Pork: Interstellar Smuggler!

Jan 31, 2019
Name: Pork (At least, that’s the name he’s using now.)
Gender: Male
Age: 29 (He thinks)
Birthday: Unknown.
Height: 6’ flat.
Likes: Booze, His Ship, Drugs, Money, More Booze.
Dislikes: Governmental Oficials, Nosey Checkpoint guards, Miniknog, Dark Chocolate

Defensive Equipment: Pork has a durasteel mesh under his cloths which he most of the time, granting him moderate protection to things in the small-caliber round type deal. He mainly relies on keeping out of harm’s way rather than mitigating damage.

Offensive Equipment: Pork (if what he says is to be believed) has enough firearms hidden throughout his outfit to arm 10 men. He definitely has a pistol or two up his sleeve, and a pair of machine pistols are in concealed hip holsters

Abilities: Pork has no innately incredible abilities. He’s good with a pistol, has an aptitude at sneaking and subterfuge, knows more than a bit about drugs (Medical and Recreational) but he’s for the most part just a trained human. His alcohol tolerance is way more than what a normal human could handle however, but that’s probably just due to a lifetime of “training.”

Known Languages: Standard, Frogg, Dock-Slang

Appearance: Caucasian, blue eyes, brown hair. He’s on the skinnier side, but he’s pretty wirey. Wears the same set of combat pants with a jacket everywhere. He almost always has a scouter on, which allows him to get data on various things, from his current blood alcohol level (If it’s below 1%, then it ain't a party) to the estimated value of someone’s gear (If above 10,000 pixels he’ll start to consider a mugging.)

Personality: Callous, self-serving, greedy, and usually a bit drunk, Pork is not a very good person at his core. He sticks around when people are having trouble mostly because A. Lots of business deals come from that and B. It’s entertaining.

Background: Born in the City-World of Aguafria, Pork grew up as a street urchin. In the slums of that massive urban world, he figured out that the only person he should care about is himself. As he grew older, he made friends amongst local criminal groups, and went from pickpocketing to more and more daring maneuvers, culminating in stealing a highly experimental military Tech Card from a local governmental research lab. As he was chased by the planetary police force, he managed to bribe his way onto a local freighter with criminal ties, the Treasure Borracho. The captain of the ship, Aegar, trained Pork in the finer points of Forgery, Burglary, Guncraft, and Business. Eventually Aegar retired, leaving the Borracho and it’s crew of bloodthirsty, morally bankrupt penguins in Pork's now-capable hands. Since then, they’ve been cruising the stars, plying their trade as “Acquisitions Experts” to all sorts, from private collectors needing an artifact currently under heavy guard, to a crime lord that needs a drug shipment passed through a checkpoint safely, to CEO’s of corporations needing servers from their companies rivals. As long as you got pixels, and the job is doable, the crew of the Borracho will take it.

Reason for being here (AKA How Pork Got Stuck on This Shithole): Pork got a job to investigate the famous healing shrine on Lux, acquire some samples of its water for study, and if possible make off with the dragon statue dead center. After 2 of his crewmates beamed up with a ten-gallon drum of the healing liquid, Pork was sizing up the statue and was thinking on how to get it out when he got a comm from his ship. The FTL drive had blown out, and was completely shot. Till it was repaired, the Borracho would have to take jobs in-system. Pork is desperately trying to make money, as not only is several “deliveries” due, but Lux’s drinks are far too refined for his tastes
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Nov 29, 2018
I definitely love this character’s description! I can’t wait to see him in game :)
Jan 31, 2019
Nah. "Pork" is a derivative of my usual online handle "LordPorkins". Which is based off a semi-obscure star wars character with a great name. It's also fun to have a name like that but never tell the backstory, or change the backstory every time IC.