Dec 18, 2018
Name: Poker

Age: Uncertain

Height: 6'1

Race: Android

Weight: 235 Lb

Appearance: Poker is a worn, less sophisticated Android model that has a notable large chunk of artificial skin on their face missing, exposing a steel shell of his insides, they are dressed in typical old west clothing, though the clothes themselves seem worn and old too.

804 803

Android "Biology":
Poker is built to simulate the needs of humans (Hunger, Thirst, feel pain etc..) however after becoming sentient he found a hacker to allow him to turn these various needs on or off, he does not possess any actual organs, his endoskeleton is made of a Titanium-Steel alloy, making it very durable and resistant to melting, the one thing he does need to do much like humans is eat, as he is partially powered by a bio-engine, and the other by a battery that can be recharged at any form of charger or by the bio-engine if it produces excess power.

Character and Lore: They originally came from a park that was simulating an old Earth western/Pre-extraterrestrial Novakid life experience, Poker being one of a couple "Generic Tutorial NPC's" that help newcomers, over the years he became very beat up and was eventually decommissioned, until one day some form of hacker attack sent a signal out into the park that installed an that would remove all rules and information inputted into the robots and replaced with anAI that only set constant variable was to murder any park employees on sight, once all the employees were dead, all the AI were now just blank, sentient Androids with no purpose, Poker, as a fault of his hardware being outdated, did not lose what data he had left, which left him as a sentient AI with a personality, which could allow him to act. He eventually took a ship and started a new life in the stars.