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Nov 29, 2018
Port Lux Guidelines


We will go through the guidelines in easily digestible sections.


< Important: Global Rules still apply in Lux >

[A] What is the moderated casual hub? How is it different from the normal casual hub?

- This hub still allows RPers to have freedom when creating their characters but eliminates problems like Overpowered characters, OOC RP Disruption, Powergamers/Metagamers and combat disputes which usually go unsettled. Staff now how have the ability to solve disputes with dice so that big arguments aren't drawn out longer than they need to go for, our RP staff will preventing RP that is disruptive and/or overly abusive up to be able to completely remove players from the monitored HUB; the decision nature of the RP Staff works in a reality of group decisions. As time goes on, we will also plan RP Events and possible new additions to the hub.

We want to focus on the community and make this a fair, fun RP place for everyone.

[ B] RP Staff [What is expected from you and them]

1. Staff have the ability to step into any argument and make the offenders settle their argument either through dice or a void agreement if both parties cannot come to an agreement.

2. Any staff that stops an RP to settle it should be trusted to take character skill into consideration and determine the dice chance on that and the current situation. Any decision the staff comes to must be listened to; if you disagree with the roll and refuse to listen, the RP will be voided. (If there are multiple people in this argument, and the majority do not want to void, then you should be respectful and continue with the dice roll.)

3. RP Staff are the only people that can take the role of an Aether Employee. Pretending to work for the company is against the rules.

4. After the RP staff as group decides upon something, their word is final, if they ask you to stop anything, then you stop.

5. RP staff is expected to help the users that are considered disruptive of RP for a variety of reasons and they are set to talk to you and help you fixing your character, issues with lore, balance and so forth, this is meant to keep a balance without intrusive moderation.

NOTE: Staff are here to help, so treat them with respect.
We are also attempting to work more as a team, and any decision regarding RP will be discussed together as a team. We will make sure everyone gets the same treatment when it comes to rule-breaking.

[C] Character Creation for RPers

1. Any character made must stick to their race limitations. (See more about this in lore)

2. No roleplaying gods or deities (Too many problems with conflicting lore)

3. No roleplaying existing characters.
(This includes Starbound Lore Characters, Other people's characters, Real life celebs and video game/movie characters. Original is good.)
For clarification:

4. No roleplaying characters made as a joke.
(This includes characters made with the intention of mockery, mimicry, parody, or trolling.)

5. Magic characters are completely allowed, but should be self regulated in order to balance yourself for the sake of fairness with non-magic characters. (Characters that have been around for a long time have an excuse to be powerful. But any player that creates someone with the ability to suck anyone into a black hole with the click of their fingers will be pulled up by staff and asked to change their character)

6. Custom races are completely allowed, so the common Starbound mod races you see around will be still allowed to RP. However, characters on our server should always remain vanilla-compatible. Also, don't use this as an excuse to create a race similar to a god or with the natural power of invincibility. (For example, inability to die from old age is okay; inability to die in combat is not.)

[D] RP Combat and Gameplay

For more information see: CRP and Death Consent Mechanics

1. Consenting to combat means agreeing to the possible injury or death of your character; always keep this in mind if you're a fighting character.

2. Dice are available for people wanting to add some luck aspect to a risky shot or move in combat; this is useful for powerful spells.

3. Make sure your combat actions are fair to other roleplayers. (This includes but is not limited to: the amount of actions performed in a single attempt, the effect an action has on the battle, and the amount of time given to respond.)

4. No Powergaming (Examples of Powergaming include performing attacks without attempts, refusing death by defying the situation or rolls, and creating godlike characters.)

5. No Metagaming (Examples of Metagaming include using OOC knowledge against a character in RP, 'magically' finding out a character's name without asking them, or otherwise pretending to know things about their character that yours would have no way of knowing.)

NOTE: Calling your friend over discord is considered metagaming - unless you did it IC with turns

6. Gunships and any other large aerial/ground-based vehicle (Example: A tank) are not allowed at Lux no matter the context - smaller vehicles like hover bikes that could be beamed in directly are still allowed but should be used in a reasonable manner.

7. Warping away mid-fight to escape should only be done with consent of the other person, or if the action was done with turns. Beaming back to your ship without warning when the fight is looking south for you is reason enough to be reported.

8. Once combat has been initiated, the fight must be played out until its end. One-sided voids of fights are not allowed. A fight can only be voided if all parties involved agree to the void or if an RP staff forces it.

9. Do not multi-client while in Combat Roleplay. Having multiple characters in combat is inherently unfair since it gives one side multiple turns.

10. If necessary, exceptions to rules 3, 4, and 9 can be made if the following criteria are met:
a) Full consent from all parties involved.
b) Consenting parties have been given all information.
c) People interacting post-fight initiation, must also agree to all terms.
d) You have informed an RP Staff member about what you are doing and your reason for it.
Failure to meet any of the criteria can result in punishment!

[E] IC and OOC Interactions

1. There should be no mixing of OOC events or topics with IC Roleplay (We don't want people discussing their favourite YouTuber or debating about Trump, etc. in their RP. It shouldn't be too hard to understand.)

2. IC RPers should not interact with OOC Players while still IC. Pausing an RP to quickly say hi to a friend or respond to a question is fine.
(Roleplayers should not be OOC for extended periods of time because it is disruptive to others.)

3. Do not come into the RP Hub just to stand around if you happen to have any mods or items on you that cause other players to lag.

4. Do not spam items of any kind that cause annoyance, including interactable objects such as doors or the gong and piano inside the tavern.

[F] Reports

- Reports regarding someones RP should be submitted via the forums and NOT on the Discord #support channel

>> RP Reports Section <<

^^ Use this for any staff requests relating to Port Lux with the exception of reports that are breaches of our community guidelines.

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