RP character: Anatolio Raggazo

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    BCash: ß 500
    Character name: Anatolio Ragazzo

    Age: 45 (Technically hundreds of years old due to reasons in the description below)

    Gender: Male

    Race: Human

    Appearance: White slicked back hair, white skin, Usually wears a tuxedo and a red bow tie. (See image above)

    Character backstory: Anatolio originally lived back in the 1940's on Earth as a mafioso in the Italian-American mafia. For Anatolio's entire life (during the 1900's at least) he was very loyal to his higher-ups and very would carry out basically any request that his bosses gave him. Whether it would be a drug deal, a blackmail, or even a murder, Anatolio would carry it out without question. One day Anatolio was ordered by his boss to kill another member of the mafia that was feeding info to the police, so Anatolio decided to take him out for dinner to poison him. The fake mafia member, noticing that Anatolio dropped pills in his drink, contacted the police and got him arrested. The police were made aware of what was pretty much all of Anatolio's worst crimes, and he was sentenced to death. Anatolio, instead of being put to death like he was supposed to, was put into a top-secret government program that used death row prisoners as test subjects for cruel, human rights violating experiments. As a result of this, Anatolio was put into cryogenic stasis and was kept frozen for hundreds of years. Anatolio was frozen until the day the Earth was destroyed. Anatolio woke up inside the cargo bay of a fleeing ship because the machine he was being contained in was not being managed properly. Anatolio escaped from the back of the ship when it landed, and he is now living a new life of his own.

    Personality: Loyal to those that are good to him, expects loyalty to be mutual, always assumes the worst of a person he does not already know, irrational in stressful situations, hot-headed.

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