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    As one of the prime Vampire RPers, I've noticed an increase of Vamps n stuff. Here's a bit of OPTIONAL BUT RECOMMENDED lore for all you Edgelords like me to follow.

    Vampire Lore


    Vampires are one of the age long oddities that inhabit the universe. Originating from earth, the first biological vampire was named Uldia Yulia of Wallachia on January 1476. Her vampirism started as a simple virus she obtained from Vlad, who, instead of fighting on the front lines with his people, was dining with the young Uldia, only 22 at the time. She was young, fit, smart, and had hair the color of the setting sun, a perfect match for the King of Wallachia himself.

    While enjoying their meal, a battalion of Ottoman soldiers, enemies of Vlad, raided his castle and surrounded the dining room, forcing Vlad flee to a hidden chamber under the table. This chamber was used as a spare torture chamber in case the others were full, and reeked to hell. Uldia, shocked at the sight of the chamber, question why Vlad would even have something like this. The king snapped. Being pressured by the Ottoman and now his own woman was too much for him at the moment. He reached to a knife sitting in a jar of blood, guts, and bones and stabbed the woman several times while covering her mouth.

    He sat down there for days and waited until the soldiers were gone. As he waited and waited, he heard something behind him. He slowly turned around, gripping the dagger Uldia was stabbed with. There he saw what would eventually steal his heart. The woman he stabbed was standing and smiling at him Her wounds were no more and her skin was pale. Vlad’s mind was already gone by this point. Because of this, he thought of the standing corpse as a ghost of Uldia. He fell to his knees, begging the woman for forgiveness, but the woman was not angry.

    “Because of you, I have become that which you have dreamed of. Perfection.”

    Vlad laughed and cried with joy, thinking that he would not be taken away by the being before him, but he was wrong. The woman reached into his chest and pulled out his heart and devouring it. Vlad fell to the ground, his blood spilling to the ground. After a moment, he rose, his eyes blank and his skin rotten.

    “For your heart, I give you my mercy. You may experience this everlasting life, but as something much more wretched than I.”

    This is all that is known about the fates of Uldia and Vlad, but it’s safe to assume that she began spreading the disease around Wallachia and eventually moved to Brasov.

    A vampire is a being that has either been infected with a virus that changes their physical properties or cursed by a witch that performed the Rite of the Sanguine. Both types of vampire show the same characteristics with a few different abilities. Both types of vampires, when turned, gain immense strength, speed, and senses that scale with age. Their skin become pale and eyes turn red. When a Vampire drains the blood of a human, they are able to give them some of their own blood and turn them into a vampire. The new vampire gains 3/4th of the original's vampiric abilities. It is also noted that they stay out of the sun. Their skin cannot stand UV rays and will rapidly break down at the early stages of Vampirism when exposed to the sun. The wounds of a vampire are slowly healed over a few minutes but can be accelerated by feeding. Vampires are unaging and are able to live forever unless they are actively killed.

    • Biological Vampires: Biological vampires tend to be a bit physically stronger and faster than magic born vampires. They also seem to have a lower capacity for magic, but offer great resistance against it as well. As far as weaknesses go, B.V.s are weak against UV rays, ajoene (An organosulfur compound commonly found in garlic), Mercury (Quicksilver), and Fire. Note: A fire created by magic will not work as well as an flame from a match.

    • Magic Born Vampires: Magic Born vampires, while weaker than their Biological counterparts, are more adept with magic. They boast the ability to contain more mana in their body than most other vessels. They have more resistance to UV rays, but are weak against holy items and other things composed of light magic. It’s noted that they are also weak to some element found in Solarium. Magic Born Vampires are capable of transforming to either snakes, spiders, or bats.

    The way a vampire acts is just like a human: It varies. While vampires don’t have the same personality, they think somewhat similarly. Most tend to either enjoy or hate being around their own kind. Those who enjoy it normally form groups, or Organizations whose job is to track vampiric activity and act as somewhat of a private government for the area. Those who stay by themselves fear the appearance of other Vampires. They consider it a bad omen as the more vampires that appear, the more people wish to hunt them.

    When turned, the new vampire will be in a weakened state before their first feeding. During this time, the curse / virus can be cured by having the individual swallow mercury. In a way, full Vampirism can be cured… Through death. Whether it’s biological or magic born, Vampirism corrupts the host’s body. In order to get rid of the curse / virus, the body must be destroyed.


    This ritual is uncommon and quite rare. Not many people are able to create it because there’s no set documentation of things needed. The only thing that is know to be involved in the ritual is the blood of either a bat, snake, or spider.


    The overall nature of the Vampiric Gene / Curse is that of a symbiotic virus in a way. It offers the user improvements, changing their biological structure. In exchange, the virus requires a different type of food source in order to persist. One of the big advantages / disadvantages that comes with Vamparism is the immunity to other types of symbiotic viruses or changes, magical or not. This prevents the holder from turning into other things like a werewolf, ghoul, or dragon.
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    I just had a crazy wicked idea. What if vampirism came from space a la meteor or something? Some alien born microbe that afflicts its hosts in ways like no natural Earth disease could. I'm just spitballing, but I think this is pretty neato and wanted to share. Also suits the sci-fi setting. I'd love to know what other people think. I do like the idea that vampirism loses its potency as it goes down the line of hosts, what with the whole gaining 3/4 of the previous one's abilities thing. I think there are some neat concepts here and I'm glad to see effort being put into making something solid for casual RP instead of just running with whatever. Things like this, in my opinion, will help nuance casual RP so it's not just all sorts of stuff mashed together. But yeah. Sci-fi vampires are radical and I like thinking about them.
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    I personally approve
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    Sci-Fi Vampires would be pushing the idea of Vampirism being this unique thing. While, yes, it seems... "cool" as you say, it will make the concept even more dull or make it even more complicated than it has to be. While I've created an outline of two different types of vampires in order to help sort them, It's still a little irritating to properly keep track of who's what. Adding a third type of Vampire would make the concept seem repetitive, causing people to either shy away or start a trend that will eventually kill Vamp Rpers off anyway.
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    No, I was thinking more of there just being space virus vampires instead of other types. Because they're sick AF. Again, it's just a thought I had. I don't think there being a third type would cause that much issue, though. That's just the impression I get, though, and I get where you're coming from. I was just throwing in my two cents because, again, vampires are pretty sick.
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    I'd imagine that such viruses evolved many times across the universe because it just seems like something that would evolve you know
    so even if you found a cure the the Earth virus you might someday face vampires again just from somewhere else

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