual players. Unlike players with lore, they have to follow their IC Personality and obey the IC to OOC decision conflict.