Real-life merc to raise money for monthly bill?

Discussion in 'Forum Feedback' started by AtlasFishard, Jun 9, 2015.

  1. AtlasFishard

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    Not real-life mercenary, real-life merchandise, like hand sewn bacon plushie or a chucklefish plush (not made of bacon, that would be weird) ( but weird), or even a starbound weapon plush (sword or gun or something,), something physical thing that:
    1.) advertises the server by the merchandise itself, and
    2.) raises money for the monthly server bill.

    It's just an idea, and I'd like some input if there's any, cause I'm a crafter in real-life, I can make anything an idea can stick to. Like making server dedicated plush, starbound related ofc (for now, maybe? idk.)

    It's an idea of sorts, I'm not even sure if it's a good or bad thing yet, but any positive and negative inputs are welcome.
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  2. Lief

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    Jesus Atlas calm down with the threads XD but i like the idea. Imagine getting a shirt and walking around with it and another person sees it and reconizes it. That would be awsome
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  3. Blue

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    Bacon already had the idea of T-Shirts. I don't deal with the business side of things (unless you count Bacon's primary funding), I just do the building and pay the rent.
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  4. SusanStrong

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    Ive done this sort of thing before... Doesnt work out too well.
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  5. AtlasFishard

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    ya, it's just an idea, I didn't really expect it to come to reality anytime soon, but if it does work, it would help alleviate your wallet :)
  6. Max Bacon

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    We have ideas on that yes, but we will need designers first, then we can start releasing stuff so you can support the server and get some goodies!
  7. Firewisplet

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    Aideen plushie
    It will definitely make you rich
    complete sellout of my pure amazingness

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