Quanto, the Schrödinger's Man


Roleplay Organizer
Dec 4, 2018
The following is a sample from a radio transmission, recorded for a purpose of security, maintenance and customer satisfaction.

Patient: Hi, ehrm... I need... help?
Dr. Stephen Trevor, Ph.D.: Alright, you've reached the right guy. What's your name, young man?
Patient: I can't remember. I... I have no idea. Call me Quanto.
Dr. Stephen Trevor, Ph.D.: Alright, Quanto. Can you tell me how you're feeling?
Patient: Not good. Not good at all. I haven't eaten or slept in days. But... I'm not tired, nor hungry.
Dr. Stephen Trevor, Ph.D.: For how long haven't you slept or eaten?
Patient: I... Ehrm... For two weeks and three days.
Silence for 6.46 seconds.
Dr. Stephen Trevor, Ph.D.: Have you been taking energetic enhancement compounds, Quanto? I hope you know those are-
Patient: No... I haven't.
Dr. Stephen Trevor, Ph.D.: Have you taken any kind of hallucinogenic substance?

Patient: No. I-
Dr. Stephen Trevor, Ph.D.: Okay. Have you taken anything at all?

Patient: Nothing but... ehrm... 76.3 Greys of gamma radiation.
Silence for 8.23 seconds.

Dr. Stephen Trevor, Ph.D.: ...Excuse me? 76.3Gy of gamma radiation? For how long were you exposed?
Patient: I received it all instantly.
Silence for 4.87 seconds.

Dr. Stephen Trevor, Ph.D.: You know that's almost 10 times the required radiation exposure to die in a few minutes, right? I'm no physicist, but I think that kind of exposure would ionize your entire body, burning you alive.
Patient: I'm... aware of that.
Dr. Stephen Trevor, Ph.D.: Have you been experiencing symptoms of acute radiation poisoning?

Patient: Not at all. I can't... Please, you have to believe me. No one took me seriously before I reached your channel.
Dr. Stephen Trevor, Ph.D.: I trust you, Quanto. Just keep describing your symptoms.

Patient: Okay. Well... I don't need to breathe. My heart... it doesn't beat. My hair and nails haven't fallen off, but they also haven't grown in the slightest since the exposure. Sometimes, I look in the mirror and... and... and I can see through my body.
Silence for 21.18 seconds.

Patient: Doctor... are you still there?
Dr. Stephen Trevor, Ph.D.: Yes, I'm still here, Quanto. I just don't know what to make of this. What to make of you.

Patient: Please, you gotta help me. No one wants to help, or seems to be able to help. I've contacted doctors, psychiatrists, particle physicists, even priests and cultists, for fuck's sake.
Dr. Stephen Trevor, Ph.D.: Quanto, calm down.

Patient: Y-yes. Sorry. I don't want to sound desperate. But I sure am.
Dr. Stephen Trevor, Ph.D.: Just take a deep breath- oh, sorry. You... don't need to breathe.

The patient has a nervous laugh.
Dr. Stephen Trevor, Ph.D.: Alright. Can you tell me what happened right after the exposure? How you felt?
Patient: I passed out. When I woke up, I couldn't remember my name, or where I was. I have no idea what went wrong with the particle accelerator. But... That's not all...
Dr. Stephen Trevor, Ph.D.: Tell me everything.

Patient: I... saw myself. My dead body, on the ground. I... had to bury myself.
End of the transmission.