Dec 18, 2018
(WIP character sheet)
Name: Xylem Phloem
Nickname: Phloem
Age: 19 (Floran years, I don't understand how they work)
Height: 6'1/2

Defensive Equipment: Goggles designed to enhance vision, basically Goggle Glasses, they also have aiming measurements drawn in them like a gun scope, the frame is made of Steel

Offensive Equipment: None

Abilities: A Psionic/Mutation-Based ability that allows them to gather sunlight energy and fire it from their eyes as a solar beam, using this beam temporarily blinds them, the duration varying on the intensity and length of the beam fired, they also have extendable and maneuverable stems on their back with leaves on the ends, made for aiding the gathering of solar energy, they can be moved like arms but not viable as substitute
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