Saint and Sickness

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    Two silhouettes tracked across the horizon, backed by feeble, clouded moonlight. One marched solemnly, his gargantuan size wanting to pull him into the dirt. The moon lit his bandages and wrappings, and it reflected off his shattered blade and mask as his head swiveled wearily. Barely above his waist paced a more delicate being, her robed head tilted to the rocks she stepped between. Together, they forged a path under the night that conceals all.

    The rocks evened into stone, and the stone flattened into a trail, and the duo continued on. Through the shadows of the sky, the mask eyed the ground along the path. Soft dirt gave way to a littering of eroded stone outcroppings, once uniform in height. The beast of a man let slip a hushed groan before angling his head towards the heavens. Beams of moonlight burst from the clouds, revealing the monster’s open mouth below the mask.

    His hunched back stiffened out as the tip of his blade swung from his shoulder and onto the path. The ground began to shudder as his mask frantically searched around, one hand shooting down to shield his companion. From below the broken stone markers, limbs burst through the dirt, clawing for freedom. The cloaked friend scuttled to hide under the giant’s legs as he shakily raised his weapon against the horde of rising corpses.

    The full moon’s luminance glinted off of the broken sword as it hewed through a wall of flesh. Cries echoed from rotted lungs and throats, providing a harmony for the harsh panting of the monster that split them from their bodies. Again and again the behemoth chopped, destroying all that came close, but the waves of undead continued. Below, his fragile sidekick slipped through his dance and grabbed his hand to pull him away. The devil stuck the blade into a decay scabbard on his back and snatched up the tiny white-clad being, breaking out into a run.

    The colossus’ size allowed his legs to carry him for miles in little time at all, but the walking corpses soon closed in on the stone pathway. He stopped and gazed around, surrounded on all sides by flesh and bone. Reluctantly, he lifted his friend to his chest. With the soft command “Hold on, Saint,” the girl wrapped her arms around his neck as tight as she could. His hands took up the sword once more, the beast groaning, and began to wind back.

    The titan pivoted the gigantic sword around his body, twisted and turning as he chopped through husk after husk of the moonlight-cursed graveyard's denizens. No more did his raspy breaths fill the air; now, the sound of hacked limbs and body parts was deafening. In a moment of euphoric rage, the monster let out a choked roar, stifled by the carving of rotted meat.

    Sharp breaths were all that remained in the silence when the grinder’s blade finally halted, surrounded on all sides by nothing but piles of what was once men. Gravity dragged his knees to the dirt as his unscathed companion dropped down. The brute’s chest hit the ground, and the white robed figure began to remove his blood-soaked bandages.
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