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Discussion in 'Forum Feedback' started by legoboy78746, Sep 15, 2015.

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    Some players have music in that they listen to in the backround while they are playing on the [insert game here] server. Sadly listening to music on youtube is annoying because every time the song is over you have to exit the game go to your web browser and start a new song. is a simple solution it is a big hub of people who all want to listen to music while they play. Once you make a plug channel all of the members of the server can join and share each others music.
  2. Maggy Vanillapie~

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    Im sure people would be spamming music that is earraping and things or you just wouldnt enjoy most of it yourself... but otherwise it sounds kinda good.
    But... why not just simply open windows media player? x)
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    ok ima start one
  5. legoboy78746

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    there is ways to mute the song and staff can skip them
  6. Max Bacon

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    We won't use, we have one integrated music bot system on teamspeak, that soon will be able to be public, as well, able to listen to it from the website / queue songs.

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