Starbound Poptop Plushies!

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    Poptop Plushies! - Starbound Daily Update


    Evening, everyone! I’m excited to announce that Poptop plushies exist now, thanks to the great folks at Game-Legends!

    Poptops look harmless and generally enjoy prancing around meadows while whistling sweet-sounding melodies, but they really don’t like adventurers invading their personal space.

    They were first designed by Starbound community member TomServo for the Monster Monster Contest all the way back in 2012, and have since become one of Starbound’s most recognizable monsters! We’ve had requests for plushies ever since, and we’re super glad they’re finally a thing.

    These Poptop plushies are adorable and soft and whistle when you press their left paw. It’s like having a Poptop in real life, but without all of the dying!


    Game-Legends has also released some nice new Starbound t-shirts. Head over to their Starbound shop to check them out. :)

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