Roleplay Suggestions


Starbound Watcher
Dec 2, 2018
Hello peeps, Darkwill here. I'd really like to help flesh out the rp system more for those who are interested in roleplaying within our server. I would like to get in contact with as many roleplay related staff as possible. I have a few ideas and concepts I've been researching about what's is good roleplay and what isn't. Also some ideas for systems within roleplay to try and please the vast majority of users that partake in said activity.

Now for some actual suggestions...
One: Make the official main hub a neutral zone. What I mean by this is a place where fights aren't allowed and laws are practiced and enforced so people can have a safe space to engage in casual to medium RP without worried about being blasted. Any species or faction could be welcome there, so long as they conform to the rules set forth by staff, the owners of the planet...

Which leads into my next point.
Two: Allow players to create factions and hubs, and have a section on the forums for said factions and hubs. A hub would be a major public area that players can visit, so long as they conform to its laws/rules. To create a hub and have it officially recognized by the server, one would need to make an application. This would probably consist of the hub having in game infrastructure and aesthetics, proven through screenshots. It could range from a camp that grows over time to a thriving metropolis. As long as it meets some basic agreed upon guidelines. It would also need to have a governing body either one person or a faction that would be the head of the planet or colony. This could be represented in universe, by an in game player, or better yet an ic, yet out of game person, like how Aether is currently manged. This person would be responsible for managing the related forum posts, both icly and oocly, as well as certain tasks in game. They would also be responsible for coming up with the planet/colonies rules/laws, which need to be approved by staff as well. I'm sure there are other criteria that could be come up with that would make it easier to prevent spam and keep quality up.

Three: Have some sort of resource or ruleset that people can use or agree upon in certain situations, or perhaps several. Some sort of in depth guide on things that help people have fun in roleplay and what you most likely don't want to do. A set of goals for your character, as it were. I'd be happy to elaborate further, if one of you would like to contact me.

Four: More server events, and perhaps more regular server events. Either keeping to a central story, or perhaps self contained little bits and bobs. I think it would be cool if their were like in game raid bosses that could be created and fought together like, bi-weekly. It can be the same thing reused, or perhaps a set of several things to cycle or pick from at random. Could increase the amount of players that log on at specific times.

Five: A server rank to manage all this new stuff, with volunteers from ILB's rp community who step up, perhaps some of the current roleplay staff as well. I certainly would be interested in a position like this, if you'd have me.

Anyways, that's a very rough vision of what I think would be cool to add to roleplay. Please contact me if you have any questions comments, etc. I'd really like to get some feedback. You know where to find me.


Dec 5, 2018
Although I am in no way a part of the staff, I can wholeheartedly tell you that most of these are already implemented in some way or another, or not applicable changes at all. For example, the main hub in of itself isn’t a zone for RP, serious or casual, rather serving as a port to other areas that serve such a purpose, such as Lux or Centaria. On another note, players can also make their own factions, and by extension, their own hubs, much like what SPIRE did with their diner earlier in the year. A serverwide general and roleplay ruleset has, in fact, been implemented, but whether or not the players and the mods themselves follow them is a different issue. The overarching story you suggested had also been initiated, but the follow-through to the initial event is almost nonexistent beyond a tiny handful on individuals. The staff rank for all of this is also here, being known as “RP moderator.”

Hope this helps! Happy holidays!